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Indefinite Period of Inactivity and Resignation

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Decided to officially declare myself mostly inactive. I don't really have the time or the inclination to participate in this game.

As far as my role - besides a question here and there, no one used me anyways. Though I asked the Council to announce it a month ago, since they were the ones who first suggested that I was irrelevant, I suppose you can consider this a resignation. But from what I'm resigning? Nothing, really. The Council can post their updates to the forum directly, as they have done already for the most recent update. Send your queries to the Council email, as before.

Contact me through forum message if you want an out-of-realm line to talk. I'm not gone for good, just inactive.

As far as my role, dealing with Wiiya? I think it's rather appropriate I go inactive.

There are plenty of things on my mind, but this will do.


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Oh noes! While I understand that RL ? MD, I do also agree that your Role is much MUCH more than simply acting as a conduit for Council messages, or handing out bubbles. Your activity in the realm stands for a lot more than you may realize, to me, and to others I'm sure.
Stay leafy, and don't leave if possible.

As for council saying you are irrelevant, are you truly going to take them as the final authority on Your action here? :) I truly hope not, as that changes a lot of how I see things. Your views are respected, your dedication is inspiring, and your words provide much needed shade to those who stop to listen to them.

[b]tl;dr [/b]
Please say it ain't so!

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It feels like MD is contracting day by day, and terribly so by the forces that swat away one's reasons for inhabiting it. Regardless of your public role status, you are tremendously valued by myself and many others for your presence and the unique shade you bring into the world. Even if you go completely inactive, your shadow and our memories of you will still be here for a very, very long time.

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I can't write it better than those before me have, but I shall try to make this farewell my own (somewhat - otherwise this might involve various nonsensical words). I've known you better in another life, and I consider you a dear friend. It saddens me that you go inactive, as I believe you have a very important and inspiring role in MagicDuel - and I don't mean your recent one by the Council. You are a joy to talk with and listen to. Your thoughts inspiring and your words whimsical and without the withering wear and weight of the world (I'm not sure what that means, but take it as a compliment. I enjoy alliteration). You are an excellent friend and philosopher who has provided delightful insight and riveting tales and poems. Ah, poems. You write well and I hope you never grow weary of your love for poetry and writing. Many memories were weaved in your shade, and I won't forget them. Now that I've rambled and bored you (I'll be surprised, yet pleased, if anyone actually reads this - I know I get lazy when it comes to reading long posts on the web), I do hope to speak with you again. Inactive, but not gone for good. Inactive with speaking to passerby and harvesting wiiya so often, but not gone.

I ask you never cease your writing and your friendly ways. Never put down the quill and kiss it goodbye. Write. Inspire. Celebrate. Enjoy.

I have been inspired time and time again by your words, and I hope others have the opportunity.

I bid you farewell, but I will not say goodbye.


P.S. Ah, and one more thing. Fadoodle.

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I can't do much, rather to support all the good words above, Awiiya.

A while ago, I and three others, if I remember correctly, have become the speakers of the Council. The last update I received in my e-mail with the request to make it public. Maybe the Council should speak on that matter.

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I meant the last Council update, that I have posted. It's been a while since they have send me something to post. I was online when the e-mail was received, so it was posted almost immediately.

However, this could be completely irrelevant with Awiiya's motives.

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[cquote]We would like to make it clear that we never said Awiiya is irrelevant at any point. He has an important role and is a valuable player.

After a number of correspondences regarding the role we had assigned him, and some questions about the structure of the council, it was suggested by Awiiya that he didn't see how he was useful to us in the position and felt our answers were unsatisfying. In response to his feelings as to lack of use, we asked how he thought he may speed up efficiency, as well as how he might help. As an extension to this, we then pointed out that the current capacity he was placing himself in was not helping us but was doing the opposite and asked whether he felt the same and if there was anything else that could be done.
In light of the above, he stated to us that there was nothing he could do for us and that we should remove him from the role, but continue the updates as we had started with him.

We hope to find another to distribute Wiiya in his absence, and would greatly appreciate any input or suggestions Awiiya has in regards to this.

Thank you,

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In all honesty, i have always enjoyed Awiiya the man, before he became Awiiya the Tree. i always enjoyed his words, his wisdom, his insight, and his kindness. he always listened, and was even better at speaking. He is both my friend in character, and out. If he truly leaves, he will be missed, not just by me, but by the entirety of the MD Community, Losing Awii is a big loss... and it seems weve been losing a lot of our Good lately. My heart mourns for you Awiiya. It truly does.

~ Fang

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I will, even though we did not talk all that much nor agree on certain points, miss you Awi. I remember you from as far back as I can, the brilliant fighter you were and the LHO of which no words could described.

It is fair to say that no matter how long you will be away from MD, you will never be forgotten and people will only ever hope to become as you are. You are an [u][color=#ff0000]inspiration[/color][/u] to many, and a [u][color=#ff0000]friend to all[/color].[/u]

Farewell, and I wish you the best.


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Awiiya, this is a sad thing I read here. My last few weeks, in real life, had me fighting one sickness after another and I could hardly do anything for any length of time.

I know you said you did not leave the game completely but I will miss you immensely.


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[size=4][color=#000000]You said in "A Show of Force 2" that "There will come a time when I understand MD fully, and that is the day I leave, or perhaps the day I die."[/color]

[color=#000000]I somehow doubt that day has come...[/color]

[color=#000000]Or at least, I hope not, as Zleiphneir had me thoroughly wired to meet you.[/color][/size]

[color=#000000]You should come back.[/color]

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