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Treasure Keepers Leader Position Applications


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Please post below if you wish to apply.

Fang Archbane resigned from the Treasure Keepers' leader position. Since he was still in his probationary period, he isn't granted the right to choose his successor. This means that there is a new job opening. Please open a new forum thread where the interested players can apply. Time period for submissions: 3 days from this announcement. Once the week is over, we will ask the community to vote for who they want, or think is most suited as Treasure Keepers leader. We hold the right for veto.

@ Mods please edit title spelling errors. Those were upps.

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Name: Hedge Munos
ID: 208332
Active Days: 490

Well, I was in the TK under Seigheart for a while, so I'm familiar with the alliance and how things work. However, if I were to be the leader of the TK, I would make it more of a team effort (more specific jobs within the alliance). It is not my belief that the TK are purely there for delivering creatures and the like, otherwise they might as well be a postal service. A large part of the TK, in my opinion, is questing. Not just sponsoring the quests (note: I'm fluent in trade rates, so I feel I would sponsor fairly and reasonably), but creating quests and events as well (keeping logs, too). This might engage the community more. I'm quite interested in the community's feedback, too.


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Name: ChildOfTheSoul
ID: 203739
Active Days: 676

I have been a member of the treasure keepers for a little while, and a member of the community for almost two years. I believe I am capable of running a clean and organized alliance. I feel like the Treasure Keepers under Fang Archbane's leadership lacked communication and organization, which led to alliance inactivity and a downward trend in quest sponsorships. If I were to become leader of the Treasure Keepers, it would be my first priority to keep all of the members networked and informed of any changes and messages from the Council or Mur. Additionally, I would ensure responsibility and accountability in the alliance by documenting everything.


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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1353808691' post='126279']
I would like to suggest ZenTao.

While she was, initially, my first choice to succeed after me, I ended up choosing Fang because Zen was going through some tough times IRL.

I have asked her if she would be willing to post here, but she won't.

I think the community should see that she is the obvious choice. She was, by far, the most active and involved TK Member, besides myself. She took the time to learn, to suggest new ways of doing things, and seemed to care.

This is the type of person that should be leading the TKs, IMHO;

Hedge, Child, no offense to either of you, but I don't think you guys would make a suitable TK Leader. You were great members, did your jobs well, but I never got the feeling you were in it to help the community, but for the added benefits. Nothing wrong with that, everyone likes to be paid for their work, but that's the wrong reason to do it.

Question is, Is Zen available and interested? We need Zen to post :)

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After much deliberation I'll offer my candidature.

I'm Lightsage, I've been in MD for about four and a half years. I've been an LHO for most of those. If you think you run into me very little these days, you're not in the newbie area very much. Depending on the outcome of this procedure that might have to change.

As for my qualifications:

- I have/make the time to run the TKs properly
- I've been around in MD for a while, I have a pretty good idea what sort of result certain actions will have
- I know my way around the game mechanics
- I'm well aware of the value of rewards
- I have the connections to keep up to date with the values

Quite frankly, there have been a few problems with TKs:

- Twice the BMMORPG rewards have gone wrong, having to cancel the promotions associated with those is quite damaging for MD.
- Rewards were given for quests that were out of proportion. This influences the value of these rewards as well as disappointing players who consider having these an achievement.
- Offering to break a game rule in order to compensate for something entirely unrelated to TKs.

These sort of issues should be avoided. They must not happen as often as they have. MD relies on the institute TKs too much for it to falter.

In my opinion there needs to be a change in the way the TKs are run. TKs need to get organized.

How I think TKs should move on can be found [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13285-tk-an-opinion/"]here[/url].

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