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Unachieved Simple Wishes

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

its 10am and it seems i cand sleep at all, again, so here i am imagning things, and i thought why not to make this contest.
Wish season is comming so who knows, maybe ..maybe... :))

What are the most achievable 3 things that you wish the most, but you didn't manage get them and it seems its not likely you will achieve it ever.
Keep in mind i said the most achievable ones.

Feel free to detail why you wish them or why they are unachievable bit also why they are achievable.

My entry (oh yeah i am competing too, but i won't win):

1) A trip alone to a remote village in Europe without anyone asking why, or investigating why after.
why not: i do have a family, i do have things to keep me here, it will never happen
why yes: i have the money, i have the time, i want it
why: because

2) A fully isolated empty room, absolutely no light, no sound, and electromagnetic isolation (faraday cage)
Why not: it means to mess an entire room, to create a lot of disconfort and argues
Why yes: i have the room, i can aquire all materials needed, i live in a low noise area
why: because

3) 3rd ... maybe later, its nice to know there is one wish left unexhausted :P


Good luck.

Reward is for simplest wishes with most reasonable reasons

1 reindrach egg, ancient

(hey, what can i do, i know its exagerated reward but ..poor me..its not my fault I have just ancient things in my inventory ... good excuse heh? :P)

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One internal wish, one informational, and one external

1. To draw a self-portrait that looks like me.
why not: in past attempts, there's always been a few things that look wrong
why yes: with a little practice, it should be possible
why: to be able to draw myself is a step in understanding and knowing my own face, something I should be familiar with but am not because I hardly ever see it.

2. Have an hour conversation with a homeless person, without giving them any money (bonus points for getting them to give me money)
why not: they always smell bad, and have scared me since I was a kid
why yes: homeless people are everywhere, it shouldn't be that hard to sit down next to one.
why: homeless people would have the most interesting perspective on home, living, money, wealth, meaning, etc. Or they might be incredibly paranoid. Either way, I want to know.

3. Return a moonstone that I stole from a girl as a 7 year old.
why not: I'm not sure where the rock is in the house, it would be hard to find her.
why yes: it's achievable because with a week of searching I could probably find it (I hid it away). I would have to travel to get it though.
why: it's the first thing I ever felt guilty for in my entire life - the first time I've done something that I realized later was wrong. A mark in my moral development. I wanted to return it at the time, but didn't find a way.

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1. Actually 'finishing' high school and getting my diploma even though the stuff is online and is I only have one class.
Why not: I lack the ambition/too lazy to care, plus it's geometry.
Why yes: Because the school is close by and I can easily get the disk necessary/ go to the school and do it there to finish it.
Why: Because then my mother/family will stop nagging and so that I can at least have some accomplishment to be proud of.

2. Being a socialite.
Why not: Because human beings annoy me, and I am fairly independant.
Why yes: Because I need to get out of the house more and gain more social skills so as not to be the awkward one in the group.
Why: So as not to explain to people that I dislike them off the bat before I meet them, and also to get away from my family/have excuses to be alone. : D

3. Going to the Doctor's to get my lower back/hip/leg looked at.
Why not: I have an extreme phobia of doctors and medical places/being touched by strangers. And I am afraid I might end up kicking the person in an inappropriate place or doing otherwise.
Why yes: I have the insurance to go, plenty of chiropractors around.
Why: Pain is a *beep.* And could degenerate over time.

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Quit work.

Why Not: Everyone in a capitalist society needs to have money to live.
Why it is easy: It is far easier to loose a job than to get one...
Why I want to: much as the jobs I do are enjoyable, they often have a huge amount of stress involved. Teaching, medical engineering, Sound and lighting for concerts... the consequences of getting something wrong don't just impact me, but so many others...

I'll add more later...

