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What Are We?


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A jumble of mismatched thoughts?
I think we really only become something that sets us apart after we recruit our first creature. Before that we are possibilities, none of which are realized except for being created. A "self", removed from everything else. In order to effect the realm, we must first take from it..

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I'll quote my papers, which I still think holds true after a year here.
strip of
paper, flat, with
width and height alone.
Twist it, and join the ends together.
Some say it now has one dimension only.
I say it now curved through height as well, grown.
Both one dimensional, and yet also lifting through three.
We start simply, a mind in the darkness, unformed, dimensionless.
As the Story unfolds, we find ourselves here, inside the box.
Then the carnival surrounds us, and we may be hungry,
our forms solidify, and can affect the world.
I curved into more dimensions
Yet am still flat, focused,
And more real.
A mind.


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mine observation on this subject is completely different from others, if ya ask me, we never were in wooden box, small wooden box in our pocket is just a symbol of somethin else :P imo it was just our illusion or different perception of world around us, we imposed those walls by ourselves

i cant really be detailed in here much, cuz this is just another of mine work in progress that barely started and which tends to get forgotten over and over again due to other things and lack of time, but a sheer idea of this kind of approach gives me high hopes :D

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The way I've interpreted it is that the wooden box is a two part symbol. We, as humans, limit our minds to the confines of a box. Marind (Mur) comes along and offers us a way out of this limitation.

As for the second part, it's a symbol of our rebirth. And what does one need to do before they can be born again? Die. The wooden box is a symbol for a coffin.

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technically we never were inside the cube in way how it is described in story, so we were and we still are in cube all the time as chew and poe pointed out, or we never were in cube, and therefore those limits(walls) that we saw, and felt in story that felt so real were self imposed limitations, after all there are things that are more real than actual reality, hallucinations are one of those things for example, if ya believe somethin is real, then thats how things are, as for reasons on such belief we need to turn one page back and analyze, but that doesnt matter much for this subject, while marind is a friend, person who came to help us, or person who we run into and which we were still able to notice even inside our own walls, i could compare her to a person one falls in love with in real life and then one strives to better himself and to get involved in normal life again or somethin of that sort, wut happens later with marind is again discussion for another subject :P

as for coffin and death part... heh, death in md has root idea tied to necro, and necro as such left totally different idea impressions on me when compared to your thinkin

also as for wooden cube bein actual md, dont forget there are bunch of cubes, every single one bein md? heh thats somethin me cant agree just like that, but cube(s) itself is off topic here, so want discussion on that, open new topic :P

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Anyone here remember A Show of Force? [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6955-a-show-of-force-1-part-2/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6955-a-show-of-force-1-part-2/[/url]
[quote]As you enter MD world, everything in MD becomes a mirror of yourself. Your fantasy world merges with the one of other people. You are not looking at an outside world but to a world within you.[/quote]
What we are in MD is a reflection of our own fantasy. When we come out of the cube we still don't have a definite shape, because we haven't completely shaped our own fantasy world yet. When we divine our own world we become the characters we are.

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yes, thats what happens when ya come out of "cube" and enter carnival, how ya responded to carnival is another story, but afterall we are still at that point, point where carnival itself defines openin of other parts of world, marind was the one that sparked this openin

anyways this sparked again some forgotten subjects of discussion, and while me was tryin to answer question, i kinda got lost on a way and provided answer to "how" and didnt provide answer to "what" like samon did, and the "what" is wut the question was all about

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Carnival is a metaphor for life. We are caught up in matters of the flesh and are distracted from our spiritual journey.

But of course, the mirror theme rules in all matters of symbology and fortune telling -- "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" -- as is deep spiritual meaning and truth. Like quoting scripture from the Bible, you can find anything you want there. What you identify with tells more about you, than about MD.

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My view of MagicDuel:

We are what we think we are.

The wooden box represents boundaries, specifically self-imposed boundaries, and Marind is the childlike sense of wonder which is being revived in all of us as we exit the cube. If we play her game we are allowing ourselves to let go of reality.

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