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I'm more of a computer games than anything else :D

League of Legends is the game for me while on the comp, and idling at the GoE :3

If I'm on my xbox, it's either BF3, MW3, Skyrim, etc.

And if I'm on my iPod, it's Urban Rivals :3

I'm quite the random gamer, and I strive for perfection (or near perfection) in all x3

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I tried Skyrim Fang, but I didn't like it.

I tend to game a lot on Stoker (my ps3), I like stuff like Dragon Age, Dragon Age II, Kingdoms of Almaur. Give me an axe or a sword and I'm happy! Though in saying that I also like Magey type games :) Puzzle games like Sherlock Holmes, and of course I like the Home section in the PS3 :)

I tend to use Lee (my wii) more for excerise, I like the boxing on the cardio fitness :)

I loved Diablo II but not too fond of Diablo III, 'cause you have to be online with it and sometimes my internet connection isn't the best! I still go back to Civ though, no matter what format it is in on.

I also have Gore (ps vita) and love playing the games on it too. Also using it to help me to learn Chess :) something which my bf started teaching me but I want to get an extra edge on him :)

Lastly I have Lon (ds lite) I love the Prof Layton ones but have only played the first two games.

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[quote name='purplebunny' timestamp='1359970398' post='131973']
I tried Skyrim Fang, but I didn't like it.

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]*gasps*[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]...you don't like SKYRIM?[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]*faints*[/color][/font]

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Xbox 360:

Naruto Storm series(Pre-ordered the 3rd one.), Final Fantasy 13, Blue Dragon, The Last Remnant, Tales of Vesperia, Borderlands 1 and 2, Bioshock

Nintendo Wii:

Legend of Zelda games, Fire Emblem, One Piece Unlimited Adventure

Nintendo Gamecube:

Super Smash Bros Melee, Baten Kaitos, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime

Playstation 2:

Kingdom Hearts titles, Final Fantasy titles, .hack titles, Persona 3

Handheld Nintendo 3Ds:

Professor Layton titles(Beaten all of them except for the new 3d game that I am currently playing), Phoenix Wright games, Pokemon, and gonna get Fire Emblem asap

Side note:

Skyrim, halo, call of duty, etc are all terrible games. Don't waste your time on them.

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I love chess!

I have no consoles, but when I'm particularly lazy I play some free games at Kongregate.
I tried Legends of the Void 2, Necronomicon - the book of dead names, Monster's den - The book of dread...

As a teenager I was into Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the gathering, but I spent quite some time on Quake and Star Craft too.

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I'm still playing DnD on regular basis :D

Never had any consoles, but i've played a lot of computer games, with a high addiction to rpgs (in the past i used to like rts as well, but the last few years i prefer rpg over anything else )

Some of the best titles i've played (even though a bit old), Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate :P

On more recent titles, i found Skyrim a great game (kinda like the other Elder Scrolls titles i've played, Morrowind and Oblivion :D)

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[b]XBOX 360[/b] - Love the [i]Dragon Age [/i]series and am a big Bioware fan in general; I played [i]Dragon Age: Origins[/i] and all its DLC all the way through at least 6 times and [i]Dragon Age II[/i] (and I think all the DLC, too) all the way through 3 times.

I've played the [i]Mass Effect [/i]series (but haven't quite finished the last one) and love it, too; I've played the first two, including DLC, all the way through 2-3 times, and will soon play through again.

I haven't played [i]Skyrim[/i] yet, but I own it and am an Elder Scrolls fan (especially of [i]Morrowind[/i]) and will probably enjoy it at least a little.

I very much enjoyed [i]Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, [/i]and [i]Fallout 3[/i] (which I liked but not nearly as much as [i]Fallout 2[/i]), but haven't felt the desire to replay them... and that is saying something. If I like a game, I will play the hell out of it. My wife bought me a little [i]Watchmen [/i]game on impulse because she knows I am a huge Rorschach fan, and it was fun for a play-through.

I liked [i]Assassin's Creed [/i]more than most of my friends did. I haven't yet played all the way through AC II yet, and because I stalled out in the middle of it I will probably re-play the first to get my bearings in the backstory/"present day" plot.

