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A funeral


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Sad times have come upon us.

After over a month since his dead the time has come for Spartiatis' funeral. This Saturday at 18:00 ST his remains will be burned in a pyre at the GoE. All are welcome to pay respect to a fallen warrior.

For those who wish to there will be time to speak a few words.

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Who's brilliant idea is it to burn Spartiatis' mortal remains in a Forest? It has been a long, unwritten rule that nothing is to be burned within Loreroot. I do hope that reconsideration is given on behalf of the forest and the pyre is done at the Gazebo of Equalibrium.

Not only that, but not all can enter past the Guardians and you would have to give passes out or bespell guests for the Funeral. The GoE is open to all, and I think battles in his honor would sooth his Spirit onto the next Realm.

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The only thing I answered about the place is:
"[i]The dead can not choose his funeral, unless he paid for it while he was alive.[/i]"

Anyway, a citizen has no right to be cremated in his native land?

In relation to fire anyone like a scout boy is able to make a bonfire (campfire) in a forest without running the risk of causing a fire ....

(also that thing in Ash Arch isnt a torch?)

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A funeral pyre is a great deal bigger than a little campfire, and even campfires are usually done in clearings, so the wind doesn't blow embers on a nearby tree.
I agree that Ash Arch is a very bad place for this.
If it must be in Loreroot, only Wasp's Totem has a large enough clearing (and nearby water to put out fire). I still would prefer to see it at the GoE though.

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[quote name='apophys' timestamp='1339190327' post='114156']
A funeral pyre is a great deal bigger than a little campfire, and even campfires are usually done in clearings, so the wind doesn't blow embers on a nearby tree.
I agree that Ash Arch is a very bad place for this.
If it must be in Loreroot, only Wasp's Totem has a large enough clearing (and nearby water to put out fire). I still would prefer to see it at the GoE though.
Personally I think Wasp's Altar, being a place that is designed to generate tons of heat should be able to withstand a bonfire as well.

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Completely ooc here.. What happens with him now? Was this person seriously just run from the game because not enough people would offer coins for a revival or heat for a revival? Does he have to start completely over now or what? I tried to collect coins and people kept insisting the heat thing would work. He even had money tied up in the game and he is forced to quit? I'm not fully understanding this.

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[log= Ceremony log]