Awiiya, let me encourage you in your wish to interact with a homeless person. They are some of the most interesting people I know, and I am blessed to have been involved in ministering to homeless and disadvantaged people since I was 12 (my father was a social worker, then took a job in the Department of Houseing, where he still works)
Some advice though: Find a group that does a "feed the homeless" initiative, and go with them. While most homeless people are friendly, it is always possible to find a dangerous one, and the backup will be good in that case. Also, they rarely ask for cash from people already helping them in such a practical way, and ALWAYS want to talk (well... 90% of the time, at least). A lot of homeless and disadvantaged people go to those sort of outreaches more for the company than the food and coffee, I find ;)
(see who sticks around after, they will be the most approachable. Don't try to start a conversation with someone who just comes for the food and wants to leave immediately, as they won't be as friendly, if they talk at all)

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1) To sit on this park bench in my home town, smoke a cig and play my guitar, with a pint of good, cold beer.
Why Not: I don't know... I just know that I won't do it...
Why it is easy: Self explanatory.
Why: That place always gave me a sense of serenity that I couldn't achieve anywhere else...

2) To play "Oci Boje Meda" with the band from my home town.
Why not: I never have enough time to practise my guitar... Plus stage fright... I'll never do it...
Why it is easy: I could just ask the guys to let me play the song...
Why: I need to loose myself.

3) To cook for someone special.
Why not: I'll never learn to cook, I'd probably poison her... And I'm asocial, so the someone special part is hard to achieve.
Why it is easy: I could learn how to cook, at least one kind of dish, and I could probably find someone if I got over some of my problems.
Why: Same reason like the last two... To feel good...

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1. Stop watching TV, reading newspapers and live in an isolated "village" far away from the effects of the outside world, no computers, no electricity, wake up at natural time of day, work together as a community, each having an important job

Apart from the electricity thing, this is possible, save up money and join a trade route which passes by this island Tristan da Cunha. Its language is English and there are 275 people who live there. You might say unachievable and impractical, but i seriously disagree.

It would be possible and i believe it would make me ultimately happy, however my brain just screams out how impractical it would be. If someone picked me up and dropped me there my brain would say Nooooo!!! but more importantly my heart would say Yes.

Its not about the travelling to a different place, its about changing my ruitine of living. Something like going to an isolated place will change LOTS of things about me in one go, things i have been trying to do but have been unable to. Going to bed at a reasonable time, not spending so much time on the computer maybe reading or writing short stories myself instead. NOT eating junk easily bought from a supermarket but instead growing and eating produce naturally. That is why this dream is an essential one for me, it holds so many little "dreams" in it.

Does going out drinking/ clubbing, spending £80 (i work for minimum wage 38 hours a week(used to be 60), im not rich in england...), which is half a years wages for some people, in one night actually make me happy?? No

The wish here is not to travel to some place, or simply to change my way of life in an extreme way, its to be able to truely value what is important and essential for me to be happy inside. Maybe too vague for a competition like this, but i feel closer to my dream now i have thought about it and spoken it

2. Harmony between my close family. My twin brother (who is an opposite, yet we are very similar) My sister, and my mother and father. Seeing films and watching people who have close brothers and sisters, who are close to their mother and father, makes me think that i am missing out.
I Could swallow up my pride, forget past transgressions, "clear the slate". I could say its not my fault, that it doesnt matter what i do i cant please them or get them to work together, that i know ive allways been the mediator and that im fed up being that. but it comes down to one thing.

They are people, they have things which make them tick, which make them happy, annoyed and sad. I know them the most of anyone, having spent most of my life in their company. I Know what i can do to be closer to them and not "step on their toes" but it wont happen. Most achievable? easy, just let the annoyance wash over you as if you are a stone in a stream. But i am afraid of being taken advantage of, my pride wont let me become a "mug" someone who can just be pushed around.

3. Ok i need a ciggerette now after all that..

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1. I would like to get a patent for an invention I made ages ago in Highschool.

Why yes: it would be the realization of a lifelong dream to become like Thomas Edison. I've been in love with the man and his history since the third grade when I did my first ever report on him. (i still have the essay! :D)

Why not: I have no idea how the process works, and I am afraid that my invention will be ridiculed and denied.

Why; I have a fascination with building things. (hence what I am going to school for)

2. I would like to find each and every person whose life I had altered dramatically and write about their feelings before I die.

Why yes: I believe it would make ne realize how meaningful my life actually is, and help me realize that I can effect others lives as well as my own. It would give me the motivation to do more for others.

Why not: I am scared to find that I have effected absolutely noones life.

