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You're hungover... again (re-make of last year's quest)


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Hello everyone!

I am hosting another quest for the Anniversary!

This quest is all about waking up one morning with no idea what happened the night before! (Some of us have been there several times)

Now it is going to be a little something like a murder-mystery style thing. I am going to give each player who registers 3 clues. Players can share clues. Players can also share fake clues.


This year, you will be on a TEAM with another player. I will pair people up. You will include your partner and your clues and your partner's clues in a forum PM to both of you. This is because both of you can't lie to each other. Every time you message another player, they can give you any of their clues and their partner's clues, as well as any fake clues they feel like putting in. For a maximum of 4 clues per other player (so basically they'll send you 3 truths and a lie).

However, there is going to be an "actual version of events" that happened. Each player should submit their version of events to me via forum pm at the end time.

The player who's story is closest to the real thing (by anonymous double-blind judging), shall win! (this is why you can share clues, but every clue you share with someone else makes them have more total clues, thereby giving more information about the story.)

1 WP for the best submission (either creative or closest to pre-determined story). Anniversary creature for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, if 2, 4, or 6+ players participate. If you message me your submitted answers, and include the suspected partners pairing, the person who guess correctly the most numbers of partners gets a special surprise prize from me (subject to whatever Chew lets me give :) )

PLEASE PM me in the same message I sent you your clues in. This will reduce the sheer bulk of messages in my inbox. K thanks, bye!


To get your clues, and therefore participate, you must register here!

Registration closes by 5:00Pm ST on 4/17/21



Participants so far:


P.S. In case you can't tell... this quest requires an even number of participants, if there is an odd number of people, then I will be that last person (or volunteer)'s partner. It will not impact their ability to win in anyway for either prize because all they know is that I'm lying to them. This will simply make it slightly  harder for everyone else to figure out partners than this person, so in the event of a tie with my partner, someone other than my partner wins.

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After a very, VERY heavy night of drinking... I roused myself enough to send out clues. May your heads hurt as thoroughly as mine does as you try to piece together what happened!

Some notes: 

So there were some typos in my first post. you do NOT have to include your partner in every communication with other people, this would be impossible due to login timing differences. Also maybe you're trying to bribe Miq for information in a dark corner or something and don't want anyone else to be guilty by association, who knows?

You two are a team, you have until the end of the anniversary (23:59 ST of last day) to try and collect clues and write your own story (you CAN write it together if that is your wish, but take note that each person must post their own story, so community might not vote as favorably for identical stories). You will PM me your story before time is up, you don't have to include your partner in that PM but it is okay if you do. Late entries will be shared and can win my random prize, but not the main prize.




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