[09/06/12 12:43] [b]Spartiatis:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]morning[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 12:43] [b]ERO:[/b]hi :)
[09/06/12 12:50] [b]Spartiatis:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]ghost is invisible mode[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 12:51] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]ERO passed Gold coin to Spartiatis[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 12:51] [b]ERO:[/b]ok :)
[09/06/12 12:51] [b]ERO:[/b]thx
[09/06/12 12:51] [b]Spartiatis:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]thanks[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 12:51] [b]ERO:[/b]see you arround
[09/06/12 12:52] [b]ERO:[/b]hope you'll get back to life
[09/06/12 13:04] [b]ERO:[/b]is the GC in your inventory?
[09/06/12 16:17] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum sits at the arch[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:15] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum stretches herself and moves the large stone from its place[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:16] [b]Spartiatis:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i] [color="#305681"]*[i]of what was once a great warrior, just a rotting carcass remains in the open[/i]*[/color] [/i][/color])
[09/06/12 17:18] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum look at the carcass and aproaches[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum touches it s barely visible flesh and try to move it[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:19] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Hello all
[09/06/12 17:19] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks back at dark[/i]*[/color] Hi!
[09/06/12 17:20] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Could you help me to move this body to the gazebo?
[09/06/12 17:20] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Hi lady Sephirah [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color]
[09/06/12 17:20] [b]darkraptor:[/b]sure, what can i do?
[09/06/12 17:21] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]holds the shoulders of the former warrior[/i]*[/color] holds his legs and we move on 3
[09/06/12 17:22] [b]darkraptor:[/b]oh please lady Sephirah.. i can carry him by myself :-)
[09/06/12 17:22] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor grabs Spartiatis body in his arms[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:23] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color] ok, so move ihim to the Gazebo
[09/06/12 17:23] [b]darkraptor:[/b]i think i will need just a bit of magic push.. to also move his ghost
[09/06/12 17:23] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]and careful .. I don't wnat him desmembraded
[09/06/12 17:24] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]I don't have magic to do this
[09/06/12 17:24] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]let's try just move him
[09/06/12 17:24] [b]darkraptor:[/b]neither do i..but still..
[09/06/12 17:24] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor moves a step[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:26] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]look at the carcass on the ground[/i]*[/color] hm ... how could we move it?
[09/06/12 17:27] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]how you got here Spart? Can you tell or is spoiler?[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 17:27] [b]darkraptor:[/b]i've deposit his body in the pile.. but his ghost is still here
[09/06/12 17:28] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] we need to move everything
[09/06/12 17:30] [b]darkraptor:[/b]we need some magic.. oh i wish i have some of my magic left..
[09/06/12 17:31] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]are you able to teleport him to Equilibrium?
[09/06/12 17:31] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor searches his inventory for a dusty scroll[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:32] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm..maybe a send to gazebo stone ...
[09/06/12 17:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor finds no scroll that can be used[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 17:33] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]well, well ... nothing to do them
[09/06/12 17:33] [b]darkraptor:[/b]have the Caretakers prepared the pile at GoE?
[09/06/12 17:34] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]no, not yet
[09/06/12 17:34] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]why?
[09/06/12 17:34] [b]darkraptor:[/b]maybe the fallen warrior should reach GoE only after all preparations are done
[09/06/12 17:36] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm...I doubt it, since to prepare the place we need his body ... but well, we can save time preparing things while someone with the gazebo spell appear
[09/06/12 17:37] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]shrugs and moves toward teh Gazebo[/i]*[/color] wait form me ghost
[09/06/12 18:00] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum knells next to the stone that she moved earlier[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:01] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]I'm planing to make a pyre inside a hole [color="#305681"]*[i]starts digging with her hands[/i]*[/color] so there is no danger of fire in the forest
[09/06/12 18:01] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]or at least minor danger
[09/06/12 18:03] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum slowly opned a hole on the ground not at the width of Spartiatis shoulders[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:04] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum digs the hole pilling the earth next to it but not to close of the edge[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:06] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum enters the hole and keep putting earth out of it[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:07] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm... Hey! vLixer, Dark ... !
[09/06/12 18:07] [b]Leixer:[/b]elow
[09/06/12 18:08] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Seph that hole is deep enough
[09/06/12 18:08] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks up[/i]*[/color] could you help me digging the hole more deep, and taking out the earth from it?
[09/06/12 18:08] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm...sure?
[09/06/12 18:08] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]so I need help to get out [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color]
[09/06/12 18:09] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor gives a hand to lady Seph[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:10] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum reaches his hands and goes up out of the hole[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:10] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Thanks dark!
[09/06/12 18:10] [b]darkraptor:[/b]you welcome my lady
[09/06/12 18:10] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum waves her hand toward the hole[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:11] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-a pile of branches appear at its bottom-
[09/06/12 18:11] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Dark, could you put Spartiatis sitting in the pile?
