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Fate of the TK Ally


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[quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1347931307' post='121982']

Remember though, an alliance is not one person *smiles*


TKs are exempt from that rule.

[color=#0000ff]Modified for split, Burns[/color]

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Ah, duly noted. I was not referring to a rule insomuch as attempting to invoke the the spirit of having an attitude of which: "hey, maybe things can be better if we work together."

And I'd still like to know why you quit Seig... but I respect the decision to tell or not as your own.

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The reason is for me to know. No one particular person made me quit, there wasn't any particular incident that made me quit, nor were there any of you that made me quit. Simple as that.

I left for my own reasons, and there were many.

Lets just say that I stopped caring. (which will surprise many of you that I even cared in the first place)

That is all you will hear from me on this topic.

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[quote name='Etluc' timestamp='1348002448' post='122084']
Why must you all down-vote Seigheart?

I agree :D

He isn't as bad as I first thought he was, considering what people thought of him.

In fact, he isn't bad at all in my opinion :P

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I do have a question though. Or more.

Why were all members of TKs expelled from the alliance?
Did Seigheart removed them or was it Fang?
Did they leave freely or because they lost their initial leader and oppose Fang's authority now?
Will Fang run the ally all by himself now?
Will the TKs be an alliance with the exception from the rule that an ally should have more than one member within it, or will Fang hire new members?

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TKs are an exception from the Ally rule because it isn't an alliance in the normal sense.

I did indeed remove all the other TKs. They were inactive and felt that he should have a fresh start.

Fang will run the TKs as he sees fit. He will attempt to do it all by himself,

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If he wants to run the ally by himself then he doesn't need an ally and TK should be disbanded. The purpose of an ally/guild/whatever is to gather people with the same objective under the same roof. Besides, the idea was tested in the past and failed badly (see all the complaints towards TKs and crass inefficiency that was governing).

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I agree with the disbandonment of the alliance, rather than the complete disbandonment of the TKs. If Fang is having problems with loyalty and keeping the aly... wouldn't it be easier to get rid of the ally? TKs worked fine without it originally. Don't see how it cant again.

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