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Vote for the new head of Treasure Keepers

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[cquote]Vote for the player that you wish to be the new head of the Treasure Keepers. The vote should consist of the name of the player and also the reason why you chose that person. We will weigh your answers and based on them we'll make a decision.

The players that have applied and which you can vote for are the following (ordered by their application);
-Hedge Munos

You have by the end of the week to vote.


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Lightsage.... because it's a veteran of the game and from his post here (http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13285-tk-an-opinion/page__pid__126622#entry126622) I have understand he will be able to do a very good job... another reason is that he is more active then others players that applied...

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She knows everything she needs to know, makes unbiased decisions that benefit not her, but the people, is cool headed and logical, and already has all the tools, mentally and otherwise, to do this job better than


Else out there.

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive]I value all people who have been nominated, each for their skills, knowledge and activeness.[/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive]But my vote will go to [b]ZenTao[/b].[/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive]From what I have seen in the game and in the forums she keeps a good track of what is going on, she is friendly and communicative. She has been into the alliance pretty much ever since it was created and knows already most of the things that are related with the Treasure Keepers. Which should come handy as she is already prepared and knows the job.[/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive]She speaks up her mind, does not hesitate and also can separate right from wrong. I do not believe she is power hungry, not from what I have seen at least, she is eager to help.[/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive]The fact she didn't go nominate herself in the beginning shows to me how humble she is, for that she has my support.[/font]

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Because he is one of the better questers i've seen around here, and one with the most extensive knowledge of the technical stuff he needs to keep up with. He's organized and hates all of us enough to be unbiased. He's also amongst the few who i see fit to handle the treasury in a way so all quests get a fair reward, not only certain kinds and not only at certain times. He works quickly and tidy enough to ensure that nobody has to wait for things they earned, and i'm certain that he'll handle the things entrusted to him in an appropriate way. He can handle pressure much better than the others on this list, and i definitely want a new style in the TKs, which i think Lightsage can bring that more easily than the people picked by the old leaders.

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lightsage, for reason said above and cuz it seems hes got things already thought out how to perform this job, as well as his contribution to game through all this years in many fields

to sum it up
[*]plans things ahead and has great insight in how to do certain things
[*]since he was unaffilated with tks til now, hes more open to changes
[*]contributed over the years as bug finder and lho
[*]above points prove hes got extensive and versatile knowledge and skills
[*]he was on high positions in 3 lands - he was leader of necro sentinels, he was leader of gg ally and one of very few that played wodin, he was leader of kob and almost got elected as a king of mb (lost it by 3 points only which was lowest election difference afaik) and now is leader of ds, nobody else got that many high positions in so many lands
[*]his real life never stood in way of his md community duties, he never stepped down from lho position, he never stepped down from any of leader positions he had due to rl reasons, thats probably the best trait of all, which makes him super reliable choice, this can be said about very few players who step down or quit their job coz of rl

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He's one the smarter players I've seen around. He's also very organised and creative. I'm sure he'll manage to handle TK's previous activities and will bring new ideas to the alliance. He's seen a lot of MD's history and knows at least a bit about everything in this realm (which I think is a good quality for the TK leader). He's also already experienced with leading and dealing with people, and as Burns already said, he can handle pressure. He's also a great observer!


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Because its one candidate i know a little, i find him nice, helpfull , knowlege full

And even not knowing like others all he may have done thrue time, my impression is that he as a good reputation

as for his intents, i find his posting of what he would like TK do is feeling to me well organiise and logical

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I vote for ZenTao.
I already dealt with her and she showed transparence and efficiency (delivered rewards quickly and preserved anonymity as requested).
Moreover, I believe team-working and humbleness are key features for such a role and she showed to possess both qualities.
I do respect Lightsage and all those who applied, but I do not think "veteran" necessarily means "more suited".

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[url= http://www.google.com/search?q=vote+for+zentao%2C+do+it.+Shes+better.&hl=en&safe=off&tbo=d&nomo=1&biw=320&bih=455&oq=vote+for+zentao%2C+do+it.+Shes+better.&gs_l=heirloom-hp.12...24719.38265.0.44591.]ZenTao[/url]

Well then... I've seen how she does the job and she does it well. I don't think it's necessary to try our luck with "new blood." If you want new people in hopes that it'll be ran differently somehow, remember that this alliance has a specific purpose for a reason.

(Insert everything said above about ZenTao here, because I agree with it all.)

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I vote for Zen Tao.

I believe she possesses the required experience and motivation to run the Treasure Keepers both successfully and efficiently. I can say from personal experience that she communicates well with others and is driven by care for the alliance, rather than personal gain.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Zen since she was first drawn to the realm and support her endeavor. I don't think she knows, but I have watched and listened well. Fiesty but well thought, the word balance does indeed cross my mind and I do believe she carries herself with pride and humility. I stongly suggest that before casting a vote you take the time to find her within our world. Her words are kind and her thoughts?? Well I'll let you decide that for yourself.

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I think Zen has the personal and professional capabilities to lead the TK well, but Lightsage wins my vote as I have seen his detailed opinion (which I think can double as a vision statement) which I mostly agree too, and I also trust his capabilities to carry it out.

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I say this mainly because the people I trust most, who have been around longer than me and think more clearly, say so. Their reasons make a lot of sense to me, especially the fact that ZenTao is organized and [b]responsive[/b] which are both really hard things to be when material is at stake.

The other reason is simply because Zen is already invested in TK and clearly wants things to work well. When someone is present and moving toward doing a job to all specifications, there's no reason to push them away and put someone else in stead.

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I vote for Lightsage.
I know him for 4 years. I trust him. He is one of the few that knows the rules very good and will never ever use excuses like "I didn't know".

Zen might be a good girl but she's clueless. Maybe in time she'll learn but until then we need someone who doesn't need a babysitter or constant monitoring.

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All nominated have their qualities after their statements and review of their activities on forum and comments i will vote for :

For reasons I don't know what to write, there are so many , MOST of them are already written above.
[u]Character: [/u]
1. adaptable
2. friendly
3. trustworthy
4. loyal
5. ready to help

[u]More game related:[/u]
6. in game activity (see LHO activity)
7. experience as quest-er (see quests played and rewards)
8. old school (age over 4 years ??? damn I am old)
9. open to new (see LHO activity)
10. knows the value of stuff (information ,creatures, bugs and their impacts) (see the [b]game mechanics badge[/b])
11. knows the game mechanics (see the [b]game mechanics badge[/b])
12. recognizes the impact of certain actions on MD's social life

[u]Some of the most important:[/u]
13. he knows people due to its new and old activities and even age and character
14. people know him

For all of the above reasons and a lot more, he is the best candidate TK has ever had.

PS: LS, if you fail this, we can nominate you for president of a small country

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