Also on my own-but-haven't-yet played list: [i]L.A. Noire, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, LEGO Batman, Batman: Arkham City, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run [/i](might be lame, but I played the old [i]Spy Hunter [/i]arcade game all the time), [i]Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, [/i]and[i] Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.[/i] I plan to purchase [i]Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed: Revelations[/i], and [i]Assassin's Creed III[/i]. I like the looks of [i]Minecraft[/i] but may avoid it because of what it has done to some of my friends' lives.

On the older XBOX, I played both [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] games and [i]Jade Empire[/i] more times than I can easily count. And since the 360 can run older XBOX games, there's no guarantee I won't play them again. I enjoyed [i]Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, [/i]but it is very difficult and I only got about 1/3 of the way through it.

[b]PC[/b] - I've played too many games to list, but I am currently very, very addicted to [i]XCOM: Enemy Unknown[/i] on the Classic Ironman difficulty. The less said about that, the better. ;)

[b]Tabletop [/b]-I play chess but am a mediocre player. I also enjoy [i]Pente[/i], [i]Settlers of Catan, [/i]and [i]Dune[/i]. I have a group of friends that is absolutely rabid about a good game of [i]Dune.[/i]

I play a number of card games, mostly Hearts or poker (preferably Texas Hold'em). I am a very mediocre Spades player.

I am an avid roleplayer and started playing [i]Dungeons and Dragons[/i] over 30 years ago. I have written numerous adventures for it and run several multi-year-long campaigns. My system of choice, however, is [i]GURPS, [/i]for which I am designing a setting (not my first, but definitely my most-involved ever). I also play [i]Call of Cthulhu [/i](the [u]only[/u] RPG my wife will play), and have written a number of investigations for it, one of which might get published at some point. I have also used the [i]Palladium [/i]and [i]Rolemaster [/i]systems in the past.

[b]Online[/b] (in addition to MD): I have avoided MMORPGs because of what [i]EverQuest [/i]and [i]World of Warcraft [/i]did to some of my friends. I bought [i]Star Wars: The Old Republic [/i]and played the early-access part, but haven't bothered to subscribe. I do play [i]Batheo[/i], though, mostly because it isn't an RPG and therefore doesn't eat dozens of hours of my time.

[quote name='Valldore Nal' timestamp='1359985554' post='132007']
Some of the best titles i've played (even though a bit old), Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate :P
[i]Planescape: Torment[/i] is the best-reviewed game I've never played, and I do feel I missed out.

[i]Baldur's Gate[/i] was excellent. I played it through twice. [i]Baldur's Gate 2[/i] may well be the best computer RPG I have ever played, and was unquestionably the best of its era.

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[quote name='VertuHonagan' timestamp='1359979242' post='132000']
Skyrim, halo, call of duty, etc are all terrible games. Don't waste your time on them.

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Proof you don't know a thing about gaming. Seriously. [/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Skyrim is one of the best console RPG's you can get your hands on. Call of Duty online multiplayer can very much be called one of the largest multiplayer console gaming network in the world.[/color][/font]

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Just because something is big doesn't mean that it's better. Anyways, I still like playing chess at times but mostly I play Go (igo, weiqi, baduk are other names), roleplay, pet/dress up games, and MUDs that don't involve grinding (I'm looking for a MUSH with magic). When I get home to my family's xbox, I play Just Dance sometimes (I also love DDR, but I don't have it).

On that note, I'd love to play Go or chess with any/all of you. :) If my computer didn't overheat so easily I'd probably also play more Minecraft, and space MMOs like Vendetta online. At least when I used to play it, in a dogfight if you were good enough, you could use the worst ship to skillfully defeat the best ship (giant capital ships excepted). Thus there was lots of strafing, barrel rolls, actual physics, etc.

In short, I like games that involve skill instead of grinding.

Edit: And I also love Catan, Eurorails, and related games whenever anyone will actually play with me. >.<

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Tarquinus actually reminded me of a lot of titles that didn't come to mind instantly :P

Mass effect series and KotoR series just rock ! ! !

