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New Server Feedback


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Muratus del Mur: ##MD moved from US to Europe, i need your feedback to know how fast/slow it loads for you comparing to how it used to be, use the forum, thank you!##



Same speed for me. It's just taking more time now cause I had to clear cache and all scenes had to load over again. Going back to the same scene brings back the "normal" speed which we got used to :P


Going to profile/creature page/alliance page is the same.


EDIT: now it's actually faster :))


You'll notice the change in the super-fast erolin device. But... there's something very wrong (slow) when attacking people, though that's probably due to my rusted laptop >.>


EDIT 2: giving heat to protector works super-fast :D


(USA most of the time :P)

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Considerably faster, specially when trying to go to my creatures and when attacking somebody. It used to time out and send me to double window idle mode regularly before, now it runs as smooth as it used to in the old days :D


Austria (No Kangaroos)

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I noticed the same behavior as Dark Demon.

Everything is considerably faster, except loading the rituals to attack someone. 


It looks promising by the way..  :)



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it goes like the wind! even my terrible lappy can't spoil how fast it is now! :P


even the crits page loads faster (still takes some time, but that's most probably my flash having issues).

loading attack rits doesn't seem to be a problem for me (~105 rits in less than 2s)


Edit as requested:


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Everything works like a charm. Too bad I am mostly on 3G and I won't be enjoying the upgrade that often :D


Attack page with around 150 rits - under 2 secs. Crit's page with over 40 crits, tokened at different stage - under 7 secs.


Even that special page, I got access to, loads for less than 30 secs.

Tested with chronometer, though I didn't do that on the old server :D


Inventory, Mood Cloud and similar things from the right side menu load instantly. Even on my old T61 with dozen of other tabs loaded already




Edit: Now, for MD's sake, all the visco should be removed for a period of a week or two. Just that we all get the chance to fill the missing things in our browser's caches :P

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My experience is different as from most others today. Everything is slower (at least 50%). Loading the creatures, the rituals and the scenes. I changed nothing at my laptop nor the internet connection.


I´m still connected from 


North India 

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loading scenes is slightly slower, but still "fast" (below 3 seconds)

loading the rituals however takes about 3 times as long (to a 7seconds +/-)




the changes are minimal to me so i dont really have an issue with it :)

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I know the server is not completly ready yet but.. For me MD is 2x to 4x slower (except for the chat).


Current Ping Response times : around 50ms

Old Ping Response Times : around 150ms


Aparently connection is better.





[edit: added ping times]

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USA - visiting in Colorado - as fast or faster than ever.

Didn't check rituals, but the creature summary page is faster.

Europe you say? Wow!

[Edit - generally it seems the "connecting" phase, to find the server after an action, is longer, but once it is found the data stream back is much faster.]

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  • Root Admin

I would point out that since the new scene code has been added it does another check to see what additional images which will add time delay. Meaning that much of this "change" could easily have just been the additional details to load.

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