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MD Oragami Contest

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Many of you know that Fyrd began his studies in the Realm at Marind's Bell, due to his affinity with that land, and only moved to the MDA to pursue his advanced studies.  Fewer of you know that he did not excel among the dusty books in the archives, prefering to tell stories, make music, and sample his most recent fermentation products.  He owns one boring book he keeps falling asleep with, and several other tomes he has not even started.  What attracted him to the MDA, and keeps him there you ask?  There is a rumor, which he will not deny, that it is the enticing thought of what could be done with SO MUCH PAPER!  You see, Fyrd is an aficionado of the art of Origami.

Fyrd thinks he can make a winderwild, a knator, a tormented soul, a morph, a high priest's hat, a balloon, and a portal big enough for any MD character to walk through - much much bigger than the starting paper.  But he probably needs refreshers on even those, as his memory is not what it used to be.

Let's give Fyrd some help.  Every set of instructions for making something out of paper that could have come from the MD realm, complete with photographic proof including the MD trademark, earns a silver coin.  Everyone posting that they followed those instructions, with proof, earns themselves a silver coin, and another one for the originator.  You must start with a single square piece of paper, scissors, and coloring devices, and no other materials.

Contest runs out when Fyrd runs out of silver coins (he currently has 56) or the contest is called off for lack of interest or any other issue.  Also reserved is the right to limit the number of follows of a particular set of instructions, and disqualify multiple instructions for the same thing.

Have fun, and post your Origami here.

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Okay, a wishpoint to at least the first to give instructions and photo here for an oragami MD creature and then gets one other player to post a photo of a creature made following those direction.  MD in the photo of course, no alts, etc.

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