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less powerful items, but with md flavor

Muratus del Mur

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i need to create a list of items that will be less valuable, but will contribute to the overall flavor of md gameplay. The items should not be easy to turn into a functional item so that even a noob could get them but won't be able to request the item to be made functional.


This is for a new feature i am planning to release very soon.


I need item name and description (a row or two of description, not just 2-3 words)


I will be rewarding whoever provides the most useful suggestions, and the rewards will be 'my style' because your work will be used heavily from now on :)


i need in total about 3-400 items ...yup...a lot...of various types


The sooner i manage to gather the item details, the faster i can release the feature.


*artworks for the items will also be needed, so artists are welcome to start preparing..more about the artwork part of this feature will be announced at a later time)


Your reply should contain item name and the description on the second row. Please post at least 5 items per reply, no less,...or as many as you want


Thank you!




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First 10:


Broom - A mundane object that can hide unknown powers if used wiseley. Or it can be a simple cleaning broom for every day chors.

Musical Box - A box hiding a ballerina. When the box is opened a soft music is played and the balelrina starts dancing.

Flower Pot - A simple pot which can be used by any gardner to plant flowers or herbs.

Embroided Handkerchief - A handkerchief lost by a fine lady. Full of buggers.

Stuffed Lemure - A strange animal lost by a hasty traveller. It is redish and has a long fluffy tail.

Broken China Plate - This white with blue flowers china plate is made of finest porcelain. An ugly crack spoils its beauty.

Platypuss Drawing - The drawing was found in the archives long after one of the first MD coders left. It is believed he left in search of the mystic animal.

Horn of a Cow - Piece of the famouse MD cow. It is said that if you get the rest you'll manage to asamble it.

Glass of Spoiled Milk - A glass with milk left too much in the sun. It emanates some aweful stench comparable to the one of a grassan.

Hazel Rod - A rod plucked from a long lost hazel. It can be used by children as a sword.


Second 10:


Kitteh Claw - Claw of a kitty found in one of  Loreroot's trees. It must have used the tree as a sctraching post.

Kaleidoscope - A small child's toy enjoyed by adults as well. Looking through its tiny window a new and colourful world is revealed to the

                       unsuspecting eye.

Bread Crumbles - They can be used to chase away hunger or to blind an enemy or to help you find the way back provided that you don't go

                        through a birds populated area.

Firefly Jar - Someone trapped some fireflies in a jar and used it as a lamp. Be careful when opening the jar! The fireflies might escape.

Cherry Jam - Find a loaf of bread and a spoon and enjoy this deliciouse treat.

Empty Nut Shells - Found one day on the beach, it is believed they were brough here by the waves. Their color has changed due to the water

                           and now they look like odd stones.

Tiny Brass Ring - A modest jewelry with a strange, almost fading writing on it: From A to Z with.....

Turtle Shell Hair Comb - A brown and white comb made out of a turtle shell. It can be used to untagle even the most strongheaded...fur.

Crystal Bell - Its sound resembles of an angel voice. Unless you are sleeping while it rings.

Message in a Bottle - One day the bottle was brought on the shores by the nervouse waves. The finder still hasn't read the message. 


Third 10:


Glass Bauble - A bauble stolen from the Christmas Tree by a mean...tiny man.

Small Violets Bouquet - A bunch of purple, nice smelling flowers gathered by a bored knight on his way back to his lady.

Grassan's Footprint - Once a grassan stepped into a pile of mud. The mud took the shape of the grassan's foot and formed this "nature's curiosity".

Knator Dung - Smelly pile of excrements. Because knators are humans too!

Hair Pin - A bland, normal, mundane hair pin. Unless...

Sesame Seeds - Always present in everyone's kitchens they give flavor and savor to lots of dishes. Be careful, they can become addictive.

Twisted Candle Holder - Used to be a candle holder until someone used it to break coconuts.

Small Wooden Pyramid - A pyramid made of cedar by a young poor boy and sold to an unknown traveler.

One sock  - The other got lost. Please help this one find its sibling.

Honey Lollipop - Made out of the finest honey, this lollipop is guaranteed to make you pay a visit to the dentist.




most are perfect, i will review individual descriptions when adding them

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Name: Asthir

ID: 249730




- A hammer is a tool that delivers a blow (a sudden impact) to an object. The most common uses for hammers are to drive nails, fit parts, forge metal, and break apart objects.


