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MD Rework 2021 - Resources and "Job Tags"

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For full details of what the MD Rework 2021 project is please read the main thread.

An economy needs inputs as well as outputs, if you have too few inputs them your system will be starving and not function properly. However if there are not enough outputs there will be less reasons for people to participate in the system and items will accumulate inside the system. A good example currently is that gold and silver is piling up in the MD economy (I believe) as there is less to spend/use it on.

This project aims to attempt to create a small economy which encourages people to use it and then slowly improve on it. In doing so we need to review what it currently does well and what we could do better. As an example, one idea that Sunfire has proposed that I had been considering from another game is land buildings. This could be something that would require continual upkeep. This is one of the ideas that will be discussed in the later stages.

The rough stages of the project will be:

  • Reviewing the current distribution of resources in active members (this will be done via an admin interface to see how resources are in the game and may be very interesting for those interested in stats).
  • Reviewing the current tools and methods to inject these resources into the game
  • Considering how the resource skills are progressed and how that could change
  • Discussing "job tags" to force people to specialise
  • Discussing "end goals" for the system to see if we can create something whereby resources are removed from the system because people actually want the products.

I could see a big change in resources coming from this project because resources currently are somewhat under-utilised. It is quite likely this may result in the current resource methods changing and having skills degrade to reflect the change in how skills work. Possibly your current resource stats/items may become useless in the new system (although we may consider "moving" them over or compensating them.


If you wish to be involved with this please post here and I will contact you all when I am ready to begin. We have been having some of these discussions on Discord so if you haven't joined it, this would be a good idea to if you wish to get involved. We may  have meetings on Discord to facilitate faster replies depending on timezones.

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