Why: I have a desire to help those in need, and those of you who know the real me know what I am talking about. ( there is only one person here I know close enough that we have met)

3. I would like to discover an element

Why yes: I was always fascinated with the elements in school. I loved learning how they interact and use that knowledge for practical uses.

Why not: I have no motivation to learn what I need on top of what I am already learning to allow me the opportunity to discover a new element.

Why: elements are the building blocks of life. Without these basic things, we can't exist. An I would like to find one of the lego's :)

Edit: a fourth wish if possible?

I would like to go back and thank those people in my life who have altered who I am for the better. I wish I could convey to those passionate individuals what they mean to the people they have effected and how the world is a better place because of them.

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I like this makes me think :D

1) To be able to draw images
why not: I just done seem to be able to keep the images long enough in my head
why yes: I am sure if I sat down and practice I could get something done
why: I would like to be able to show the world some of the images in my head.

2) To fully over come my dyslexia
why not: It is very hard to do and i get frustrated when i hit a very difficult task
why yes: I have the means to do it even if they say it cant be done
why: Because loosing my sense of time of when things happen or even not retain memories of things I really enjoyed doing. Because I want to be able to learn things easer

3) I want to go in to space
why not: It takes having a lot of money to do it
why yes: It is possible to do and it fascinate me
why: It is a something i have always wanted to do. Go in to space and see all the planets and stairs without my view been obscured

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1 - see Queen in the last concert at Wembley in 86
why not: cause i can't turn back time
why yes: cause i can listen to their album at my home and put poster with them on my walls
why ? cause i feel like i;'ve missed something really important

2 - run in the park naked ( mostly any action that would the society blame and be shocked on a regular basis - this is the best example i could came with)
why not : cause of society
why yes: cause i actually can , the park is 5 minutes walk , and it would be wild to feel free of all restrictions
why? : it would be wild to feel free of all restrictions

3- still thinking

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1)Have a birmanese or persian or a main coon cat.
why yes:cause it is easy: i go to the nearest pet store and buy one
why not:cause I can't take care of it (I'm away most of the day and I arrive late at home).
why:cause I loooove cats and I grew up with cats and now I miss having one around

2)Take a damn Solaris 10 exam
why yes:I can study for 2 weeks and just go to take it
why not:laaaazy and because my free time has reduced to few hours every day(week-ends don't really count cause that's the time i sleep and sleep and sleep)
why: it will help me a lot in doing my job + white ball in the resume

3)This is silly but...I want to hire a housekeeper
why yes:I have the money
why not: I need to find one (it's not that easy in RO or I don't have the right connections)
why:less and less free time and I hate to use it to clean the house, do the laundry or iron my cloths...

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1st wish:

Actually have enough interesting stuff to read around me.
Why yes: It's books, I have plenty of supply, but I don't feel like burning cash on them. New books COST.
Why not: I'd have to buy the new ones instead of getting them from the library, thats expensive. Also I read too fast.
Why: I read really fast- the library no longer holds any old book im interested in (what I saw so far, and thats racks full), only new books they get are still interesting.

Have enough interesting games on the PC for me.
Why yes: Regularly thirst for new games, browse through old ones, there should be something.
Why no: Well I play them way too fast anyways, as long as it's not MMO's or so- 50h gameplay? Pah, I finish in 20+...
Why: Entertain my little mind, so it shall not end up bored.

Have interesting people to talk to.
Why yes: It's not hard to talk to people.
Why no: It's difficult to find INTERESTING ones.
Why: Entertain my little mind, so it shall not end up bored.

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1. I would like to make movies.
- I have bad people skills and get anoyed by them fast.
2. Make a small buisness with balloon animal making on parties/events.
- I live in Slovakia.
3. Buy a hi-spec computer and a HDDDDD screen I would need to get eye surgery to fully expierence the "Widescreenness" =D
- Well obviously the money :-/

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1st Wish: To finish the MDBP Puzzle App

Why Not: It is out of my control.
Why Yes: I think this would be a very cool app and besides selling very well it would add something unique to the world
Why: because

2nd Wish: To make my wife happy every day of her life.

Why Not: It is mainly out of my control.
Why Yes: She is the most important thing in my life (besides my son).
Why: Using a wish to make another persons life better is the best way I can think of to actually use a wish properly.

