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Meeting about Abra and the Empty Aramors


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I will be holding a meeting concerning Abra and the Empty Aramors at the Gates of Ages. It will be at Wednesday, March 7th, 0:00 Server Time (Day 67). The goal will be to find a way to release the aramors from Golemus. I will try to be there all day and I hope many of you will come and discuss the subject. Lets try to keep the talk of the aramors ingame please.

This also relates to the quest recently posted by Phantom Orchid:


Below is the statement in my alliance page.

[b] [u]Abra and the Aramors[/u][/b]

An Aramor by the name of Abra has tasked me to find a way to release him and his kind from Golemus Golemicarum. Although Abra can leave Golemus on his own, he later mysteriously reappears within the gates. I must find a way to break this binding of the Aramors to Golemus, and I will need help. If you can provide me with any information or join my cause I will be grateful. Soon we may be able to solve this mystery and release the Aramors to wander the rest of the realm.

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1330383339' post='105348']
So, you are blindly helping an Aramor for no apparent reason besides wanting to help?

Sounds like a good plan to me, offering to help someone in your homeland, who asks for help.
I hear people do that. :P

For those new to exploring, and interested in helping, I do not beleive it is a spoiler to say the Gate of Ages is just past teh Aramory, in the south part of the map.

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just wonderin, did anyone of ya guys that talked with abra asked him how and why he and rest of his kind ended up in gg? we know they came with that ship from "west", but did anyone bothered to ask why they came? and where exactly this "west" is? imo answers to that would give better insight on matter of their "curse" that binds them to gg

and soz, me cant attend this although me would like, cuz me got ... >_> umm ... to take ov... *coughs* ...care... of palace... <_<

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[quote name='Falronn' timestamp='1330379016' post='105332']
Lets try to keep the talk of the aramors ingame please.

There are lots of questions, possible answers, and theories in the realm. May want to continue the search/discussion there Liberty ;)

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Abra asked for help even from me (a Marind Bell citizen) when I visited GG. After that he regularly writes pm to me regarding the aramors and their freedom.
SInce I don't know why is the reason they 'must' be trapped, I'm willing to help him to build his path out of chains.

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Think on this;

A man is chained from head to toe to a wall, not able to do anything except move his head and talk. He says "please release me, I don't know why I'm chained up".
Someone walks along, hears the plea and without thinking about why he might be chained up, helps to release him. The man is killed by the previously chained man, who then walks calmly off.

Lesson of the story; Learn why something is as it is, before trying to change it.

Do you know why Abra returns to Golemus, or are you just blindly trying to help him?

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I agree with Grido. and of course with Seigheart. Seigheart, it is the way you stated your concerns.
Do 'we' know why Abra is on GG? What is the history behind his being kept there? What is his history even?

these are questions to look into perhaps?

I will try to be at meeting, but my schedule does not always allow me freedom to do as I want.

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There are many things I don't know yet, why exactly he returns to Golemus being one of them. So same answer as Seigheart got yes I am blindly helping them. Like I stated though I don't have a reason to not want to help him out yet and don't seem to have a need to worry. If you believe there would be reasons to worry I'm sure that could be a great point to bring up within the meeting.

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I have to say I agree with both trains of thought. Until one is armed with information it is unwise to move forward with attempting to set the "chained man" free. It is only through a meeting of the minds and a sharing of knowledge between the young and the old of GG can an informed decision be made.

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i cant believe that i have to agree with tarq, but he is totally right

its terrorist-like to take somebody's else freedom/life in attempt to ask for yours especially if that person isnt involved in that

knatty is vip hostage they kidnapped and are askin their own freedom as ransom, but from who they askin? not from jailors, but from "third party"

logical way would be that ya kidnap somebody that is important to your jailor in order to press him, but no instead they went onto other road, kidnapped innocent person (knatty) in order to exchange him for help in gettin their freedom which they didnt even elaborate on how they lost it and for what reason, as you can see on first part its terrorist way of work, kidnap family of some rich businessman and in exchange demand money with which they can fund their war for freedom, similarity is obvious, although this isnt confirmed, it arises big suspicion in mine mind

atrumist, tell ya teh truth? i dont think somebody can do that, since nobody was involved from mine point of view, not like ggers went on chain-teh-aramor spree, aramors landed in gg and puff they were chained there, ggers were like wtf just like the rest of md population when they saw them and had no clue about them, no common person had anythin to do with it, we are in search of greater force that was at work, it could have been related to anythin from al that was unfinished, thats however just mine guess, dont hold me for word in here

facts atm are[list=1]
[*]they came to gg
[*]they are chained there
[*]they took knatty as hostage
[*]they asked us common folks of realm for help instead of their "jailors" (ones who are responsible for them bein chained) which indicates that their hostage aint connect with "jailors"

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[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1330625349' post='105633']
they asked us common folks of realm for help instead of their "jailors" (ones who are responsible for them bein chained) which indicates that their hostage aint connect with "jailors"
What if we were responsible? But didn't know it?

Anyway, kudos to Falronn for raising the issue in public and start making people react on that.

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point of mine 4th fact was knattys relation with jailors actually :D

so even if we are their "accidental jailors" i dont really see how knatty is connected to majority of population, if they went to blackmail their jailors by holdin knatty, they would normally contact exclusively ppl who are in close relation to knatty and who are in same time jailors, which as much as i see didnt happened, instead they made "open cry for help" or how i see it, open blackmail

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