[09/06/12 18:12] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor Grabs the fallen warrior body and places it on the Pile[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:13] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor gives some steps back[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:14] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum puts some branches around Spartiatis body making a circle around him[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:14] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor looks with some curiosity at the work of a Caretaker..[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:14] [b]Leixer:[/b]sephirah
[09/06/12 18:15] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]turns to Leixer[/i]*[/color] yes?
[09/06/12 18:16] [b]Leixer:[/b]i think we can make fire here
[09/06/12 18:16] [b]Leixer:[/b]for spartiats
[09/06/12 18:16] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm..?we can or can't?
[09/06/12 18:17] [b]Leixer:[/b]check the lady on top, of the woods
[09/06/12 18:17] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]WER56789IO[]\/.K,MN;'
[09/06/12 18:17] [b]Leixer:[/b]she has fire
[09/06/12 18:18] [b]Leixer:[/b]i think it's a little unrespectful if we can't even light something for spart
[09/06/12 18:18] [b]Leixer:[/b]but we can see fire in the entrance
[09/06/12 18:18] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum smiles[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:19] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Thanks for your insight Leix! I was thinking the same
[09/06/12 18:19] [b]Leixer:[/b]and i think that even if we make fire, vegys here are very alive, no way to burn the forest
[09/06/12 18:19] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]and I don't think this pyre will to much dammage
[09/06/12 18:20] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] yep
[09/06/12 18:20] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]otherwise camping should be a forbiden practice
[09/06/12 18:20] [b]Leixer:[/b]and to think gotr has a member with a name of sunfire :D
[09/06/12 18:20] [b]Leixer:[/b]haha
[09/06/12 18:21] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum finishes to arange teh branches around Spartiatis with a smile on her face[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:21] [b]Leixer:[/b]sunfire you might burn loreroot haha
[09/06/12 18:21] [b]Sunfire:[/b]you called?
[09/06/12 18:21] [b]Leixer:[/b]fire isnt allowed here right?why are you here?haha
[09/06/12 18:21] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-only the face of the warrior can be seen looking at Loreroot entrance-
[09/06/12 18:22] [b]Sunfire:[/b]balance my friend, and i can control my abilities
[09/06/12 18:22] [b]Leixer:[/b]so if we can control the fire, we can make some in loreroot?
[09/06/12 18:22] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ok, I agree to wait more ten minutes till
[09/06/12 18:23] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Samon comes, what you think?
[09/06/12 18:23] [b]Leixer:[/b]depends on you, spartatis is a warrior, so i think he can endure it for a little longer
[09/06/12 18:24] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color] ok, so while we wait why not a blood bath ...?
[09/06/12 18:24] [b]Sunfire:[/b]from my point of view, yes, but i'd chose a safer place, like raven's peace, theres water nearby and an open space
[09/06/12 18:24] [b]Leixer:[/b]but vegys here are very green
[09/06/12 18:24] [b]Leixer:[/b]i think they wont burn
[09/06/12 18:24] [b]Leixer:[/b]and can't we even pay a little respect to the fallen warrior?
[09/06/12 18:25] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]nor do I .. and the pyre is inside a hole
[09/06/12 18:25] [b]Leixer:[/b]i know there are lot of ways to pay repect, but lighting is 1 of the normal ways :D
[09/06/12 18:25] [b]Leixer:[/b]or shall i say the traditional way of paying respect
[09/06/12 18:26] [b]Sunfire:[/b]it is an honorable goodbye, its just not a very smart location for it, theres the arch and the nearby trees, so theres always a risk for damage
[09/06/12 18:26] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]one , two , three .. hm.. I'll give one gold coin for the winner of a battle with only 3 cratures, and all them from loreroot.
[09/06/12 18:26] [b]Leixer:[/b]check the warrior
[09/06/12 18:27] [b]Leixer:[/b]can i join?
[09/06/12 18:27] [b]darkraptor:[/b]He was a citizen of loreroot.. i think this is a good place to pay him respect
[09/06/12 18:27] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yep, is for you three. Leixer, Sunfire and Dark
[09/06/12 18:28] [b]darkraptor:[/b]against you?
[09/06/12 18:28] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]no .. against each other
[09/06/12 18:28] [b]Leixer:[/b]w8 ill prepare, it's laggy here
[09/06/12 18:28] [b]Leixer:[/b]attack and defend with loreroot crits only?
[09/06/12 18:28] [b]Leixer:[/b]3 crts only?
[09/06/12 18:28] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yes
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]darkraptor:[/b]i guess i only have trees... from loreroot
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yes
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ahhh
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]darkraptor:[/b]ok
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]s are from lore too
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]grasans*
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]darkraptor:[/b]grasans are loreroot?
[09/06/12 18:29] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yep
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]they live deep at someplace here in Lore
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Leixer:[/b]colored grasans?
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Leixer:[/b]are they allowed?
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Leixer:[/b]hope they are allowed
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Leixer:[/b]i have no grasan here huhu
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Sunfire:[/b]sharps and eles allowed?
[09/06/12 18:30] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yep, also colored ... and don't allowed to use your stats
[09/06/12 18:31] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]they are from lore, right?
[09/06/12 18:31] [b]Leixer:[/b]okie
[09/06/12 18:31] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]so the Influence bar at zero
[09/06/12 18:31] [b]Sunfire:[/b]ele is from lore and other places
[09/06/12 18:31] [b]darkraptor:[/b]dam...
[09/06/12 18:31] [b]Leixer:[/b]tokens?
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ele allowed
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yep.
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]Leixer:[/b]toens allowed?
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]tokes too
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]Leixer:[/b]aloowed?
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]tokens allowed
[09/06/12 18:32] [b]darkraptor:[/b]no chance then :-P.. still i will set something..
[09/06/12 18:33] [b]Sunfire:[/b]set
[09/06/12 18:33] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]good..Leixer, dark?
