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Protectorship Candidate #2 (Golemus)


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What is a game without competition...




Falronn, Leader of the Fusioneers in the Embers of Kelle'tha, will be asking you to become His adept.


His goal as protector is to bring life to all parts of the realm. How will He do this? There are various ways to achieve any goal, and He is ready to try any that seem sufficient towards the end result.



Quests and Adventures are waiting for you to take part in them.


Would you like to free the Aramors? Can you repair a broken lighthouse? Sailing a ship on the sea daring enough for you? Ever wanted to fire a land weapon? This and much more await you if you follow Falronn in His and your own quests. All the lands will be traversed regularly.


What's in it for you?


You can have any knowledge Falronn is willing to part with, He has a philosophical mind that can be of use to anyone willing to speak with Him. Apart from that, general knowledge of subjects such as combat, items, and game features available to you can be requested from Him. He can also promise you gifts of Memory stones, Heat stones, Heat in general and many other things that can be gathered by others.


What does Falronn want in return?


He wants you to pray to Him, so He can use your heat for the good of the realm. Making Tea and Cake as well as Heat stones will be a big part of what Falronn does, so mobility will be widely available to the citizens of this realm. Mobile citizens can reduce viscosity in previously afflicted areas, and in turn draw others to the areas.



Why is this realm dying?


Falronn sees the answer to this question as that the citizens of the realm do not have the energy to keep the realm in line alone. Slowly, it will die.


But We can prolong this realm as long as possible through Our acts, if We continue to act within it.


Let anything that stagnates be grown anew and better fit for Our lengthy survival...

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Your vision has blurred dst in all your time sitting at berserkers way. They say spirits inhabit that place, and spirits are the dead if you hadn't realized. Let's hope you're not one of them. ;)

(12 volition, 0.02 per step, 600 steps in 2 months 3 days, 9 steps a day?! I'd say you sure are dead, I mean geeze I get like 2 volition a day at least)


Falronn's "plan" is what is stated above: "to bring life to all parts of the realm"


Your assumptions only bring you further from the truth. As it has been said before [spoiler] "Assume makes an Ass out of u and me" [/spoiler]


If you had a question, I would be glad to answer it. And yes Ackshan, I do agree it is a grim ending, so we must work to delay that ending.




~ Some things ~



Now, Falronn just went to fusion a heat stone today, it took him a few minutes but he figured out that 1 fusioned heat stone gives the stats fusioning +0.1. Falronn currently has 10.3 fusioning stat. Removing the 25(?) stones it was that Falronn requested help of darkraptor to gain heat for him, that leaves a fusioning stat of 7.8 which in turn means falronn has made 78 heat stones on his own. Enough math though, this should be a lesson about Efficiency.


78 heat stones over the course of Falronn's life, vs a half hour of darkraptors time to make 25 heat stones. You should choose darkraptor. Falronn has recently given out many permanent heat jars to citizens of this realm, check to see if you have one. If you do, you can do whatever you would like with it (use it to help you make tea/cake, or Fire Starter you got one too, I suppose it could help with your chawan). If Falronn also has a bundle of memory stones (he can gather 30 or so in one week) you could also donate to him heat using the jars you received and he will make a heat stone. But of course, if Falronn is an MP6, you could give the heat directly to Falronn without the medium of a heat jar, so Falronn could make heat stones directly. Efficiency at it's finest.


If you were also wondering what Falronn did with the heat stones he had darkraptor help him with, he gave all of them out within the course of 24 hours.




Falronn is still looking for more adepts if you would like to help him.

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When the MD population can barely sustain 2 protectors aka they don't need more because 2 is enough, you come and say you want to be a protector? Really?


As for my "activity" you're a bigger idiot than I thought if you use volution as a mark of my "liveliness".

I don't assume things. Sorry, that seems to be your job.


To conclude cause I have some plans of sleep today:all your mumbo jumbo is plan <insert bad word here>. You're no doing this for MD. You're doing it for your own little plans (and fang's delusions with his secret alliance and such). So cut the <insert another bad word here>. Have a nice day.

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No Ackshan, Falronn is getting associated with Fang Archbane now that Fang is in the Fusioneers and Fang has the bad reputation when it comes to people like dst and <insert people here>. It does not matter though, they can think what they want.


dst as for not assuming things, you have done it with each of your posts in this thread. I would kindly ask you to not post here if you do not wish to ask me a question, as your posts have not been positive and whatever negative they bring has not brought any correction with it.


