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Awesome Autumn Adventuring Quest registration/rules

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Please post here if you are intending to create and run a quest during AAA.

You should post your name and the intended name(s) of the quest(s) you intend to prepare and create for the event.

The topic of this particular AAA event is celestial lycanthropy. Basically this means that something about the heavens and something about transformation can be the theme (the self changes, the heavens change, both change, in different causal or correlational relationships). This theme is meant to be your inspiration, to get your juices flowing.

  • Guidelines:
  • You can have your own rewards, however every participant who completes your quest will get QuestPoints (QP), which they can spend in the QP Shop to obtain rewards.
  • The theme is meant to inspire you, it is not required. However, if your quest is deemed on-theme by a strict majority of your participants, then you, as the quest-creator will get bonus Quest points.
  • Quests should be 20 minutes-72 hours long and open to anyone to complete. If quests are ridiculously easy, committee reserves right to nullify rewards for a portion of QP reward. For time frame go to: calendar page
  • The quest can be any format: clickie, riddles, forum, outside artistry, combat, whatever.
  • There will be a Quest Feedback form that SoE will be requiring participants and creators to use in order to provide points. Upon registering, creators will be given the link to the survey and a unique code for each quest. The creator should put somewhere upon completion of their quest the link and the code for their quest.
  • We encourage quest creators to offer up their own rewards for quests. We just want to provide an environment where rewards (lack of or inability to find suitable ones) isn't an issue. These personally-offered rewards will be additional incentive for participants to complete your quest and will be in conjunction with the QP awarded.
  • The top quest-maker, as determined by utilizing the survey, will receive a WP (possibly multiple winners, depending on the # of creators).
  • The quests should be open during the time period of the event. The quests can stay open longer, but only the ones that are completed within the time frame will generate a benefit for creator and participants to use in event shop.

Now, the complicated part...

Quest Points. 

Each time a participant completes a quest, both the creator and the participant get 5 QP each (if the survey is filled out).

The first time a quest is completed (and only the first time) the creator gets 10 QP, not 5. (their bonus for making a quest). So that if I make a quest and 2 ppl complete it, I would receive 15 QP, not 10. 10QP for participants, and 5QP for making quest that at least 1 person finished.

The survey will provide quality control and feedback for creators to hone their efforts in the future (participants should be nice). Using this Quest Point system, creators and participants can give tips to each other. Each player can give a tip 3 times as a creator, and 3x as a participant. Tips are worth 5 QP. Tips are rewarded by participants if they think the quest was really awesome. tips are given by creators when the submission or completion of their quest by a certain participant was awesome. The way this works is: if my quest is a clickie quest and I feel that it should take 2 hours to complete, but someone finishes it first and in 15 minutes, I will give a tip to that participant. Now that player gets 10 QP for finishing my quest. (I could tip a participant who wrote a 4 page novel when I asked for 400 characters, or someone who welded a model drachorn instead of drawing one, for example).  Tipping someone requires an explanation for event staff to avoid abuse.

Now to the Point shop:


QP Shop               

150 QP = 1 WP                                                 

120 QP=an unreleased creature        

110 QP=Drachorn                                                                   

95 QP=angien     

85 QP=tag "Die-Hard Adventurer"  (if Chew allows it)

60 QP= avatar gilding token                                              

50 QP= 1 rare creature     

40 QP=rare spellstones (such as petrify)                                                               

30 QP= 1GC     

25 QP=for common spellstones (acoustic, silvertongue, etc)

25 QP=1 free entrance into NC  (still must inform lashtal before cashing-in)                                                                                   

10 QP= 5SC               


TLDR: You get points for making (if people complete) and completing quests. These points can be spent in event shop. There is a topic for event: celestial lycanthropy, this topic is meant to get your creativeness sparked. There will likely be benefits to making your quest on-theme. Quests must be registered in this topic below. To get credit, each participant must fill out the quest feedback survey upon completion, otherwise neither creator nor participant get credit.


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  • Steno changed the title to Awesome Autumn Adventuring Quest registration/rules
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Ungod, info sent. DG, give me a name of the quest and I'll send you the info you need!


YOU HAVE 3 more days to register a quest for the event to be included in judging for WP and possibly other rewards! Quest registration ends on September 11th, 2020.

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