[09/06/12 18:35] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum look at the missing face of the warrior[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:35] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum smiles when it shows again[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]darkraptor:[/b]set.. but wait.. since it's at 0 influence my rit may die
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Sunfire:[/b]mine too
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]darkraptor:[/b]can i regen them?
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Leixer:[/b]w8
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yes
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Leixer:[/b]i lost connection
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Leixer:[/b]combo rituals?
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Leixer:[/b]allowed?
[09/06/12 18:36] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ohhh, poor leix
[09/06/12 18:37] [b]darkraptor:[/b]not very fair... do you have a 3 rit combo ready?
[09/06/12 18:37] [b]darkraptor:[/b]^lore crits
[09/06/12 18:37] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]you have a combo with only three Lore creatures? with zero influence?
[09/06/12 18:37] [b]Leixer:[/b]none
[09/06/12 18:38] [b]Leixer:[/b]but if ill have a wind or 2
[09/06/12 18:38] [b]Leixer:[/b]it would make a big difference
[09/06/12 18:38] [b]Leixer:[/b]is it allowed?
[09/06/12 18:38] [b]darkraptor:[/b]wind? from loreroot?
[09/06/12 18:38] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm..is about the regen that dark wants to do?
[09/06/12 18:38] [b]Leixer:[/b]wind = necro
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]darkraptor:[/b]who will hit first?
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yep, wind is not from lore
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Leixer:[/b]no combo?
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Leixer:[/b]right
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]thwho has a dice?
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Leixer:[/b]rules = toens allowd
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Leixer:[/b]3 crits from loreroot
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Leixer:[/b]0 influence
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]darkraptor:[/b]yep
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Leixer:[/b]that's it right?
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]darkraptor:[/b]on attack and defense
[09/06/12 18:39] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yep
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]:[/b] [i]Sunfire throws 2 dice and gets 2, 6 [/i]
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]Leixer:[/b]combo?let's just make it not allowed?
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yes
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]darkraptor:[/b]yes
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]Leixer:[/b]okie
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]your number is 6 sun
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]Leixer:[/b]who attacs who
[09/06/12 18:40] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]lets make from numbers of dice
[09/06/12 18:41] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]teh biggest is the firs to figh. fair?
[09/06/12 18:41] [b]:[/b] [i]Sunfire throws 2 dice and gets 2, 3 [/i]
[09/06/12 18:41] [b]Leixer:[/b]12 mine, 34 dark, 56 sun?
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]from where you took these numbers?
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]dice
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Sunfire:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]quick plz, gotta go soon[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]there are 6 sides
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]right
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]1
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]3
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]4
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]5
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]6
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]2
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]no, let's make it easier
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Sun roll the dice for Leixer
[09/06/12 18:42] [b]Leixer:[/b]me and sun fights
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]darkraptor:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]by the sum[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]:[/b] [i]Sunfire throws 2 dice and gets 2, 5 [/i]
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]Leixer:[/b]first
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]Leixer:[/b]who attacks first?
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]now for dark
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]teh bigger
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]:[/b] [i]Sunfire throws 2 dice and gets 5, 3 [/i]
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]now for you
[09/06/12 18:43] [b]Leixer:[/b]i don't get the dice, hehe just tell me if ill attac and if ill defend
[09/06/12 18:44] [b]:[/b] [i]Sunfire throws 2 dice and gets 4, 1 [/i]
[09/06/12 18:44] [b]Leixer:[/b]dar attack first right?
[09/06/12 18:44] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Leix 25, Dark, 53, Sun 41. Dark atacks Sun
[09/06/12 18:45] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Sun, can i?
[09/06/12 18:45] [b]Sunfire:[/b]yeah
[09/06/12 18:45] [b]Leixer:[/b]you could attack me too dar
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Leixer:[/b]then sun will attack dark and me?the i will attac sun and dark right?
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Sun wins
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Leixer:[/b]you could attac me too dark
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Leixer:[/b]so we can get the results faster
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Leixer:[/b]is that o sephir?
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Leixer:[/b]ok*
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]darkraptor:[/b]wait i need to regen :-P
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]yes
[09/06/12 18:46] [b]Leixer:[/b]oh
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]yeah i forgot that if we lost they get 0 ve
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]lose*
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ohh yes .. so no
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]can i attac sun?
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]now is Leix versus Sun
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]the computer shop is closing
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]i need to hurry
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]hehe
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]sun may i?
[09/06/12 18:47] [b]Leixer:[/b]or may u ?
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Sunfire:[/b]yeah
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Leixer:[/b]ill attac
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Leixer:[/b]now
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Sunfire:[/b]k
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Leixer:[/b]sun wins
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Leixer:[/b]unfair toens :D
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]the winner is?
[09/06/12 18:48] [b]Leixer:[/b]haha
[09/06/12 18:49] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Cangrats Sun