- In woodworking and construction, a nail is a pin-shaped object of metal (or wood, called a treenail or "trunnel") which is used as a fastener, as a peg to hang something, or sometimes as a decoration.


- A saw is a tool consisting of a hard blade, wire, or chain with a toothed edge. It is used to cut through relatively hard material, most often wood.

Sewing Needle

- A sewing needle is a long slender tool with a pointed tip. The first needles were made of bone or wood; modern ones are manufactured from high carbon steel wire, nickel- or 18K gold plated for corrosion resistance.


- A plank is a piece of timber that is flat, elongated, and rectangular with parallel faces that are higher and longer than wide. Used primarily in carpentry, planks are critical in the construction of ships, houses, bridges, and many other structures. Planks also serve as supports to form shelves and tables.


- A cloth is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibers often referred to as thread or yarn. Yarn is produced by spinning raw fibers of wool, flax, cotton, or other material to produce long strands. Textiles are formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or pressing fibers together.


- A boomerang is a thrown tool, typically constructed as a flat aerofoil, that is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight.


- A sling is a projectile weapon typically used to throw a blunt projectile such as a stone, clay, or lead "sling-bullet".


- A rope is a group of plies, yarns or strands which are twisted or braided together in order to combine them into a larger and stronger form.


- Clay is a fine-grained natural rock or soil material that combines one or more clay minerals with traces of metal oxides and organic matter. Clays are plastic due to their water content and become hard, brittle and non–plastic upon drying or firing.


- A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle, usually with just one wheel, designed to be pushed and guided by a single person using two handles to the rear.


- A bead is a small, decorative object that is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of a material such as glass, plastic, or wood, and that is pierced for threading or stringing.

Fertilizer - idea taken from a post belonging to Intrigue

- Fertilizer is any material of natural or synthetic origin (other than liming materials) that is applied to soils or to plant tissues (usually leaves) to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants.

Compost - idea taken from a post belonging to Intrigue

- Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming.


- A shovel is a tool for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials, such as soil, coal, gravel, snow, sand, or ore. Shovels are common tools that are used extensively in agriculture, construction, and gardening.


- A barrel, cask, or tun is a hollow cylindrical container, traditionally made of wooden staves bound by wooden or metal hoops.


- As a piece of cutlery or kitchenware, a fork is a tool consisting of a handle with several narrow tines on one end.


- A spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round, at the end of a handle.


- A knife is a cutting tool with a cutting edge or blade, hand-held or otherwise, with or without a handle.

Gear - comes in different sizes

- A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or cogs, which mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque, in most cases with teeth on the one gear being of identical shape, and often also with that shape on the other gear.


- A handle is a part of, or attachment to, an object that can be moved or used by hand. Handles for tools are an important part of their function, enabling the user to exploit the tools to maximum effect.


- A ball is a round, usually spherical but sometimes ovoid, object with various uses. It is used in ball games, where the play of the game follows the state of the ball as it is hit, kicked or thrown by players.


- A funnel is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem. It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Without a funnel, spillage would occur.



Game adjusted (in some sense)


Grasan Lard

- Grasan Lard is Grasan fat in both its rendered and unrendered forms. Lard is commonly used in many cuisines as a cooking fat or shortening, or as a spread similar to butter.



***All taken from Wiki, so not a lot of work on my part. I'll add more as soon as they pop into mind.




almost all of them are NOT good. Read what i requested

Edited by Myth
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id 104866


Wheelbarrow- wheeled cart commonly used for transporting bulky or heavy goods from one location to another

Shovel- Simple tool constructed of a flattened peice of metal attached to the end of a rod. Commonly used for digging, but may have other uses

Child's tea set- Two cups, one pot and a small fancy plate for sweets, commonly used by children to hold imaginary tea parties.

Water skin- a simple yet durable container used to hold water or other liquids for personal consumption.

Bandages- Several long peices of cloth or gauze, used to dress wounds or dress up as a mummy.

ladder- object used to increase one's reach by increasing one's height. Useful for grabbing things above your head or seeing over walls

Recipe book- small fragile book containing recipes for tea, cake and other things. Editable. Multiple uses may cause pages to fall out and be lost.

