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Fang Archbane

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1362474365' post='133431']
Will you now use your [b]pickles to aid yourself more[/b] than you did before?
[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1362474533' post='133432']
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Fyrd wouldn't just hand over his jar to anybody.[/color][/font]

Im not saying he would hand over the jar... please read the question DD, this is where your communication problems cause arguments.

I specifically wanted to know if fang is going to abuse the pickles he claims are for others more, now he has a limitless supply.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1362475344' post='133437']
I rarely use the pickles for myself Chewett. Fyrd says a pickle or two for self use on occasion isn't bad.

The only time I used them solely for myself, was when I got lost in the maze on purpose and mapped it.

And even then, I Only used 2.

I do not abuse these pickles. I will not abuse these pickles. Please do not insinuate that I do.

As you wish... i dont have time to continue this discussion with you. Please remember the reason they should be given out for.

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[quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1362477552' post='133440']
Which Newbs was I aiding through MDA that day DST?

Yes. Please. Check deeper.

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Just one noob. I ain't one no more :)[/color][/font]

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1362476363' post='133439']

Should I check deeper?

:cool: Well, two (per day) were used, it seems.
That being said, I figure, with any tools, abuse is possible, but why not give someone the benefit of the doubt. If Fyrd gave him a jar willingly, we don't need to concern ourselves too harshly with why or how it is used. It was Fyrd's tool to share. Fang now has it.
Tools are meant to be used.
If they are abused, then act upon that and deal out harsh punishments.

That also being said: Fang, sometimes silence is stronger than words, which seem to tend to get you tripped up when any flaw is found. :wacko:

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I loaned Fang my pickle jar because he is using (at least some of) them to help new visitors to the realm and I felt guilty that I was not keeping up with demand. He ought to be able to make about 6 a day the hours he logs, where I'm making 1.

I'm at 47 pickles held (yes, prizes continue), but should have been up around 75. Zzzzzzz. I'm also behind on answering PM's.

It is an act of faith, appreciation for his efforts, and hopefully in the best interest of the realm.

When the day comes when I ask for it back, he will have the chance to show his appreciation for my trust.

Signed, the one and only Pickle Meister.

p.s. Once he caps out - which could be in less than a week - he'll have to burn 'em to make 'em, so I don't consider that an abuse. It's part of the job -- especially if he burns them to go rescue people.
p.p.s. - Thank you all for your concern.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1259179277' post='48452']
The forum language is English, no other language is to be used anywhere on forum except in the Translation section where you may post in the language that you are offering to translate the game into.[/quote]

Please use English when posting things. :P

Also, you've got the pickle jar now, eh? It'll be interesting to see if you get into Marind Bell.

Edited by Change
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