3rd Wish: This one is secret.

Why Not: Telling some wishes makes it so they can't come true.
Why Yes: Some wishes are worth everything.
Why: because.


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I wish to travel to Cambodia to meet a special friend in person.
Why yes: To finaly meet her in person
Why no: not enough time and not enough money to stay there for a while (yet)
why: see why yes. And to see where it leads.

I wish for KC to wake up and get on with his mission.
Why yes: why not?
Why no: I don't know
Why: because I want to continue the story

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1) To be able to learn to play the Piano
Why yes? - I have the resources and connections so I could be taught.
Why not? - I no longer have the time and the patience required to learn such as skill.
Why? - So I could finally have a talent that makes me happy, even when I'm alone.

2)To Excel in my studies
Why yes? - I have the books and the great people to support and teach me to do good in College.
Why not? - I lost my motivation to learn a long LONG time ago.
Why? - I could finally make my parents happy and be a little proud of myself again.

3)To lie down on the grassy plains, staring at the dark starry sky until dawn breaks
Why yes? - there's a whole park, a few steps away from where I am now.
Why? - I dreamt about it. It's literally a dream come true.
Why not? - there's no one to lie down with.

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1. Make art my job

Why yes? After some more practice, I might be able to sell stuff
Why not? It's difficult to get a good living out of it - and I don't wanna end up poor
Why? I Love Art

2. Go out into the forest and just run

Why yes? I could leave right now, and be there in 5 minutes
Why not? There's snow and the damn thing called Winter
Why? I need to empty my mind

3. Empty my mind ;)

Why yes? I could go running right now (see above wish :P)
Why not? I don't have time - art school kills free time
Why? I need it, everyone needs it I think.

And of course all the things like "I wish I should clean my room" Why not? I'm on 'energy saving mode' (aka lazy)

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Continue my studies (Psychology)
why not: My work consumes most of my time (and I am mentally exshausted after work)
why yes: Money is not an issue (need to get my priorities straight)
why: because its a dream of mine to be a psychologist

Have more children
why not: My wife has health issues
why yes: She is currently going through treatment
why: I love children (Especially making them)

Travel and see the world
why not: Need to save for the future
why yes: I have savings to travel
why: To expend my horizon and experiencing other cultures

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1. When I pass on in the world, that everyone that ever met me can say that I affected their life in some way for the better.
Why yes: I think this should be everyone's goal in life
Why: Has always been a dream of mine since I was a little boy
Why not: Because you never know if it is true or not until you are already gone.

2. To build my own dream home
why yes: Because I am a Master Carpenter, and able to do it.
why: It would be one of the most glorious houses around
why not: It would cost half of America's combined Wealth :D

3. To plant a forest in all the barren fields in Indiana
Why yes: Trees are beautiful, empty fields are not, and usually fairly cheap as saplings
Why: This world is always in need of more trees.
Why Not: Would take more time and money then my life span would allow

*edited for spelling*

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1. To one day lie down ,and not care what is going to happen, in an open field, with a slight breeze blowing while playing my guitar.

Why not: Pretty hard to find one large enough with not much buildings around, and also time cosuming to actually find one. and besides i would like to be there for days...

Why yes: With some amount of time, it may be possible to find this area, and just sit down and relax.

Why?: I would like to get my head out of any modern world issues that are occuring andjust have loads of time, to not care about anything.

2. Have an small animal(pocket size) campanion of some sort.

Why not: Takes too much time to take care, which i lack.

Why yes: Well with enough time and effort, i could sure get one. Just chuck away some less important stuff, and have some free time then.

Why? I always wonder what if feels like to have a animal that is always with you. its like Mr beans teddy bear, but its living...

3.To have a lot of time in teh world to just do nothing, anything, and something

Why not: Well if i were to do nothing, which would mean i would have no income to support myself, and the animal T.T.

Why yes: Could always learn how to live in the wild. But dont think will ever do that.

Why?: Life in itself i boring as of in this time. I prefer to live a life where there isnt as big matters as politics whose in charge etc. And then maybe i can do my first wish too. and also get the 2nd wish, so i wont ever be alone.

