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Coding Update


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Coding Update:

All new features are frozen until the new year unless they directly
relate to any christmas events which may or may not be happening :)

We may decide to extend this period of time whereby features are fixed,
similar to how Menhir posted here

In that line, it would be good to get a list of features people
consider broken or not working, however some of them are not our
department so wont be able to be worked on by us.

Other questions can go here or to our email account/ [/quote] From Bugs

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Research and connections
Cauldrons and other similar types of items (essence extractor, etc.)
Creatures with no stats (unless they're meant to be permanent collectables, but I don't think so)
Story mode (doubtful but always worth a try)
Adventure Log?
Spell pages and inner magic

That's what I came up with off the top of my head.

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[quote][color=#2A2A2A][size=3]Research and connections - rendril should be fixing this [/size][/color]
[color=#2A2A2A][size=3]Cauldrons and other similar types of items - being worked on as a slow process of continually adding more. Most recent is armor recipe.[/size][/color]
[color=#2A2A2A][size=3]Creatures with no stats - slowly implemented as more combat abilities (rendrils work) are implemented. Collectable until this point [/size][/color]
[color=#2A2A2A][size=3]Story mode (doubtful but always worth a try) - murs area [/size][/color]
[color=#2A2A2A][size=3]Adventure Log? - council could decide to start it, we just code things [/size][/color]
[color=#2A2A2A][size=3]Spell pages and inner magic - murs area, no direction as to what he wants on this[/quote][/size][/color]


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I`m not sure if these are coding issues anyway I will add a little here. These are minor but disturbing "things" for some in the realm and for the New players more confusing than helpful as they were intended to be.

Updates or/and clarifications on:

Challenges and contests
MD Court
Known problems
Rules and restrictions (- updated as the game grows -) it´s even written there !!!
The Treasury

I see all things Pip and Warrior already mentioned as fitting ... the list is getting longer.

Now WE are in the position to say what we would like "complain", NOW is the time so let this topic grow. We should think of anything we ever mentioned to someone ingame or in the forum which was still incomplete.

I suggest making a post on top were a sorted list will be shown and updated so that we have no double posts/ideas? Makes it much easier for everyone to go through and add what is not mentioned there.Thank you.

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[quote][color=#2A2A2A]Challenges and contests - council can clarify [/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]Role of Resource Guilds - there are no plans for that we know of nor have we seen any discussion on the forum as to what they could do[/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]Player DNA (similar DNA's etc) - This is murs feature and just seems like a "fun" feature [/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]Resource Collecting Stats (images, *'s, use, etc) - we are not artists, resources are slowly getting more uses as more recipies are implemented.[/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]Complete weapon sets - we have no plans for these as we have not spent the time to inventorise all the types of weapons and what they lack. There is nothing on the coding diary to do this yet either. [/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]MD Court - council can clarify Known problems - what isnt clear about this? [/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]Rules and restrictions - council are currently preparing the finalized rules shadowseeker wrote, i am awaiting the copy to upload them [/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]The Treasury - what isnt clear about this?[/color]
[color=#2A2A2A]Item Functionality Requests - They have never stopped but they are more selective. There will not be a list of what is avalible unless council decides it so nor do we think there will be a semi automated system for this. Items are what they are. Unless you can convince people your item really does have power to do something or you have done something deserving of a custom item effect then it most likely wont be granted. Just because you have a sword doesnt mean council is going to go around giving every single sword item in the game the kill ability.[/color]

>Menhir >Now WE are in the position to say what we would like "complain", NOW
> is the time so let
> this topic grow. We should think of anything we ever mentioned to
> someone ingame or in
> the forum which was still incomplete.

make a new post, divide up the ideas into different topics such as
"bugs work" "others work" "clarified" or similiar.[/quote]

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[color=#ff0000]MD Court - council can clarify Known problems - what isnt clear about this?[/color]

The last trails listed are from year 5. As new player I would get the impression: "that`s it? nothing happened in the last 2 1/2 years? - either way we need an update or something like "we are very happy to announce there has been no trail since 2 years - we are a very happy community". As it is now I get the feeling (only my feeling?) it is something old and forgotten and nobody really cares about this "feature". I might be wrong and I´m always open to be corrected if wrong.

[color=#ff0000]The Treasury - what isnt clear about this?[/color]

Since I entered MD (over 2 years) I check this from time to time - there was not a single change too in the different categories - the amount of credits available for use are stable - so not used? Same like with the court -> is there nothing going on since a long time (e.g. in the The Golden Globe Gazette section since 3 1/2 years)?
Do we need this feature as a feature or is a forum topic (which can be updated once a year easily) not enough? We would make room for more important things or have something different in the same spot which is more up to date (a link to the facebook site just an example).

Don´t get me wrong I like all those informations right there at the top, on the other hand I think often from different angles and can change "my" point of view easily. If a new player is a researcher, interested in the game and it features but at the same time a more introverted person he will start asking other and come with them in contact not from the first day on. He will look from himself. Now he finds easily (on the top of the interface of MD) those information. Some are very easily recognised as very old (they have a date). This might cause some unseen and not documented effects on new players. I know this is very hypothetical so don´t take my head ;).

But those two things have nothing to do with coding I guess and it´s more a "Who is updating?" question. So we do not need to get any further with this in here I guess.

Thank you

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Combat visual simulation doesn't simulate the fight till the end.

I don't get the "X" button to close the pop out windows in Magic Duel for most of them. Most of the time, the text is out of the box (in those pop outs).

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Orange dots work in MDA as per announcement:

[color="#CCCCCC"][font=Georgia,]Ann. 2208 - [2012-02-18 02:27:20 - Stage 11][/font][/color]
[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]The Realm 4 (MDA Building) map now has an indicator showing where you are. It will also show other online players if you have bought the feature from the MD Shop, in the Extra Features branch. If any location points seem misplaced, or doesn't appear, please post them on the forum.[/font][/color][color=#000000][font=Georgia,]
One more land to go![/font][/color]

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