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With the addition of the new "fightchat" (Ann. 4353) and some discussion about it's usefulness I've been thinking about the live chat a bit. I have a couple suggestions.

  1. We have a toggle for OOC chat that automatically surrounds messages with parentheses to denote out of character messages. Perhaps we could also have a toggle to hide those messages then?
  2. Perhaps a similar ability to toggle out "fightchats"? Or these could be possibly be combined into a single toggle that also hides item collection messages and other automated system messages. Might be useful to have an indicator of some sort when there are a lot of these messages so people don't forget and keep it turned off all the time.
  3. Lengthening the chat display window by a just few lines could have an outsized impact on the ability to keep up in fast moving chats without disrupting the page layout much.
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If the purpose of this is to show that people in a scene are actually doing things, which I suppose looks good for newbies, I guess it's a good thing.

If people are worried about not being able to use chat, why not use the 'rp requirement' tag to determine whether the messages show up? For example, a location set as 'strict' wouldn't have them show up. Then people would congregate where they want to based on what they want to do... or just go somewhere with the 'strict' tag.

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I would show the messages where the tag is "strict" cause it means there are less people there and show them in any other place.

Also, maybe I would adjust the numbers for what is considered "strict" due to the current low population so 5 would not mean "strict".

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I am unsure whether this were feasible with code, however, mayhap one should only know of fights that doth occur within sparring partners of the same Mind-Power. For example, as I were of the Fourth Mind-Power, the only visible battles to myself would be that that hath occurred within those of the Fourth Mind-Power. This way, I may know who were attacking, and who may be attacking myself in future, without interruption from those fights which may have no bearing on myself.

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6 minutes ago, dst said:

Since the majority of MD population is or tends to become MP5, your suggestion doesn’t really help. 

Although thy first statement were true, I cannot see how thou hast drawn the conclusion from that statement.

Of all the combat that I had witnessed lately, there seemeth to be some spread between Mind-Power levels, and as illustrated with Syrian's example in the other thread, there were combat within other Mind-Power levels. In this scenario, all of the Fifth Mind-Power would not see the combat that doth occur with the Third, and the Fourth, which were some non-insignificant portion of the combat that doth occur presently.

I believe what you state is that such a solution does not completely solve the issue, and therefore should not be implemented, whereby I state that it may go some way to alleviate it, if not a complete solution in and of itself. In this sense, such an implementation would help.


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