String- uses may include weaving, braiding, a substitution for thread, or to leave a trail behind yourself in the event of entering an unknown area so you don't become lost. (reference to Minos and Theseus)



*edited because some items may have had coding requested to make them functional.



not as bad as myth's but not ok, the can all be requested to made functional as they are

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Tree Seeds:


Acorn: Fallen from an oak tree, this acorn seems to be ready to plant.

Samara: Fun to play with, Samaras are good at falling away from the tree.

Pine Cone: Hard and prickly, pine cones make good weapons and a good snack!


Plant Parts:


Roots: A handful of roots freshly pulled from the ground. Dirt is still clinging to it.

Petals: Soft to the tough, these petals are bright and colourful.

Bag of Leaves: A paper bag fill with the leaves of herbs found in MDA

Bundle of Stems: Neatly wrapped with a wet handkerchief to be kept moist.




Marble Slab: A large and heavy marble slab. May require two people to move.

Bag of Quartz Rocks: A leather bag rattling with the sound of Quartz Rocks.

Sheet of Slate: An expertly cut sheet of Slate rock. 

Coal Nuggets: A selection of coal nuggets large enough to keep a fire hot for hours.


Building Materials:


Bag of Nails: Large bag of steel nails. Can be used for many purposes.

Brick: Red, and made of clay, this brick has many uses.






Silk Cloth

Cotton Cloth

Wool Cloth


Leather Strips




Knitting Needles





Feather Pen

Ink Well








Paint Can


Pocket Watch




Plant Pot









Paint Brush

Flint and Steel

Hand Drill






This is an incomplete list. I will add descriptions when I feel that I have enough to start writing descriptions.


Edit: I apologize if there are multiples of what is written while I am writing this.




finish what you started so far is good, but i won't read the same thing twice

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Player name: Rikstar
ID: 132384
General - 8
Glass jar - A jar made of glass that can hold many small objects.
Grey pencil - This pencil looks like it hasn't been used. The grey is almost white.
Dusty Lens - This lens was made out of a glass jar, it looks a bit dusty and it has a small crack in it.
Rainbow Marble - A marble that has all the colors of the rainbow in it.
Bent Nail - A steel nail that is bent in the middle and has some rust on it.
Pocket Watch - A small golden pocket watch with a sun painted on the back. It shows the time, which day it is and the air pressure.
Walking Stick - A long walking stick that is made from birch wood. It has a sharp tip and is finely sanded.
Bird sculpture - A small sculpture that looks like a bird. It is made out of some red/ brown stone.
NML - 1
Old Parchment - A parchhment that came from the Paper Cabin. It's edges are burned and it has some scribbles on it.
MB - 1
Decorated Candle - a candle that came from the Sage's Keep and was used for prayers.
LR - 1
Flowery pendant - A pendant made of flowers that were found in Loreroot.
GG - 2
Used Rope - a rope that was used for climbing the Golemus Golemicarum mountains. It almost falls apart.
Drift Wood - Some drift wood that could have been from a ship. It was found on the shores of Golemus Golemicarum.
NC - 2
Old book - A book that is used at the Way of Cleansing. It has a symbol on it that represent the principle entropy.
Creepy doll - a doll with a creepy smile on it's face. It's dusty and it has some cuts in it.
MDA - 1
Bonsai tree - A bonsai tree that is perfectly trimmed with scissors. It used to stand on one of the many desks in the Magic Duel Archives.
UG - 1
Granite stone - A granite stone that is oddly shaped like a pyramid. It came from the deep cavers of the Underground.
The East - 1
Bag of Spices - A small leather bag that is filled with a combination of spices. The spices came from the kitchens in the East.
Some are items are general and others are more land specific.
mostly OK, so far the most nicely flavored item list, good work
Edited by rikstar
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Kitty toy - small plush ball with a few feathers attached and stuffed with catnip. Useful for entertaining kitties, rumored to be good at distracting Lag Monsters as well.

Brush- Wooden paddle with several small tines attached to one side. Useful for personal grooming, as well as getting tangles out of your Knator's fur.

Bag of feathers- a medium size bag stuffed with feathers from winderwilds. Use it to have a comfortable place to sit, or a place to rest your head during naps.

