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Scene makover challenge: Bring some colour to MD!


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This year I have the honor of holding one of MDs longest running traditions, the MD scene makeover contest!

The days of black and white are over! For this contest I would like you to chose a scene that holds a special meaning to you, and add a lot of colour to it! Next I want you to add anything you think would add to the festivity of the scene! You're free to decorate the scene in any way you would like, be it digital, by printing it out and drawing onto it by hand, or any other way you can think of!

For reference, the last 2 scene challenges:

The deadline to add submissions will be the final day of the festival, Thursday 29th 23:59 MD time. Afterwards the winner will be decided by an expert panel consisting of all players of MD through voting.

First place: 1 Anni creature, 3 gold coins + 2 GC From Mur
Second place: 1 anni creature, 2 gold coins + 2 GC From Mur
Third place: 1 anni creature, 1 gold coin + 2 GC From Mur

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Not much decoration here, but I'm of the opinion you don't need much to get a party going. 

Just lay a blanket, open the picnic basket that contains wine and bacon and just enjoy...this is a chill place to wait (for years) for those MP3s to direct them to the spear&halberd rack, teach them to use the whetstone and everything. 


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Results are in!

The undisputed winner is @Poppi Chullo with his beautiful rendition of the Gates of Ages.

Second to @Ungod for his welcoming coloring of the Marble Dale Park

Third to @Demonic God for his colorful display of Wind's Sanctuary.

I once again want to thank all 3 for participating. Rewards will be send their way soon!

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