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Torch Competions must stop.



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TC is broken in many ways. This topic though is not about how broken this is, its about something a lot more important. Many young players or even some old ones find TC competitions as a way to get entrance into places that would normally be off limits for them. Despite the fact that when you carry a torch you cant do anything inside the land, you can always just wait inside it untill the competion ends and then you are free to do whatever you like. Also the draining ap system to not allow you to move fast is also broken. You can use 1 free credit and just move on like you have the required ap again. So people can take a torch and run like hell. Another thing is that the most common thing you see in the chat logs during a TC is: Please dont attack me i just want to enter Necrovion (or loreroot or golemous). These territories are off limits for good reasons. I had to go threw the Labyrinth drawing my own map, i have beaten the first loreroot guard after a lot of thinking and trying, and finally i have entered necrovion once for answering Jesters question (which was kind of hard since i had to do a lot of research and thinking.). I consider all of these achievments and i am proud of them and the effort i put on them. Its just totally dissapointing to see people who did none of these and did not try at all entering all these lands. Most of the people will never learn anything in order to enter a land, they will simply get a torch.

What i am proposing is to STOP torch competitions now untill they are balanced and better limited. (i have some ideas on that but all in good time)
And if you do no wish to stop the torch competition my alternative is to limit it only to people who each land choses. (for example golemus will pick 10 people to fight, necrovion another 10 etc etc)
Or alternatively make the TC only available to mp5s.

But this preposterous bug HAS TO STOP.

P.S. (please edit my post if i had written to many spoilers, but in my point of view they are bugs not spoilers in any way)

P.S. 2 please support your voting by saying your point of view otherwise DONT vote at all, after all voting is a responsibility...

EDITED to propose another solution: Its what Grido and poppitz have suggested and i aggree with this solution as well though didnt think of it myself (it would have been nice on the poll as well) Automatic transportation outside the lands people entered using torches. This would fix many things and also allow people to get a look of the architecture of each land which is not a bad thing.

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Well just to clarify what i said before the previous post is what i consider to be useless since the voter didnt have a good point of voting no. Actually he had no point at all...

It is my personal belief that if you dont have a reason to argue then dont argue at all, otherwise you just seem to be stupid.

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This better not become as much of a flamewar as people did for the GGG.

Once one of the tips in the triggers box literally said "free credits help you move fast during the TC, use them to your advantage The FC is not a bug. And being only open to Mp5 is a stretch. Mp5 and ally is still a stretch. You can't limit the TC, what about the Mp3 who want to help but can't? what then?

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I vote "NO".


Because TC was made for a reason. It was also meant to be a way to explore all of the lands. I don't care how you enter a land it's your decision. MD is like life you cut corners or you don't or both in my case.

So to be clear.
TC is meant(in my opinion) to be that way because if it wasn't TC should have been removed a long time ago.
Besides "Exploring" is one of the tips in the early MP3 stage. If I remember correctly no one ever said how to do explore so you can explore in any way you can.

I have a question though.
Do you believe that TC itself is the problem or the people who told others that TC can be used to enter other lands

There's a difference between the two you know. So think carefully.

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I voted yes.

I used the TC to enter Loreroot; I want to precise that i was not given the idea by anyone but it came to my mind that this was achievable and then I asked confirmation to another player. This to say, that you don't need someone spoiling it to figure out.

So why did I vote yes?

Because entering Loreroot, while giving the satisfaction of achieving something, is kinda spoilish... And maybe not tha fun on the long run...

That being said, while the possibility is here, I will certainly try and use it next time to visit Necrovion...

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Nah, the TC is good, been created with a good purpose and concept (not much important so far but good). TC means you grab your torch get into enemies land and put the torch in there, that's it. So you must be able to go in there whatever MP level you are.

So beside to get rid off it i suggest to just fix the bugs, so player that still holding the torch in enemies land/territory teleported back automatically to the GoE or somewhere else when the TC officially over, thats not too hard (i think).

Oh, and in other words, i vote no.

*Btw i know i'm not playing anymore but hey, Marind Bellerz! Go get some scores will ya?! The greatest land with minus scores? (v_v)b

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  • Root Admin

oh my..what drastic options.
(you fail to see an intentional point in spoiling things with the TC but fine , lets ignore that point because i am not willing to explain its logic public)

why not limiting TC to invited only, and/or limit attacks to only people invited during that competition (not necessarly holding a torch that moment). Each King cold appoint a general to decide who fits for the land and who not, sort of an army structure. Think of it, if a land gather a bigger army the other lands will need to gather more fighters too.