Rain coat- a leather coat well treated with oil to keep you dry during random bouts of rain

Fishing pole- a long pole with attached eyes at intervals. Rather useless without string and a hook. May be used instead for jousting or fencing competitions

Scarf- woven fabric or strip of fur that is much longer than it is wide, wrap it around your neck to keep warm and help keep vampires away

broken mirror- several shards of reflective glass, very sharp and dangerous to fingers




mostly ok, you have no clue about "no mirrors" unspoken rule in md, but thats ok, what can i expect from an ancient player, lol

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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The items should not be easy to turn into a functional item so that even a noob could get them but won't be able to request the item to be made functional.


If a tool can't be used without several other items/materials, does it qualify?

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If a tool can't be used without several other items/materials, does it qualify?

I'm using the assumption of things that are RP'd items, oddball trinkets, etc. nothing that could be really useful. I may be wrong, but that's the vibe I'm getting.

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Broken Heart Pendant:

Half of a silver pendant holding half of a beautiful ruby in the shape of a heart. It looks like there is another part to this.


Fur Lined Child's Blanket:

A fur lined blanket that is small enough for a growing child. It looks old and a little tattered but still soft.


Broken Ceremonial Dagger:

A dagger with strange runes engraved on the hilt. The bloody blade seems to writhe but whatever power it held was lost long ago.


Bloom of Bob:

This is a strange badge that resembles some sort of flower. It is given to all guardians of Bob as a  sign of loyalty.


Catch the Crit board:

A board with 200 spaces, Perfect for playing hit game (made by Vicious Chaossword) Catch the Crit.


Fine dress:

This dress belongs to a lady of expensive taste. It has enchanted golden thread in various places to hold it together. It is made out of a soft material that feels like running your hand through the fluffiest cloud you could imagine.


Alliance badge (Format):

This badge shows that it's owner belongs to the (Alliance name) alliance. It looks like a (Description of badge decided by alliance). 


Feather of the Phoenix:

This feather comes from the legendary Phoenix. Sometimes a little flicker of fire leaps from it, making heat but burning nothing.


Feather of the Fallen:

This feather looks like it comes from a large wing. It is dark and feels wrong. It seems to writhe and curl up randomly.


Crown of Feathers:

Various colored feathers have been stuck around a crown shaped piece of wood. It looks full of life and joy. 


Cloak of Darkness:

It seems that the darkness has taken the form of a cloak for some reason or other.



It's a mouse. Brown furred and squeaky this fluffy little bugger sits on your head, ignoring the waving hands and death flames up there.




Broken golden nose:
This nose seems as if it is part of something else.


Idol of the Goddess:
This hand-sized Idol shows a mighty goddess with a staff in one hand and an orb of gold in the other. It's a shame about the nose though.


(Magick things)


Rowan Staff:

This staff is made out of Rowan. It is supposed to protect whoever holds it and clear their mind for spells. Carved into the center is a pentacle that show the five elements. Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth and Air.  The fire and spirit symbols seem less faded than the others. Other various symbols are carved into the staff. This is not made for combat. (This would probably be a role based item)


Alder Staff:

This staff is carved out of Alder wood. It is supposed to bring victory in conflict, Mental or Physical. Carved into the center is a pentacle that show the five elements. Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. The fire, water and spirit symbols seem less faded than others. Other various symbols are carved into the staff. This staff was blessed in water to strengthen it, It is made for combat, (Role based)


Birch Broom:

The broom is made of birch wood. It is used to brush out the evil from a place and banish fears. A faded pentacle is around the center of the broom, it is impossible to make it out. three symbols looks less faded than the others. At the top of the broom there is a strange wing shape. (Role based)


Hawthorn Band:

This little band is meant to be worn around the wrist. A heart is carved into the band. Made of hawthorn this band is made to attract men, a flower or two are stuck on the band still. A smell of the band would make you feel sleepy. A worn pentacle is carved into the band, but it is impossible to work it out. (Role based)


^^^^^^^ Return to that later.


Mood Ring:

This ring is enchanted with magic to show the wearer's mood. 


 Bejeweled Sword:

Far too pretty to be used in combat this sword has a fine edge and precious gems running along its hilt and blade. 


Book of animals:

This book seems to be from another world. It is made of strange materials and holds a page for alot of animals of that world. (Heh... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animal_names)





some are great, but unusable for my purpose, i striked out what i can't use

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Player Name: Kamisha

ID:                  3860


Ambiguous Key - A key that appears to have no lock.

