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King Miq imprisoned in Necrovion


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~ Day: 103 Year: 16 ~

Today, your beloved king Miq was caught trespassing in Necrovion. Mistake or bravery, we do not know.

Many in his condition would have paid the toll. A full week in Necrovion is just too good to say no.

Unfortunately he did not. 

Usually this ends with me claiming a head.

But since I don't want diplomatic dramas, I'd accept some regalia instead.

For now he is my prisoner. Stay tuna!

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~ Day: 104 Year: 16 ~

It seems we are in a stalemate.

King Miq is proud and stubborn, he doesn't seem to accept my proposition, even if a triumvirate of Sages (myself, Tissy and Dracoloth) would clearly lighten his royal burdens.

Long story short, I proposed one of his royal tokens to be shared. One week with me, one with Tissy, one with Dracoloth, one back to Miq.

Disappointed at first, I'm still confident the time spent in Necrovion will change his mind.

Stay trout!

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lashtal about Else
~ Day: 273 Year: 15 ~ Found trespassing in Necrovion. ~ Day: 82 Year: 16 ~ Note to self: kill on sight. ~ Day: 144 Year: 16 ~ Necrovion guest for one week.

Day: 145 Year: 16
: Murder! Granos murders Else

Granos: Lash Sends his regards...

Else was murdered in invisible blood at the GoE. Will we see who really was responsible for this?
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5 hours ago, Mallos said:
Will we see who really was responsible for this?

Do you mean... Miq could be the one? ????????????????????

Otherwise we're a bit off-topic since this thread was about Miq's adventures in Necrovion.

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