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QUEST: Drachorn Chase


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Since I'm unsure whether to write this quest at all, here's the signup:

You hereby enlist to a daily progress quest, means each day you get one action: If you do not take the chance and answer the PM, you lose that round.

Final reward will include silver and a [u][b]drachorn[/b][/u] I sponsor. Only one, don't go asking for more.

Also, don't go and spam me regarding things like spoilers, help for the quest...not even others, if I hear of it you will get disqualified. I may decide to put in multiplayer features, so you have to group, but that is my choice, not yours. If you work in groups and I get proof, you're out.

Why? That's because I'm making one where everyone has about the same, equal chances...I'm going to use dices to determine events. If you group, that's going to make things easier, and I don't want to see the main event (drachorn chase) being finished within a short amount of time.

So, write here, posting your playername and ID if you want to participate. I may take some time to write this, so be patient please.

You have till Day 172, means Jun 22 23:59 servertime to sign up for free.

Everything afterwards will require one silver, if it's way later possibly 2.

I expect the quest to be held within a month. However, if not enough people enroll I'm just going to throw the towel and stop this idea.

So, have fun signing up.

Edit: Everyone who signs up (and I'll allow RPCs) may be chosen to be asked into a contract where he/she collects silver for me by other players participating.

Edit2: Alts are forbidden from this, obviously. And yeah, be sure that I will check the one who gets my drach, and where it will reappear later. Just for the sake of safety, everyone who participates better tells me when they do sell it within the next time.

This only means one player (in RL) one chance in this quest. You can get your alt to do it, but it better stays there, not going to ship it to your main afterwards. That would result in a ban from my quests and whoknows, and longtermwise that would be more of a loss.

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that could be fun... can i give the drachorn to another player of my choice if i get it?^^

Burns, 53832

EDIT: issue handled, i will _definitely_ not get a drach in this quest, so don't PM me about it anymore please :lol:

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Edit your sign up please, I need the player ID ingame as well, or the entry won't count..

Okay, if this goes on at this rate, it'll be held. If you guys manage to hit the 40, 100% sure, but I'll have to write the longer quest then...(damn, more work for me <.<)

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