Ambiguous Lock - A lock that appears to have no key.

Paper Crown - Fit for a self proclaimed king

Quarter Staff - A stick with no real magical properties

Pet rock - It cant talk back and stays right where you left it the perfect pet.


Ill update this post as I think of them.



awesome items, too bad i can't use them for what i need. The pet rock is fabulous, i don't think its usable . but i might still try to make it a public pet :) ..honestly i want it as my pet actually

Edited by Kamisha
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An old blank book: a dusty book with worn and torn pages. Does not appear to contain any writing

Ball of yarn: undyed yarn made from cotton.

handful of pebbles: unpolished pebbles collected from the river bed

blades of dried grass: harvested grass that has dried out.

dried leaves: leaves that have fallen from the trees

chalk: plain white chalk that washes away in the rain

magnifying glass: a small around piece of glass encased in some wood. Some people may use this to kill ants but it has other purposes too.

bone meal: freshly ground bones that make a fine addition to any fertilizer

Blood: blood from an unknown entity. Beware of vampires.

teeth: humanoid teeth ... Just do not question where it came from.

canine teeth: came from a creature similar to a dog.

fur: seems some strands of fur have collected on your clothing.

feather: a small brown feather. Careful that the wind does not tear it from your grasp.

drum: a crude design that involves branches and what looks to be skin. It it too hard and it may fall to pieces.

bell: a small round metal trinket that barely rattles when shaked

(?) empty glass vial: an empty vial that has some chips in the glass around the mouth. It also is missing a stopper.

lidless jar: a glass jar that is searching for its lid.

stone disk: a thin circular piece of stone that has been worn with age

sheet of old paper: this paper disintegrates if held too much. Perhaps it would be best to recycle it.

pillow: small pillow stuffed with feathers. Anyone order a pillow fight?

umbrella- crude design using grasan skin... but it may keep some of the rain off of you.

snowshoes- twigs held together by resin... helps to aid a person to walk on the snow.

brush- wooden brush to get those naughty tangles.

tooth brush- wooden handle... the bristles... well you do not want to know what is used for that.

splinter- small piece of wood that has become an annoyance.

spec of dirt- small bit of dirt that aims for the eye

piece of a silver coin- once a silver coin that has now been broken into a small piece.

flower petal- petal that fell of a flower. It is smooth to the touch

Dried flower petal- once a beautiful smooth flower petal has dried into a brown rough mass of plant tissue

ash- what remains when a log or person catches on fire

coal- wood that has been burned and under pressure. A lot of pressure... so be nice to it.

torch- a branch with cloth wrapped around one end.

glass bead- small bead made of glass, not of much use in its current state... unless you happen to drop it on the ground when someone walks by.

Blue marble- a small round marble with different shades of blue. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Red marble- a small round marble with different shades of red. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Yellow marble-a small round marble with different shades of yellow. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Purple marble-a small round marble with different shades of purple. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Green marble-a small round marble with different shades of green. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Orange marble-a small round marble with different shades of orange. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Black marble-a small round marble with different shades of black. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

White marble-a small round marble with different shades of white. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Brown marble-a small round marble with different shades of brown. Makes a pretty display of color when light shines through.

Large multicolored marble-as streaks of different shades of color. Makes an amazing display of color when the light shines through.

Glass shard-  medium sized piece of glass. Careful not to poke yourself or the blood collector may come.

torn piece of cloth- the frayed cloth is rough to the touch.

Wax beads- ear wax? What ever the source... candles have to be made some way.

a shoe- just one right shoe... with no laces.

vegetable oil- oil pressed from plants.

matches- a small handful of match sticks.

flint- piece of stone... may it spark your day

small metal pin- this small pin may be apart of some contraption... or it may just be here to leave you questioning.

small metal ring- too small and plain to fit on a finger... what else could it be used for.

plant fibers- plant material that has been beaten and fermented, leaving behind only the fiber.




good items, usable. I made some adjustments

Edited by Assira the Black
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Ed: - ID: 77300


Tartan paint – A tin of paint used to trick people. Does not do what it says on the tin.

Feather headdress – A hat made out of feathers for playing cowboys and Indians.

Cowboy hat – A hat used to keep the sun off necks and faces.

Dead fish – smelly goldfish someone discarded on the ground.

Wooden Tooth – Looks fangy, maybe someone made it for an animal.