[09/06/12 18:49] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Bye Leixer
[09/06/12 18:49] [b]Leixer:[/b]well got to go
[09/06/12 18:49] [b]Sunfire:[/b]i only have a handful of tokens and they are unfair :P
[09/06/12 18:49] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Sephirah Caelum passed Gold coin to Sunfire[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:50] [b]darkraptor:[/b]hey..
[09/06/12 18:50] [b]darkraptor:[/b]i though we do attack and defend..
[09/06/12 18:50] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]what?
[09/06/12 18:51] [b]darkraptor:[/b]ah.. forget it :-P congratz Sun :-)
[09/06/12 18:51] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ahh.. well, was a one time fight ... should have defence and attack done because we could n't know who would attack who
[09/06/12 18:51] [b]Sunfire:[/b]still set DR?, i can still attack if you want
[09/06/12 18:51] [b]darkraptor:[/b]no need sun you won :-)
[09/06/12 18:52] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ok..any of you have any word to share in respect of Spartiatis?
[09/06/12 18:52] [b]darkraptor:[/b]i've no tokens to fight.. i use stats instead :-P
[09/06/12 18:52] [b]darkraptor:[/b]yes i do lady Sephirah
[09/06/12 18:52] [b]Sunfire:[/b]alright
[09/06/12 18:53] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor steps close to the pire[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:53] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum smiles and nods[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:53] [b]darkraptor:[/b]As we all know Fighters are driven by songs and ale,
[09/06/12 18:53] [b]darkraptor:[/b]courage is their way of life.
[09/06/12 18:54] [b]darkraptor:[/b]When a fighter falls there should be no tears,
[09/06/12 18:54] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Only respect and honor because there is no greater deed
[09/06/12 18:54] [b]darkraptor:[/b]for a fighter than fall braverly in battle.
[09/06/12 18:54] [b]darkraptor:[/b]Spartitis was a fighter so we all pay our respects and honor him.
[09/06/12 18:54] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor throws some ale into the pile[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:54] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor steps back[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:55] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] Sunfire, you have something to say?
[09/06/12 18:55] [b]Sunfire:[/b]yes i do
[09/06/12 18:55] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]please step close
[09/06/12 18:55] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sunfire steps forward[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 18:56] [b]Sunfire:[/b]its always a sad moment when a countryman falls
[09/06/12 18:56] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-the semitransparent face of teh spartan can be barely seem covered by brancehse-
[09/06/12 18:57] [b]Sunfire:[/b]spartiatis, a rootian, which i sadly doidn't know that well has moved on
[09/06/12 18:58] [b]Sunfire:[/b]he died for what he believed in, and that is one of the best ways to go
[09/06/12 18:59] [b]Sunfire:[/b]you will be remembered, spartiatis [color="#305681"]*[i]stomps his fist on his chest and salutes[/i]*[/color] strenghth and honor
[09/06/12 19:00] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sunfire steps back[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:00] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Thankyou Sunny
[09/06/12 19:00] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]LIntara? Soothing, are you with us?
[09/06/12 19:00] [b]Sunfire:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]and now i g2g[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:00] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]bye[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:01] [b]Lintara:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]Bye Sun![/i][/color]) [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] I am.
[09/06/12 19:01] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Do you have any words to share with us in respect for Spartiatis?
[09/06/12 19:03] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]shy? Don't worry tell us when ready.
[09/06/12 19:03] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Samon? Are you here?
[09/06/12 19:04] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Seems is my turn now. [color="#305681"]*[i]steps close to the pire[/i]*[/color]
[09/06/12 19:05] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum look at Spartiatis face already with the marks and smell of decomposition[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:05] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]turns to the people around[/i]*[/color] Dear, we today
[09/06/12 19:06] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]are joined in order to pay respect for this laconic warrior
[09/06/12 19:06] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]murdered or figthing he lost his life, and do not belong more to the land of living
[09/06/12 19:07] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]now, as sometime ago he is in another kind of experience,
[09/06/12 19:07] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]now his journey will be of another path
[09/06/12 19:07] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]iand maybe in another realm
[09/06/12 19:08] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]concious or not, against all the force to make him alive, is now time to accept that somethings cannot come as they used to be
[09/06/12 19:09] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum look at Samon, LIntara and darkraptor, before look to Spartiatis again[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:10] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum opens a bottle that appears in her hands[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:10] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Let's make this moment also to remember that we are dust .. we are ashes
[09/06/12 19:10] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]and the fate of this warrior will one day embrace us too, and will reach our dearest
[09/06/12 19:11] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pours the liquid in the top of the pire[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:11] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]seph it's taking place now?[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:11] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-just after reach the wooden soaked in ale-
[09/06/12 19:12] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]yes[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:12] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-a fire starts to burn-
[09/06/12 19:12] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]i can open jump link, but I won't be able to close it... I'm too busy on real[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:13] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-with high speed the fire embraces the hat of branches and covers teh spartan face as a veil -
[09/06/12 19:13] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]if you can';t close, is not good to open[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:14] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor respectfully throws some ale into the pire[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:14] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-a dark smoke up the sky in vertical-
