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Quitting MD


Quitting MD  

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[quote]Well, the way I see it is that the party behind having me killed wants me to go the same way Spart went.

How can you really know? It seems to me like you are -thinking- this is true, but this can only be an assumption unless they specifically told you their reason.

[quote]I'm wondering whether the rest of MD feels the same or not.[/quote]

The same, as your killer/s? I am sure there are people across the spectrum of feelings in regards to this.

In-game I am absolutely and unabashadly elated you are dead. No question there. But out-of-game, I value you and your presence and contributions to MD, and I can say the same about every other player.

And sometimes I think I value in-game villains more than my allies, because without their presence the realm would be a hell of a lot less dynamic, in my world at least.

[quote]PS I don't want people saying I should stay or not, that's not what this is for.[/quote]

Too bad, you started it :P

And I null voted, because, no matter how much I or anybody else thinks you should stay or go, it is ultimately your decision to make.

Sorry, but you can't shrug this one off onto me.

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I wanna second what she said. Seig, you know I enjoy having you here. Especially due to the amazingly stupid reasons some people seem to have to hate you. I find it amusing.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to do more to help get you rezzed again... I've been busy. I'll try to keep working on it, bu ti only have four days left to do my stuff.

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srsly? we both know ya are unable to quit md, ya had hundred times worse situation in past than this and ya didnt quit, ya came back, if ya will go on and say ya quited, ya wont fool me, sooner or later ya will come back, like ya did already, ya are way too addicted to ever fully quit this game

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Phantom orchid said it best.
Stay, or go, it is not my decision to make.
As much as I still think whacking the wookie was a generally bad idea, leaving means the killers win.
So, don't let them.
I null-vote.

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Here's a poll for you:

Which pleases you the most:
1. Your departure would have zero impact on my game experience. I do not care.
2. I dislike your presence, please leave.
3. You make my game experience better, please stay.

Take your pick, that's my response.


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Seig, within the game, it's all a game. Even being a super-villain who ignores all rules of civility, which you are not, would be part of the game. The more variety we have around here, the more challenges people have to cope with.

They call it role-play for a reason. We are not our characters, as attached as we might be. If you are tired of one role, you can try another one. Are you having fun yet?

There have been a few players who stepped outside the game and made it personal (no names) and that's a big no-no. The game and its players do need to be protected against such behaviors.

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