As for others, feel free to post what you wish.

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So what? If I don't have anything positive to say about you I should not post? Hell I will not!

If you cannot take criticism, you have a huge problem (on top of all the other ones).


YOU want to do something that instead of HELPING the community will divide it and instead of having the 2 protectors I was talking in my first post, we might have none at all. I do hope people have more sense than to adept you but heh...

How come you want all of the sudden to be protector? And don't feed me the <insert bad word here> you served me already.

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Thank you for asking your first question. How come Falronn wants to be a protector? Same reason Sunfire does, except Falronn feels he can do a better job at it (no offense Sunfire). Both Sunfire and Falronn have long since wanted to be a protector waiting for the right time, and now they both feel they should become one. Let the better man win.


And no, it's not about not having anything positive, but you don't need to be blatantly rude. It does not help anyone.

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No. Sunfire really wants to help. You don't.

So, what is your real reason?




Thank you for asking your first question. How come Falronn wants to be a protector? Same reason Sunfire does[:]Both Sunfire and Falronn have long since wanted to be a protector waiting for the right time, and now they both feel they should become one. 


I read correctly -- you have been biding your time, waiting to have your turn?


Would a game of rock-paper-scissors be more suiting to solving this competition?

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  • Root Admin

So be it, it doesn't take dst to answer.


When was the last time anyone has expected anything good of Fang? Someone please.

When he was given MP7, i  gave him a chance thinking Mur clearly saw more in him again, he then spent the next couple months farming MP3's when he was told not to by Mur. Something which he has not been punished for. He has abused his abilities.

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So be it, it doesn't take dst to answer.


When was the last time anyone has expected anything good of Fang? Someone please.


let me quote this:



Current list of favorised players:


Sieg - Why the repeated chances?

i saw in him a lot of potential, i was convinced his character will do good, and i am still convinced he would have done so if not hunted down. But because of enormous pressure from both players and council, i gave up. He gave up also, after many many tries of doing good, he failed, but also lost interest because eve3rybody was so ready to stone him. His reputation was tained once due to en event that was forgiven, and since then everything went terribly wrong for him. I in his place would have left long ago, he staid and tried hard...i value such perseverence.


Did you support Seig as well?


Fang has been jumping from land to land, trying to troll people for land loyalty. hell he applied for golemus citizenship after giving a whole page of speech about his loyalty towards MB. That was the time I decided not to give him anymore chances. I am nice to his alt. In fact I am fine with fang as well. But I cant stand it when he tries to troll and people aid him in it in the pretext of giving chances.

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Are you kidding? His quest was totally troll he deserved to be imprisoned for leaving you all out to dry in the East.


*chuckles*  But you should give him a chance like Mur! You should invite him to fusioneers as well! He may have some capacity to do good! When was the last time you thought he could do good?

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Ok, I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person, a hypocrite, a liar, a theif, a destroyer of civilizations, and you caught me.


I forfeit my right to ask for protectorship, and Ask all those who decided to adept me to switch to Sunfire. He is quite far along on his way to mp6 and we should all be supportive of him.


I don't need mp6 to do what I had planned.

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If that's the case, then there's not much to discuss regarding your candidacy.  Could mods please close?



Good thing you changed your avy with the troll one. Now nobody will be fooled anymore.



That's assuming he doesn't change it back.


forgot my manners

Edited by Ackshan Bemunah
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ill put Falronn as adept , he was nice to me



i have no idea what really is the good of having protectors ... but he whant to try , why not help him?


if one want to charge falronn , ill charge him:

he helped me without asking anything when a was an new mp3

gave me things like stones

lend me tools (even when i was asking nothing)

took my defence in some situations

.. and others things i dont remember



Edited by Tom Pouce
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Wow... :D

So much noise over nothing?


Falronn, so what if you want to use your potential mp6 status for easier creation of heat stones/whatever, aside regular benevolent actions of an mp6?

I'm not sure why did you take Dst's first comment so hard, it's not like you're planning world domination with heat stones, it can just be another form of help to people, as you said, to make tea and such.


And it's not really an admin position for us to judge him, he can use mp6 status to his personal 'malevolent' goals as long as he can keep up with the adepts. 

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