[09/06/12 19:15] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]will last open 24 hrs, this was better at goe...[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:15] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-teh fire reaches the alcohool and almost reaches darks hand-
[09/06/12 19:15] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]we couldn't find some one with teh send to GoE, awake[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:16] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]want me to send you all there? I can pick this logs?[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:16] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]to late[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:17] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks around[/i]*[/color] anyone want's to add anything?
[09/06/12 19:18] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]- Spartiatis face cannot be seem anymore due to the smoke that grows around it -
[09/06/12 19:18] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]thanks for your concern Billy[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:19] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Lintara smiles to the smoke >^.^<[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:19] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]I would like to you pick this logs[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:19] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]np i must go now, will take logs later[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:19] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]ok[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:20] [b]:[/b][color="#999999"][i]*BFH Lightning* failed to cast a spell[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:20] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-the fire burns with all his mighty-
[09/06/12 19:20] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Anyone with sand?
[09/06/12 19:21] [b]Neno Veliki:[/b]i got some
[09/06/12 19:22] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]come over here
[09/06/12 19:23] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]and be careful with your cape
[09/06/12 19:23] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Neno Veliki moves closer takes the pouch with sand and gives it to Sephirah[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:23] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pours water in the pounch and puts the soaked san in the pyre[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:23] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]thankyou
[09/06/12 19:24] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum takes a bit of earth and soakes it with water[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:25] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pours it handful sizes at the pire with care[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:26] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-the fire starts to cools-
[09/06/12 19:27] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pours more water on the earth and drops it at the fire[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:28] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum with a branches rummages the pire looking for small flames[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:29] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pours water at the flames that just appear seeting them down[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:30] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-there is no pire anymore, only some small flames that appear here and there along with parts of the warrior's body-
[09/06/12 19:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum takes out some branches from the holeleaving only the ones at the bottom andthe ashes[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:33] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pours water at the branches and inside the hole[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:33] [b]Spartiatis:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]-a young grasan in pink clothes come to see what was happening CTC784076MUADA66MDC70ALX886H13N-[/i][/color])
[09/06/12 19:34] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Thanks for coming, and for your help at this moment.
[09/06/12 19:34] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Now I'll just close the hole and put the stone back to its place
[09/06/12 19:34] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]The ones that came now wish to share some words?
[09/06/12 19:36] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum nods and keeps filling the grave with soaked earth[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:38] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sephirah Caelum pulls the stone at the place where the pire were[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:39] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]-already changing paths of things and people what was just a stone is now tombstone-
[09/06/12 19:40] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]cleans her hands with water[/i]*[/color] is everybody asleep? Why so silence?
[09/06/12 19:42] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]darkraptor slowly raises his head and respectfully nods to the tomb[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:44] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Lintara stands in her spot looking at the tomb.[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:45] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Are you fine Lintara?
[09/06/12 19:46] [b]Lintara:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]turns at the sound[/i]*[/color] Huh? [color="#305681"]*[i]looks back[/i]*[/color] I-i'm fine.
[09/06/12 19:47] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]Is your first funeral?
[09/06/12 19:48] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Lintara shakes her head[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 19:49] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]ahhh, I see. [color="#305681"]*[i]sits at the Arch[/i]*[/color] Are you awake Samon?
[09/06/12 19:52] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b]hm..left without saying a word .. who has trees as def?
[09/06/12 19:55] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Lintara sighs and nods to the tomb, then waves to others and walks away.[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 20:06] [b]Sephirah Caelum:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks up and smiles[/i]*[/color] there is even rain
[09/06/12 21:14] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Gort Hedera smiles softly, and sadly, looking down at the ground nearby[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 22:41] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Soothing Sands smiles[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 22:43] [b]Soothing Sands:[/b]I would hope this clearing makes a fine resting spot, Spartiatis.
[09/06/12 22:43] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Soothing Sands hums and walks away[/i][/color]
[09/06/12 23:24] [b]:[/b][color="#FF9900"][b][Spell][/b] [i]KBOOM![/i][/color]


