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Testimonials and teasing presentation

Muratus del Mur

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hi everyone,

I need some testimonials type of texts, like for example what means MD to you, or how you would explain what md is to someone that has no clue. They don't need to be positive, but should make someone intrigued and curious.

If you wish to help me with this, you can post here (if you want them signed by you), or send them to me in private (if you wish to remain anonymous)



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to me, MD is expression and growth, a catalysis for personal change. there were thing's in my life that i was struggling to deal with, and i used MD as a mask for them. my persona in MD i found ended up doing the same, using a persona to hide from herself. MD was there while i needed this escape, and when i had dealt with my problems my character dropped her persona too. MD allowed me to express a part of myself that i could never have done before, something that i really needed to , even if just for a short while. i took a part of myself, and gave it it's own life. she sleeps now, but i don't think i would have done certain thing's in my life had it not being for the ability to express differently here. i'm very grateful i was able to have that experience, the personal connection it's given me has made MD into the place that i've stuck around the longest. i tend to be a drifter, not staying in one place for more than a couple of years at most, but MD has kept me for 7 years, and while i don't have the same time available to devote to it, it's still something i don't plan on leaving 

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I'm not sure what makes me log in every day to play MagicDuel, but I have done so for more than 6 years now. I guess there are many hard-to-describe little things that make it enjoyable. However, the 'game' aspects of MD are somehow downplayed. For example, the combat system is excellent (and that's enough to make a game memorable, right?), but there is a sense of it being just something to be good at if you want to, but not imperative. It's not ''the way'' to progress, it's ''a way''. Well, maybe I can't explain my reasons, but I know this game is something that some of you will find to be ''perfect''. You may think you want the prettiest ring, the most expensive ring, the most sought-after ring, but that's not what you really want; what you want is a ring that fits you. Give MD some time, and time shall reveal if it fits you.

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A game about stories. Stories that you choose not only what happens, but where it goes, how it impacts you, and even what that story is. I've learned that in MagicDuel one often has their character go and explore options, or routes, that they(or I) would never take as a person. My character might find fulfillment in doing something that I never would in my real life. Then the realization hits that my character and I are not so different after all. In that moment, the friends, the choices, the decisions, the stories become more than just part of a game and a character, they become real, they become part of you. All of those times when your character did something that forced you out of your comfort zone, you've realized that your comfort zone has now grown. I have been pushed, pulled, and gravitated to many things in MagicDuel, all of these have made me do two things: learn and grow.

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At first I was hooked by the detailed hand-made artworks, the possibility to write your own story, and the all-pervading symbolism.

Then I discovered how easily (and selectively!) this "game" creates networks of kindred spirits.

I suppose this is its main feature.

I traded pieces of my true self with my character, with other characters and with the people behind them.

Most of the times, it was a valuable and teaching experience. So yeah, a game?

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  • 8 months later...

What Magic Duel means to me....

Where do I even start?  I am older than many in this game, and grew up on D&D and MUD games.  I started the game in February of 2009 as Phantasm.  Khalazdad was still in his tent outside Necrovion, Peace was just starting to really bloom, Kragel was still smithing, Grido was just another live help operator (though the best), and Sagewoman was running the Loreroot Inn.  DST didn't hate me then, and Zeiphneir was as strange as they came.  How I loved to sit around at the different locations and listen to the stories they would tell.  I loved the crazy fights with Sagewoman, who i eventually married, who I eventually laid to rest at the Inn.  I thought as a newer player, oh man I can't wait to be like these heroes of mine of MD.  It was always so sad when a player would stop playing.  Some stopped forever, some stopped for short intervals, and some were taken over. 

As my life started moving fast with the introduction of grandchildren I grew apart from MD.  I tried to hold on, but life outside grows faster by the day.  I stopped playing video games once I realized how precious the time was that I had, and try to use every minute of it to its fullest.  Being a part of MD is also a part of who I am today.  I think back fondly about everyone in the game, even those who were my sworn enemies on the game.  In real life they are all together in a place in my heart and mind.  They helped me grow and learn.  We grew as true of friendships as any life could hope for.  We learned the pain in our hearts when we saw one of our dear friends stop playing.  We experienced life as real as any other due to because that is how this game was designed, and the dedicated players who kept it that way.

That IS Magic Duel

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MD... is a living, i will say "thing" in my inability to describe the beating heart under its codes and numbers.

You all know that i dwell at Clash of ages. Why would a grown 32 years old man choose to go there and stare at the scene?
When i was young here i loved to fight more than anything. Over and over and over, the battle was my passion. I remember how i 
adored getting into someone stronger than me at my level. I remember how i adored surpassing them.
Then something changed. The battle lost its lure and left me wandering around the world. I remember how i adored getting
into mysteries of this place. I remember how i adored discovering their secrets. Then something changed again. More often than not
i felt compeled to return to the Clash of ages. And i did return. Full of secrets, creatures, stories, both from real people and their MD counterparts.
And here is the funny part. I forgot how to fight. I forgot even what damn burst is about. I forgot how to transfer things between me and other people.
Rituals, creatures, spells, i have no idea why or how i made them like i did. And here is even funnier part. I knew that this would happen. Thus i named 
them all by dear, dear people i get to know here. Thus i poured my heart into poems i made for them. Stories written with the fire of my soul
as a bulwark against total oblivion. On my day 1, i felt, for to feel is to truly understand, what i had to do so that my journey here would not be in vain.

Why would a grown 32 years old man choose to go there and stare at the scene?
Because i feel that here, at last, is where all my memories, my stories and my journey lives on
on this last page of a maginificent book. It is here that i know that it wasnt in vain. And that it never will be.

Magic Duel of the beating heart- I salute you!


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