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Colourful skulls


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Soon it will be el Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

This festival is all about celebrating the dead. With prayers, a nice altar (Google “Altar de los Muertos”) and, most importantly, wildly decorated skulls! These skulls come in many shapes and forms most notably in the form of sugar skulls.

For this quest you're asked to make your own colourfully decorated skull. How exactly you make it I'll leave up to your own imagination, but the more colour the better and edible skulls get bonus points.

First place: A Shade + a WP
Second Place: 15 Silver + an Angien
Third place: 10 Silver + a Tormented Soul
Fourth place: 5 Silver

Furthermore all will get some Candy!

The deadline is midnight ST in the night from November 2 on 3. After that there will be a public vote to decide the best skull for one week. Voting has started, cast your votes [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13152-colourful-skulls-voting/"]here[/url].

Some examples; some sugar skulls, a drawing and some skull cookies :
[center][img]http://www.joyfulbelly.com/journal/recipe_images/SugarSkulls.jpg[/img] [img]http://tf2sprays.com/wp-content/uploads/image/spray-DiasDeLosMuertos.jpg[/img] [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Tgo3NhsaF5M/Su3DsmcVg-I/AAAAAAAACgc/ClNpKqcJejE/s400/sugar+skull+cookies+1.jpg[/img][/center]

[center][url="http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giUzNIliJSk"]English version[/url][/center]

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The Treasure Keepers would be glad to sponsor this !:D

=Regular Sponsorship=

1st Place) Shade
2nd Place) 15 Silver
3rd Place) 10 Silver

And as always, i have to up the Ante if we want to have some fun ;D

If this uest gets 10+ applicants (and im sure Samon will keep me posted ^^) then there will be better rewards than the normal Ante.

And id rather not ruin the fun so, come on people, join, participate, and find the darkest treasures with your own eyes ^^

~Cuando los que viven duermen, i los muertos bailan, no hara nada pero felicidad~

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As Phantasm said you can make multiple entries.

I can't promise extra points for real skulls, also I won't take any responsibility for, nor do I want to encourage body snitching, grave robbery an/or murder on behave of this quest.

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Ok, here's my artsy akward skull

It's a skull, yes, well, with some imagination you can see a skull shape innit, ok, believe me...wait, perhaps take this lsd pill. See, now you can see it is a skull right/!


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Please be sure to notice that it says "For this quest you're asked to make your own colourfully decorated skull." You have to be able to prove that it is authentically yours. If you made that yourself great, but otherwise that skull will not be allowed because you did not make it yourself.

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I made it myself
Basically, it is the outline of a skull, tactically filled with the pile of fractal resources I have generated over the years. And yes, I can prove it as well. (heck there's a ton of similar fractal works on [url="http://vagabondvagrant.deviant.art.com"]http://vagabondvagrant.deviant.art.com[/url] )
Fractals, to explain a bit more, are basically the use of maths to generate lines. Like saying 'draw x pixels left, then 2 * x up' and repeat. The only difference with this example is that instead of 2 * the maths consist of sinus function, pi and god knows what all.

Below (more to show how it is done then to have a burning desire to proof I'm not some copycat) is a breakdown of the key components in the skull, as you can see they are quite intricate little works all on their own even. SO next to an lsd trippin' skull, you now also have a lsd suitable jigsaw!


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