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Christmas Tree presents review

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  • Root Admin

Hi all,

I am planning to review what the Christmas Tree gives out this year in an attempt to see if we can update it for 2023!

Please let me know if you think there is anything we should add, change, or remove from it.

If you haven't seen the Christmas Tree before feel free to suggest what Christmas presents you might want, but obviously you can't comment on what was given in the past.


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  • Root Admin
23 minutes ago, MaGoHi said:

what kind of "value" do you think is ok? like would rare creatures be a good idea and if so should they be coloured or not?

Yes to both

23 minutes ago, MaGoHi said:

100 Wishpoints seems like a good gift to me

I shall consider this ;) 

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I would definitely tweak the creatures that are given out from it - removing most of the current B&W ones (except the Drach and Scout) - maybe improving the odds of premium crits and adding buildable or generally rarer B&W crits to the pool.

Crit slots are tidy, even if just a few every year.

Some common RP items, limited to a pool of "usable" ones, so ones needed for the toy chest etc.

PS: It should give out an achievement, like the Anni ones we had before - or maybe a collectible coin/ornament etc. instead.

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I am quite in agreeance that the creature pool should be altered significantly. Perhaps it would be reasonable to do so based on days of activity or some other similar measure of progress. I am happy for creatures whose creation I have been involved in to be added to the pool provided they are appropriately rare.

Permanent buffs (Friend slots/Heat spheres/creature age/creature heat as the current examples) are reasonable provided they do not trivialise other methods of progress in these areas.

I would suggest removal of the temporary combat buff and replacement with some temporary spell appropriate to the season. (For example, everyone clicking the tree gets three temporary casts of some spell that heals everyone in a certain location?)

Of wishpoints: I am not opposed to a single wishpoint (or fewer - e.g. one per every two players) being granted given the paucity of them presently.


I think it would also be interesting if one of the gifts bestowed some benefit to someone or everyone else who was present at the tree. This would promote staying present at the tree (as a combat target as well as being present for social reasons). Perhaps one of the gifts could be "everyone present receives 1 max AP", for example.

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55 minutes ago, Aia del Mana said:

Of wishpoints: I am not opposed to a single wishpoint (or fewer - e.g. one per every two players) being granted given the paucity of them presently.

I'm not so fond of the idea of giving out wishpoints for Christmas, I feel like wishpoints should remain in the domain of special reward for quests and special effortful actions. (Though I will note there is the precedent of wishpoints for cumulative and consecutive active days.)

If wishpoints are given out, I don't think it should be random. Make it for all players who show up for Christmas (and perhaps meet other requirements, be it active days, MP level, or some other measure of past and present activity), but please don't make wishpoints a lottery.

Other than that I like all of the suggestions above.

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  • Root Admin
On 12/18/2023 at 9:27 AM, Aia del Mana said:

Mayhap, one would have a present which has a chance of awarding a wishpoint, and a chance of receiving something of this sort?

I'm not that mean :D 



Ann. 6029 - [2023-12-20 01:41:38 - Stage 16] - Permalink - Posted By Chewett   4 likes (18%)   

Christmas Tree Activity tracking updated
To make the tree a little fairer I have updated the activity tracking code to use the correct numbers from this year. The activity percentage is now temporarily displayed on your profile (quite close to the top). If you think your percentage is wrong please let me know.

I'm also going to boost the rates for lower percentages so its nicer on less active players.

Note: It currently does not work for new players, this is planned for tomorrows work.




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  • Root Admin

Sunfire: (the grey gift on the left of the tree gives the same popup of the tree but doesnt open for me)

Sunfire: (seems Jakubhi already made a forumpost)

Sunfire: gifts are great, VE increase was perhaps a little over the top.

Sunfire: amountwise


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