Also got my hands on XCOM: Enemy Unknown recently (the new version with the improved graphics) and it's a great game indeed (never played the old version of it )

Tarquinus, if you manage to get your hands on Planscape Torment and you don't mind the old graphics, judging from your list of games you are gonna love it! And as far as BG2 goes, couldn't agree more with you :D

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Bastion was awesome, played through the entire game thrice and still pick it up occasionally and there's Limbo, really loved that one. Both are worth checking out.

Furthermore I've had some fun a while back playing Shogun and Tropico. Used to be a great fan of Age of Empires (the original) and the Setlers (4) as well.

Skyrim was nice, but I didn't quite love it as much as Oblivion, and although I haven't played Morrowind much myself I can see why many people deem it better then Oblivion. It isn't as refreshing any more, it's still nice, but not miles ahead of everything else out there like it's predecessors were. Still I'm curious what the Elder Scrolls Online will bring us.

Catan, Chess and Go are awesome, though I'm terrible at Go. I also really love Machiavelli (the cart game, though the philosopher himself is quite interesting as well)

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Hmm, my consoles just sit getting dusty and, for the most part I use them for dvds >.>''
[size=4]Um, but I have skyrim 'cause I played morrowind; aside from that there's my Final Fantasy games, though I haven't got any of the new ones as they are so tedious o...o [/size]
[size=4]However I do play GW2 from time to time o3o, and recently downloaded the WoW starter pack so I could be a panda!... Ahem..yeah.... [/size]

But I love playing Gomoku ([size="1"]edit* >.> is not like go XD thank you change [/size]), and Palace <3 cause you I can play them at college with peoples, and speed is okay too though I'm not very good at that o.o

On a side note: The new Bioshock looks so cool! And I'm also waiting till Far Cry 3 comes down in price and will be playing Darksiders II soon also~ When I have time...

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Nope! Gomoku is played with Go pieces but it's not even close to Go. :) The names I listed were just different names for the same thing. Go is awesome because the rules are simpler than chess, and yet the game can be far more complex. Of course, it can be terribly simple too, depending on the skill of the players. If you've ever played chess and had handicaps involved you know how awkward that is, however the system is quite simple and very accurate in Go.

I do love games though. Hmm.. perhaps a game making contest is in order.

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Mainly play MD, with some League of Legends (If I had a new computer). Otherwise [url=http://ogame.org?refId=105+144538]Ogame[/url], come join me there.

On other interesting online games I could only say minecraft (I played the alpha version, had my own server, maybe I will set it back up soon) and Realm of the Mad God, where when you die, you start over.

As for the xbox, I like assassins creed, skyrim (I also liked oblivion better, mainly because a lot less of the gameplay took place in caverns/dungeons), rainbow six vegas 2, and fallout 3 was an old favorite.

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I generally love history-based strategy games, and only some 6-7 years ago I came in touch with role play games, a genre I became a fan of as well (although not very familiar with much games there).

3 games reached a near-cult experience in my world:
[size=5][color=#FF0000][u][b]Morrowind[/b][/u][/color][/size], Civilization 3, Stronghold (Crusader and Deluxe).

On board, big fan of chess (though not that of a good player, never started improving my play) and Risk (or risiko, however it is properly spelled on English).

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what are you talking about SS EQ did nothing to us *violent twitching*
Lets see. I played MMO wise
The Realm
World of Warcraft
Lord of the Rings Online
Guild Wars 2

FTP games I like to play:
War of Legends *jagex system*
League of Legends
Magic Duel

Console games are mainly X-Box 360 stuff. Bowling, golf, Skyrim, etc.

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At the moment, I've got a big old "not-a-flatscreen" TV on which I alternate between N64, PS2 and Wii, and a smaller new flatscreen on which I play PS3.

For N64, I pretty much only play the two LoZ games, Banjo Kazooie (sort of trying to find Tooie, doubt I will without emptying my wallet though <<), and occasionally James Bond (Goldeneye AND The World is not Enough) and Turok: Rage Wars.

For PS2, I recently picked up Shadow of the Colossus and a little less recently found Okami. I played most of the way through Okami (I think so anyways...) and it's really great, plan to finish it eventually. I've only played a few hours in Shadow of the Colossus and I really should've played it when I had more time for all these games. Otherwise, some notables from my collection: Final Fantasy X and X-2, Kingdom Hearts 2, Jak 2 and 3, all five Grand Theft Auto games released on PS2 (of which I've only finished three since acquiring them) and God of War 1 and 2, neither of which I really liked, which is odd apparently.