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[b]1~ To take an an apple core and plant its seeds so it can become a tree. [/b]

Why not~ Because.. My parents would be angry and i'd have to take it down. (It'd be planted in their backyard.. xD) And why would i likely not ever achieve this? Well.. when i get my own place.. unsure! I think my future wife wouldn't want me to ruin our backyard with a big ole apple tree in the middle..
Why yes~ I could easily just eat an apple and plant the seeds somewhere..
Why~ Well.. I think growing trees sounds fun for some reason. (No wonder I joined the GOTR alliance)

[b]2~Empty out an average sized room (no i dont feel like "defining" averaged sized room) and filling it with leaves and turning on a powerful fan (perhaps multiple fans XD) and dance in the leaves..[/b]

Why not~ Because.. again my parents would be angry with me. xD And i'd have to clean up afterwards. (They don't understand my idea of.. fun half the time) And perhaps my idea of fun is too odd..
Why yes~ Because i can easily just gather a few leaves, clear out a few objects from the playroom in m house, set up a large fan, and dance. Easy!
Why~ I've always wanted to do that xD.. Sounds fun,yes?

[b]3 Do you know the end of the table where everyone eats at dinner..? The father usually sits at the end of the table (not on the sides. that is where i usually sit)
Well..! I want to have just one normal dinner.. nothing special (maybe a large bird on the table.. :P) with ME at the end where father sits :D (that would be.. interesting.)[/b]

Why not~ Breaks tradition.. I can't do that because it would be weird for my father and he wouldn't approve. That's pretty much the only reason why.(I'd like to make it known that i've actually asked before XD)
Why yes~ Well uh.. because anyone can just sit down somewhere and start eating right? xD
Why~ Because.. I like that idea. :D There are many pictures and visions of a traditional american dinner.. (not necessarily american) with the father figure at the end. Well! I feel like breaking that picture.

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  • Root Admin

Now this is so interesting to read..

i feel forced to increase number of rewards so that more will get one, but not too many. In any case, don't post for the reward, post for yourself.

some of the wishes i saw here i acomplished before, other suddenly made me wish them too :))

remember its about acomplishable wishes, so no impossible things, just the things that very easy to do but somehow you know you won't do them because of various reasons.

and write short, no novels, so that its easy to read, or my third wish will be not to have to read all this :))

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So it would seem really lame to talk about in-game achievements, like ....

I will never get the "full glow" achievement because I always keep low level creatures around as rewards, or will be training something new. Turning on the colored light will always take a lower priority. I could sacc all my creatures not max level, but it would not be a good choice ......

So I will never get to see it.... Sad...........

Could drive a perfectionist crazy. What a dilemma ....

Now I know what the Moth near the candle felt like.......

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I apologize for how mushy this is going to sound.

1- To have a relationship with my mom again.
Why Not- Bad things happened between us and her bf.
Why yes- i look at my friends who have the best relationships with their mom and i miss it.
Why- It hurts feeling betrayed

Okay mushy stuff over :)

2-I want to fly on a airplane
Why not- I am deathly scared of heights
Why yes- for some reason i think it would be so much fun to fly (yes i am weird)
Why- I want to look at the window and see only clouds below me :)

3- To learn stuff about a computer so when it break i can fix it *cough cough*
Why not- i know nothing about them...except when it doesn't work you have it hit it a couple times
Why yes- Hitting sometimes breaks things...
Why- so i don't need to rely on my brothers in case my computer gets attack by viruses.

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1) A hot-air balloon trip.
why not: Scared of open heights.
why yes: It would be fairly easy to find one somewhere close.
why: Have never done it, and I've always wanted to try it ever since I was little. (Always saw it in cartoons xD)

2) To get my driver's license.
why not: I realized right before I was going to get it, that I tend to pay attention to things around me other than what I should, so I'm afraid of endangering others lives.
why yes: Good to have, can take you places if you have a vehicle, form of ID that is required for some things.
why: I wanted one since I was little. (19 now :/) Freedom.

3) My dad (and me) to finally renovate the bottom section of our house.
why not: Lack of money, time, motivation.
why yes: Once we do, we can move down there (It's a bit bigger) and we will rent upstairs to my friends.
why: It would be awesome to have my two best friends living right above me.

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