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right click disabled or not

Muratus del Mur

should right click option be enabled or not  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you need/like/wish to have the right click option enabled, or its not relevant?

    • Yes enable it!
    • I don't really care about it
    • keep it disabled (as it is now)

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  • Root Admin

I would like to know if the disabled right click bothers any of you and if you think its better with it or without it. From your own personal perspective please, don't make assumptions for others :)

The poll voting is just for inspiration, i will consider the poll score, but i will also consider your explanations more than the simple votes.


Thank you



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My concern is we spend a lot of time doing mouse-over trying to figure out what is active, and clicking on stuff.

As things now stand, a right-click is clearly a browser function and not part of the game.

Mixing that up would be a mess.

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I think it would be good to re-enable right clicking, but potentially keep it disabled just on the location image itself with the clickies. In the rest of the middle section it can just feel awkward to have it disabled like it is now, with basically no benefit.

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Right click along with the content shown belongs to the end browser. Disabling right click can be disabled very easily on browse side. So i just consider it a feature without merit.

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I'm so used to never using it in MD that if right click was present, it would feel weird at first (just as it's weird at first to play without it). I voted 'don't care' because i don't think it would change much for me.

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