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I'm sorry for suddenly being unable to make it. I put a (very) shot description of the grave in the arch for those who wish to pray for his soul.

While technically he could still be resurrected it would IC be a bit strange now his body is gone. What I rather hope would happen is that, now he's buried, his soul gets freed from his body and he will be able to roam the lands freely again.

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Message about the funeral reached me deep in the Land of the East and i wasn't able to attend it, but i will pay my respects at his tomb as soon as i'll manage to reach Loreroot.

Don't worry Isabella, i believe this warriors spirit is strong enough to endure the death of flesh.

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[quote name='Isabella Finch' timestamp='1339266626' post='114210']
Completely ooc here.. What happens with him now? Was this person seriously just run from the game because not enough people would offer coins for a revival or heat for a revival? Does he have to start completely over now or what? I tried to collect coins and people kept insisting the heat thing would work. He even had money tied up in the game and he is forced to quit? I'm not fully understanding this.
[quote name='Tom Pouce' timestamp='1339267668' post='114214']
I wonder
is it possible thats still a greath magic make him resurect?
is it possible that he make a will to transfer all his possessions to a Spartiatis jr?
In this game you can kill a character, but can not transfer a creature you paid $ 51 + for yourself. as you may have noticed in other posts I did about it. then surely it is offtopic here. Also same for pay for revive, just to get killed again will be ridiculous.

would be more funny to use the GC I got to hire an assassin against my murderer.
Or donate my coins to anyone who is interested in using them in a revive item (not to cast in me as without my crits will not play anymore) ...

So this is a goodbye.

Edited by Espartano
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[quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1339410460' post='114336']
Uh... spart just died because no one in the entire realm was willing to save him? I have something like 50 gold in my inventory going nowhere. What kept the decent people in this realm from resurrecting him? Is there something I'm missing here?

There was [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12322-a-new-community-project-of-sorts/#entry112214"]a collection[/url], (Grido planned to revive for a 20GC fee, I believe)
There was Heat Voting.
Seems it was not quite enough to convince those with Revival powers to act.
Another soul, lost from the realm, unnecessarily, it seems.

Perhaps lessons are learned, for us all.

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When i heard about Spartiatis been murdered, i was surprised and angry. But over the time, through reading and talking i learned that this is a part of MD life, part of the Experience. People died in the past and was revived through the community's effort. When the coin collection and heat voting came, it really showed the best side of MD, community working together, not for their own benefit but to help someone.

But after all this the dead stay dead, and now another joined him. Without people willing to use their revive items, killing is just a good way to chase someone from the game...

[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]As for Grido's offer i was willing to help in coins [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]collection [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]but, after i gave it more thought i'm against revival for money. It can create a market for kill/revive. And when there won't be anyone to revive, you can always create more demand by killing someone...[/font][/color]

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1339429572' post='114350']
Chewett was murdered because of the realm's inhabitants unwillingness to have him revived.

Save the Wookie, save the Spartan.

Do you think you can do it?

Thats a very poor reason, and i personally feel thats a hastily made lie because you dislike me...

Eitherway, Helping someone by doing nothing to help him yourself, and just killing someone, that sounds incredibly backward logic.

Well done Siegheart, you have a second person who needs reviving

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