The spoiling "opportunity" is intentional. don't think to much why, i won't explain more...but it can go.

[color="#C0C0C0"]The main issue in my opinion with the torch competition is somethign none of you thoght about...the timing/frequency. For those that understand, an event goverened by cyclicity in an environement not designed to sustain it will fail or collapse with ugly side effects. I intend to make TC a triggered event, not at all a sheduled one...but this doesn't affect HOW the TC will run, just when it will run, so it is not the sbject of this topic and not debateable either.[/color]

Dst idea with taking out mp3 and mp4 out of this is interesting too. Or..what about age reqirement to enter TC? it would justify the spoiling better, afterall if you are 3-4 month in md you should deserve a chance to see LR :))

aaaaannyyyyway... compared to the things there you don't know about, the TC "spoiling" is nothing :) wait to see on md birthday party what i mean.
tic tac..tic...

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  • Root Admin

PM from TTL:
[quote]Since i said i will not reply to my topic again i will not do so. Though i wish to ask you one question and you may reply publicly about it:
People staying inside the lands after the TC is over is also intentional? What about the idea of automatic transportation after TC has ended? (I tryed answered it myself but since i am not fully understanding the anyway hidden logic behind the TC spoilers i would really apreciate it if you made your views public about these two as well)
TTL [/quote]

Actually, no, my intention was that people would be transported to thei capitals when torch ends and transported to gazebo of chaos when they die. Remaining in the land will defenetly change eventually. Its true the bugs of the tc alter its purpose badly. but anyway, it has a certain boost of curiosity that spoils things but also makes noobs realise there is so much to spoin so to say. Maybe i explain this better the following way:

I played a game once, long ago, might have been neverwinter nights, but i am not sure anymore, maybe not, doesn't matter anymore. What matters is the following thing. At some point i discovered a bug. One of the quest rewards became repeatable. I only had to go back to the character giving the reward (a shop keeper) and do the same boring dialogue again and i got the reward again, and again, and again. Because i was kind of bored with the game, i said fine, lets abuse it and see what happenes eventually. From where i was used to buy armor in the 10 to 1000 gold range and own not more than 3-4k gold maximum, i stood one day and one night like a maniac and i abused that bug. After my eyes were glued to the screen and my hand fixed on the same repetitve series of clicks at 5am after abusing the same bug for 12 hours, i ended up having several many millions gold.
My surprise was that the game was ready for that too. I discovered armor in that price range, the characters became more strong also , to fit with my purchased enhancements, everything adapted so to say. It was a pleasant shock. I realised then that what i thought to be a bug to destroy the game or "rule" it, was in fact nothing, but still the same fun.

You get my point? You think TC spoils things for you? maybe it makes you change objective once you realise your goal in md is not to enter Loreroot, then after you get bored of visiting everything due to TC, you realise hey, there are double that much locations still hidden..how do you realise that? simple, when you reach a goal you start observin other goals that appeal to you. the spoilers never realy end. MD is deep enough for any of you, on any level, game or not game. What it is not, its not organized in such way to take you from one thing to an other...thats really hurting its popularity. The planned spoiling will keep a new player several more days in md, making him think he abused something or discovered a secret, when in fact , those few extra days will integrate him better into md environement.

Like many other things i started but never ended, this tc is doing only a part of its role and therefore it might indeed be damaging as it is. An other thing missing from tc are the attractors. Whats that? Sorry but i won't give you such trade secrets :) Lets just say the tc points are useless and thats not good at all.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1298342467' post='79264']
I still think a player that carries a torch unopposed ought to be able to cash it in for 1 point. This would force lands to defend themselves, etc.

Nothing would force MB to "defend itself" When it is the target of every other land.

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  • Root Admin

rewards..well..the score over the entire tc history is kept for when the rewards as you call them will be decided. but remember its for the land not for the individual. I keep delaying this because i want to be something not consumable but also not abusable, long story..

anyway, no torch for a while, not because of the spoiling or becauseof the fughts but because upcomming birthday event.

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I don't know, I always thought that it should be temporary stat bonuses for the highest ranking and the lowest ranking land in each competition...

So for instance, if Loreroot wins, all Lorerootians get their land bonus doubled for two weeks... Same happens for the land that finishes last. And let's say the land that is closest to 0 gets it as well... Or only the land closest to 0...

Maybe that would make more people participate and maybe even out the odds.

And you could still give the permanent reward thing to the land with the most score.

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