For Gamecube and Wii, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are probably my two favourite games. Aside from those, I have Super Smash Bros Melee, Tales of Symphonia disc 2 (lost disc 1 in a tragic game-losing incident T.T), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, all three console Paper Mario games (though I refuse to enjoy Super Paper Mario), Animal Crossing: City Folk, and probably my luckiest find at the local used game store: Super Mario Sunshine, which I'm slowly working my way through for the first time in years, since borrowing it from a friend.

For PS3, I don't think I've bought a game that I didn't enjoy playing, and that includes CoD. I've got the three most recent Call of Duty games, Infamous 2, Resistance 3 (co-op campaign is fun if you've got a friend to play with), 3D Dot Game Heroes, Mass Effect 3 (I played ME1 on PC, ME2 on Xbox and ME3 on PS3, but I plan to get through them all on PC eventually...when I'm ready to play again), Assassin's Creed: Revelations (I used wikipedia for the story from the previous games, and have since borrowed and played through AC3) and finally, my favourite PS3 game up to now: Ni No Kuni. I bought it on release day and have hardly been able to play anything else since then. Just play it please.

For Steam, some of the more interesting games I have are: Fallout: New Vegas, Castle Crashers, FTL: Faster Than Light, Realm of the Mad God (high five Mallos), and my most played game: TF2, with 67 hours. I also plan to buy Antichamber and Proteus because they both look really cool.

Kay I think that's enough. Maybe more later though <<

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I grew up playing cards :) the usual "gin" the version we played was 4 or a kind or 3 of a kind and always had 7 cards in your hand. The dealer got 8 and threw one down, you picked up a card from the deck and threw one down and so on until someone won. Also played "Jack Changes", with all the various rules and counter rules, was great craic if not a bit confusing with a big group! Same with "Cheat" :) Recently started learning to play "Poker", which I love and seem to be quite good at...much to the annoyance of my bf! lol

We also played Draughts and Monopoly and the usual board games families have.

Never heard of Go, though my auntie did try to teach me Othello once, which I enjoyed but haven't played in years and have forgotten how to play it.

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I can't believe I forgot probably the most important game of all, Pokémon! Black and White didn't interest me much though, and I'm not going to buy a 3DS to try Black and White 2, but still the series is epic.

Furthermore for the WII Mario Cart, Super Smash Bros brawl and Okami are quite good.

Also I thought I should leave [url="http://pgt-5b.blogspot.nl"]this[/url] here, someone might be interested.

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I play a ton of league of legends, it's what I spend most of my time doing, by far. Which is... kind of depressing, I guess. If anyone wants to play with me, I'd be happy to add them. My main is lucidflash, even though I play on EU and have an NA smurf.

Back in middle school, all we did was play go, but I'm a bit rusty. As for console games, I'm a huge fan of Shooters/RPGs and a mixture thereof. Bioshock, the mass effect trilogy, even games like Dead Space and Dishonored appeal to me. I have a Wii, 360, and Ps3, and I tend to play a variety of genres, but mostly shooters.

My friends all enjoy tabletop. Our local hobby shop always has something going, whether it be Settlers of Catan or Heroclix. While I haven't played much of it lately, I've collected and played Magic: The Gathering for over 8 years.

Also, I live with someone that DMs quite frequently, so I tend to get roped into his campaigns for D&D. Basically I play everything. >>

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LoL smurfing is fun... I got a triple kill running around as singed/trolling, and I didn't even realize I got the triple till a minute later when my team commented on it.

They ruined it with black/white... :(

Mario kart (I liked the ds version, or old n64), super smash bros (the wii one sucked with the wii controllers), Baldurs gate was awesome, Okami was awesome, grand theft auto was awesome. I also liked .hack series for the ps2 although I only played the first two, and final fantasy 12 was one of my favorites, and the only one of the series I played besides tactics and tactics advanced 1/2 for the gameboy/ds.

Oh yeah. Mortal Kombat, is awesome.
And best game ever, 007 goldeneye, for the n64.

And I've liked about every kirby game. and sonic is awesome too.

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