Braces  - good for keeping your trousers from falling down.

Blonde hair – single strand of hair that shines in the sunlight. May have come from a fair maiden or handsome prince.

Makeup bag – glossy pink and waterproof, could carry your makeup, or maybe something else.

Haletosis rag – Owned by someone with really bad breath, smells incredibly bad.

Finger nail – someone clearly doesn’t know how to clean up after themselves.

Bit of rotten skin – what are there zombies around here or something? Ew!


Sunglasses – everyone looks cool wearing these right? Right?

Lost Kiss – you cant tell if this is real or just in your head, it feels real, warm, kind, but somehow it isn’t there.

Floating Coin Magic trick – you can make everyone think you can make a coin float! Cool!

Jack of Black Diamonds – Lost card from a full deck of strange cards, has an odd seal as art on the back.

Pungent sock – wow that smells bad, dear lord.

Mercury Filling – someone must be walking around with a really sore tooth right now.

Eyelash curlers – for the discerning lady whose eyelashes are just too straight.

Nose plug – useful when something smelly is about.

Steel spike – looks like part of a machine...a very dangerous machine. Too short for anything else useful.

Wishbone – part of a chicken, wrap your picky around one end and have your friend do the same, pull and whoever gets the bigger part gets to make a wish.

Feather boa – a snake covered in feathers. No, really. Watch your hands, he bites.

Sloop goop – globby mass of goopy stuff, sticks to surfaces, bounces, absorbs things.

Rock’n’roll pigeon – a toy that dances when it hears clapping.

Broken tile – useless item left over from building a bathroom.

Angien cufflinks – used for keeping the ends of sleeves on shirts together, has images of the angien shrine on them.

Lost person notice – a flyer asking if you’ve seen the person pictured on it.

Fly lure – handcrafted from bits and bobs, top class fishing gear.

Jar of snow – collected at Christmas, never melts if you keep the lid on

Paper fragment – has a few letters left, mostly soot and holes.

Piercing kit – used for body jewellery and increasing pain threshold.

Christmas Jumper – shows an image of all the Christmas release creatures

Glass eye – Anyone poke you in the eye lately? This might be useful if it ended badly. Has the name ‘Jon’ etched in the back.

Toothpick – Dental health is imperative, make sure you get those niggly bits out before bed.

Angry ants – small pack of very angry little beasties.

Chattering teeth – wind them up and watch them go, they are not real dentures, at least I don’t think so.

Spider thread – part of a spiders web

Leaking envelope – not sure what someone was trying to send but that liquid is a funny colour

Fake scar – great for Halloween costumes

Plastic bicycle – you cant ride it, you cant sell it, its cumbersome...why would someone make this?

Petrified plant – it go so scared it died and froze in time forever

Antique tiara – very old, but still sparkles in the sunlight

Wooden bird – taken from an old clock

Wind ornament – designed to spin in the wind, constructed from metal

Bottle top – came from a bottle of tequila

Spider leg – some poor creature either lost it in battle, or a nasty person yanked it off, either way, now its yours.

Preserved scalp – someones weird momento or a very realistic wig

Taxidermy squirrel – looks very realistic, like it might come back to life at any moment.

Knitted tree jacket – keep your tree warm this winter.

Wormy driftwood -  I suppose its a habitat, so you could call them pets. I guess.

 Rug tassel – somewhere theres a rug without this vital body part. Looks like its been abused and used for dusting to date.

One side of a coin – the other side has been sheered off. Has three dots on it.

Brick plushie – square piece of foam someone painted browny red.

Fractured vase – ornamental piece with fractures running all through it.

Crisp chimbles – someone left the residual contents of their packet of crisps in a pile on the ground for you.

Green plastic computer chip – has been dipped....as in, all the gold has been nicked. Could use it as a coaster.

Bag in a bag – no matter how many times you open it, you can’t get to the bottom. nice one

Dried sauce – inedible mass of old foodstuff.

Fenth keyring – handcrafted keyring in the design of a fenth.

Froth – blown off someone’s coffee

Crochet welcome sign – the crochet says welcome in pink thread.

Lance Shogi piece – one piece from a shogi set.

Checkers board – used for playing games of checkers or chess.

Wheel spoke reflector – so you can be seen in the dark when riding your bike.

