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Inner Magic experimental interface

Muratus del Mur

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UPDATE: Post here your creations for the contest. Upvotes count for the score.


There is one section in md that is waiting for more than a decade for a page. Here is an experiment worthy of the wait i hope.

Concept: all your actions create unstoppable consequences. You may revert or stop your actions, but the consequences they created keep happening. Events are not singular dots on the map of things, they are streams with certain shapes. Heat-based magic uses your heat to create eent streams, unavoidable circumstance, in both past and future, that make things happen in a certain direction.


Interface ...  i will le others share this first :D

The first person to have access to this experimental interface for testing purposes is Ailith. (was simply the first person that responded, when i decided to make this public)

Feedback is welcome, images soon.

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well its an improvement from the initial randomness to this. I wonder how controllable this thing is given enough time to learn it. 

I discovered that you can actually "scare away" particles of established stream paths , with short fast countermoves, same way you can kill someones enthusiasm momentarily even if the overall direction and drive is still there. This can be used to "erase" certain canvas parts. The particles are always the same in number, so if they are not in a place, they are in an other.

If you find out other tehnicques pls share. 

Also you can actually write stuff, letters, or one line continous symbols. Even if not visible at first, because they are one line, the created flow will attract particles slowly. You can also speed up certan areas, remember the canvas in its own has memory even if no particles on it, so you can tran spots and feed them later. The resemblance with the outer world are probably not so shocking afterall, because the mechanism behind this animation follows same concepts, its just easier to visualisize.

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just so i remember it later, my plan for this is to allow anyone to use it, but it will depend wither on your will to learn for yourself, or on the tips&tricks/knowledge on how to use it, if you manage to create required shapes or not.

I believe that some patters can look just impossible to do, but with needed information on how to do them, anyone could. So the quest will be to discover that information, instead of unlocking abilities, you will reveal tips about how to acquire them.

The thing is that this is how things are in life too, at first it might seem impossible to do some things, and if someone helps you and tells you how, you can do them. Later on, as you grow older and obtain a larger skill set, you can do a lot more things that the young you never imagined, even if nobody shows you how, because now you have the tools.

Knowing how to control this heat flow to draw certain less random shapes will be the correspondent of these tools you acquire in life. 

The philosophy behind these particle movements, the correspondence to "life", this is just a bonus. I know i already learned stuff while playing with it. For example i realized that the way i do things in general affected my ability to create certain fine tuned shapes in this simulation. Now that i read your description, i realize that that i am absolutely horrible at telling someone things not directly in their face, my social life got destroyed because of that, and thats also why i was unable to discover the technique you described! ..this is indeed amazing, if just a simulation can teach me about myself so much.

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Attempting to create some order:



And, oddly, attempting chaos appears to bring some order:



Commencing in the centre and swirling outwards will also create some order:



Of note, I believe that static imagery doth not show the beauty or mesmerity of this feature. One could consider to meditate while watching such movement.

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yes there is indeed a distance between streams because there is a width of the pointer moving the particles. Two streams don't really have a distance limit between them, but under the particles there is a grid map of areas that define the movement, and the grid as a defined cell size.  There are 58 rows by 68 cols, (it was 60x60 till now)

the pointer size was about 1.5 cell size.

..i say was, because i just made some changes for more accurate touches. 

The smaller height should fit it better on screen, and the increased number of particles should make it look more 'full' . Particle number jumped from 20k to 30k, i am not sure how this will work on less powerfull devices, please let me know if there is too much lag or if it hangs.

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Those of you that i upvote (currently Aelis and Iashtal) , please see if you can provide instructions to replicate your creations, so i can reward you a wp for them. Its valid for future creations of others too. If you can't provide instructions its alright, there will still be rewards for cool creations such as these (just not wp)

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