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The current state of Stage 14


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  • Root Admin

This post summarizes the current state of stage 14 as I see it. I had a preliminary discussion with some Discord users and now I open it up fully to the forum.

Please note that some, if not many, of the problems outlined here wont be solved in Stage 14. However these outline our current problems as I see them, so we can discuss them.

I am mainly going to be focussing on the Server upgrades, as they have a hard deadline of flash going away, but the others I am opening up to discussion and I might interleave the upgrades with other work.

Server upgrades (flash, php7) - These are making good progress and are my primary coding focus given the short deadline and large amount of work.

The Job system - A new type of tag, building on what we half implemented

Death - Is it working? Is it fair? Maybe we can make it more interesting.

Alliances - What should they be?

Guilds - What should we do with them?

Resources - What are we going to do here then?

Principles - How do you want them to be used?

MP6 - What shall we do with the MP6?

MP7 - What should it become?

Torch Contest - Do people want the torch contest?

HC/BHC - Another contest, should it run more regularly?

LHO - Maybe more? Maybe remove it?

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  • Root Admin

So, some people have confused the posts a little.

I welcome all the ideas from everyone, and if they are good I might even go ahead. But some of them are super super OP, so dont be offended If I dont implement them.

Also, no promises of anything "soon". Lot of work with flash.

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