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Regarding the CoE badge being in the wrong hands


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First off, the reason I had to wait "quite some time" is because Mur takes a while to become available for talking about something that, in the long run, matters little for him, and I couldn't give you a best guess if my life depended on it.

When somebody lies to try to manipulate me, I don't particularly enjoy it. But you know what? At least she's actually spoken to me. That's more than what can be said for yourself. So yes, I would agree with your friends, from what I've seen you don't care. I know that Amoran still does because she's very stubborn in what she believes. I know Phantom does because she's been spouting spooky mystical words at me left and right. What about you, Tarquinus?

Now, Lord Pip. This is an easy one: No. If he was simply for the purpose of taking the CoE, I would have taken it earlier. His initial purpose, as with all of my alts, was to explore the game from the eyes of a new player again.

So please, continue to accuse me of alt abuse when the exact same thing is happening all over the place. Fang Archbane, for example, used his alt to post on the mood panel, speaking for his main. Are you going to accuse him of abusing alts? Eon sent evidence gathered with his alt to Mur for an official investigation. My opinion now is the same as it was when he was accused: this is a ridiculously small charge and there's no sense in denying it: I spoke for Lord Pip as Pipstickz. I have never attempted to nor claimed to follow your boundaries of good RP, I am not Granos. I did not do this reversibly, just to prove a point or accomplish some small goal. I'm not about to do something "decent" just so the public thinks I'm a pretty good guy, as I would be lying. I don't want a reputation built on lies.

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First of all, an Alliance takeover is, in my opinion, something that has a rather different scale than posting something in the mood panel.

Now, you offer us no chance to do anything to take back our alliance.
You offer us no terms or conditions
We tried many things to get it back, and we failed. This option now, is somewhat our last option.

We, Tarquinus including, DO care about this.
We have worked for it, even if you may not have seen it, or don't want to see. And some of us have lives that come before MagicDuel. We need to take care of things that are more important than a game.
And we are very sorry for that.

Why did you take CoE?
Humiliate us? For fun? To stroke your Ego?
None of the reasons that I can think of are reasonable. And you never took the time to state one reasonable thing.

What do you expect us to do?

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"Any use of alt accounts specifically to aid your main is abuse."

Has Pipstickz benefited from the takeover of CoE, Marv? If anything, it's done completely the opposite of benefit me.

You know the beautiful thing about having something? You don't need to give it away. I don't need to give you terms and conditions for getting it back, because it is not yours anymore.

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To address the rules question, from what I have seen both in game and forum, and the wording of the alt rules both old, current, and being discussed, Lord Pip's actions are not alt abuse.

If Any of Pip's other accounts join the alliance in the immediate future, barring significant events that involve their characters, that would be alt abuse however.

Feel free to take it before the court if you wish, however.

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The question is not whether or not you have personally benefited from taking it, Pip.. the question is- what is your entire point in having it to begin with?

What are you personally doing with it that entitles you to keep it?

Thus far, I have only seen you invite two other people to keep it afloat, and then sit on it with your alt and brag about the fact that you have it on your main account. Let us ignore the taunting comments in the forum regarding your taking it, exclaiming that you will keep it because we are upset about the fact that you took it to begin with.

The taunting makes little to no sense in my opinion. "I'm going to punish them for....reacting naturally about the fact that I have wrongfully stolen their alliance and am doing nothing with it!"

At this point, the question I hold is not whether or not we deserve to have our badges back, but whether or not you deserve even the slightest bit, to hold them.

My personal opinion is that you do not, and every action and step you have taken so far points to vindictive childish behavior.

If you had turned the badges into something of use, or created a quest, or more over - used the badges which you have so eagerly stolen to do....SOMETHING, that would make a difference. Perhaps we would not feel the need to state the obvious, and perhaps we might actually choose to work with you to create something interesting with what you have done.

I believe we've been civil and fair to you thus far, you may believe otherwise but each is entitled to their own opinion.

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Ok...what is the reason for this topic? To accuse pipstickz of alt abuse? To show that you care about the faith of CotE?
Right now for me this seems like one of your shows tarquinus. One in which you speak great words but you actually say nothing. It's how we say in RO: "a massage on a wooden leg" meaning it's a pointless topic exept maybe for your own benefit (as I said above: show that you "care").

[color=#a52a2a]Mod comment: Then we'll wait for an answer. Needless off topic posts have been deleted.[/color]

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thing in here is that pips didnt take coe as some sort of "hostage" and to demand ransom, he took it with intention of keepin it for himself for his own reasons, be it revange or somethin else idk, and he obviously dusent wants to disclose his reasons, from wut i see he claimed coe for himself, and why would ya folks be entitled to "work" for it to get it back if pips (current holder of it) doesnt wants to give it away, its like... i say hey i like your item, i will work for it, now let me have it, things dont work that way, same as ya wouldnt give it to pips in first place, same is with pips nut givin it back to ya, he took it by himself, he managed to do it, thats all that matters, current owner/holder, as long as there is no breakin of rules there is no need for any kind of reasonin behind holdin onto somethin be it creat, item or badge

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1331503982' post='106369']
Ok...what is the reason for this topic?

I think the reason for this post is contained in the last paragraph of Tarq's first post. He's asking for the alliance back, unless I misunderstood something.

[quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1331459772' post='106285']
So I will ask you once more, civilly and publicly, to give the CoE badge back to the guy who worked to create the CoE and the woman who drew its badge, and let us restore the alliance to what it was. It's the decent thing to do.

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Thanks Brulant.

And now another question: if that is indeed the purpose of the topic how come the post is full of <insert bad word in here>? Wouldn't it be easier to just say what you want and cut the mambo jumbo? As you could see I lost myself in the words and missed the point.

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