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Fang Archbane

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For my opinion, I think it's a valid try.
If it turns out badly, then we know not to do it again.
If not, then someone gets revived. Yay, someone's alive. That's never a bad thing overall.

Regardless of Siegheart's valuing of Life or the "community" trend, I agree with the thoughts there.
Siegheart, you ARE a member of the community. By even posting and chatting in the realm, you are part of it.
Don't let the irritable comments of others get you down too much. You said yourself "it's a game".

If you get killed again afterwards, then it happens.(If I agree that it would be fun in a twisted way to see that, to be honest)
It is still No reason not to try and make an effort to live again -now-.

[u]Yes,[/u] I would like to play a game. :P
I want them back.

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I don't think any player should be subjected to this humiliation, and leaving Seig dead is damaging to everybody's morale and view of the game. We continue to bleed players who come to believe this is not a nice place to spend time.

Enough is enough.

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I dont know Seighearts, I dont remember ever speaking with him


I really dont understand what some find fun in being dead in MD

I myself would think it as an banishment , and would soon stop playing MD if not be revive very quicky and with no cost or efforts needed from me

Death in MD is without any defence, and feel it is wrong for anyone being killed and not automatically revived in a very very short time

Seighearts himself as killed, witch i think is wrong ... but then its MD that is with a twisted thinking in having in first place made killing possible, with tools , without defence, without automatic revive, and putting those tools in player hands, Without any rule agains killing

That is the real problem

[b]So to make it clear what i think[/b]

[b]Im say that [u]every [/u]dead we have should be revive very quick (it mean hours, not days waiting), [u]except if[/u] its the dead himself that dont want to be revived[/b]

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[b] [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/user/11011-fang-archbane/"]Fang Archbane[/url][/b]

My post say revive all our dead except if the dead dont want it ....

its for Seighearts to know if he want to be revive or not if yes ... i am all for it ... if no let him be remain as he want

so Seighearts post saying he want revive, count me in

if its post is that he dont care ... then no

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