Scrap of flaked paint – fell off an old neglected wall

Ball bearing – could be from a pen or a toy or any number of things.

Kids IQ puzzle – figure it out to prove youre smarter than everyone else.

Jazzy Bowtie – for special events, super colourful.

White piano key – I wonder which note it played?

Music score – Has a few notes dotted about here and there.

Ball of tape – sticky ball of used gaffer tape.

Mud pie – you can’t eat it, but you can always throw it at someone.

Tiny pillow – you’d have to be a tiny person to sleep with this. Says technomage on the label.

Broken buckle – guess someone’s shoes look a bit less interesting since they lost this.

Square ball – every time you look at this it makes less and less sense.

Musk Incense – A triangle of incense that emits a potent deep smell when burned.

Opium Incense – A triangle of incense that emits a heady aroma when burned.

Rose Incense – A triangle of incense that emits a floral aroma when burned.

Frankincense – A triangle of incense that emits the smell of corpses when burned.

Anchor – heavy, covered in molluscs, usually used for keeping boats in one place.

Drachorn pin badge – A small round badge with a picture of a drachorn on it.

Grassan pin badge – A small round badge with a picture of a gassan on it.

Root warrior pin badge – A small round badge with a picture of a root warrior on it.

Embers – useful for starting fires if you have some dry grass

Door shard – fragment from a smashed up door.




good solid list, some are the edge of usability

Edited by (Zl-eye-f)-nea
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  • Root Admin

I will be reviewing all your entries and will write comments on each entry. For now i stopped after a few, will be reading more tomorow.



So far i am impressed, both by how many entries you have posted and also by how ignorant some of the entries are. Overall, this is awesome, and i thank you all for trying.


remember no tools , no fancy items, no potentially usable items.




Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Forth 10


Jade clover - A small piece of jewley of unknown origin that can be used for making a pendant or a ring.

Octopus bowl  - A stone bowl made in the shape of an octopus.

Seaside Cup - A stone cup decorated with shells and sea snails. It can be used as a decorative item. Or as a vase.

Water compass - A small device used for navigation. Too bad it is broken.

Rusted gears - Made out of iron those gears have been forgoten in a moist environment and they are now rusted.

Mud brick - A brick made of mud and straws. Good for building if more are gathered.

Fosilized leaf - A small piece of stone containing the remains of a leaf. Good for collectors.

Amber with mosquito - A vestige of old times. This mosquito was well preserved in the amber after its death.

Moldy cheese - An exquisite treat for the ones appreciating the finesss of this product.

Rose petals in a satchel - A small embroided satshel containg the petals of a red rose.




all good

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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ID: 252664




Something fiery:


Sunfire - A tiny flame enclosed in a glass bead. It is said it was stolen from the Sun. 


Flame scarab - A small scarab with a reddish-gold carapace. It glows in the sunlight like a candle falme. Kept as curiosité. nice one but interferes with future functionalities


Flame oil - When applied to the skin, gives a strong burning senstion. Why would anyone use it?


Wisp lantern - A lantern with a cold blue flame. Is there a real wisp trapped in it? Probably not.



Somrthing crytaline:


Crystaline structure - A crystal of unknown composition and origin. Better left intact and used as a decorative paperweight.


Lightbender crystal - A perfectly shaped crystal that can focus light or act as a prism. Depending how you hold it.


Fragile crystal - A small, shiny cristal that looks brittle. Handle with care or it might fall appart.


Crystal needle - A needle like crystal plucked from a bigger outcrop. Not exactly as good as regular needles.



Something forgotten:


Old fragment - A worn piece of something long forgotten. It looks like wood, but it is something differnet.


Ancient wisper - Wisper from the dawn of time, kept in a paper box. The words are so ancient that their meaning is lots.


Petrified seed - A seed larger then usual, turned to stone. Growing a plant from it doesn't seem possible.


Imprisoned hope - Hope sealed long ago in a black jar with black wax seal . If you remove the seal, the hope fades away. 


Something odd:


Dream of better places - A dream shaped like a pillow. Rest your head on it and you will dream of better places. Used by escapists, can be addictive. 


Bottled emotions: Emotions are volitile and look like multicoloured vapours in a bottle. Take a sniff if you want sudden but random mood change. 


Black rose - A rose with black petals... and thorns. A little unsetling but some people like it.


Staring figurine - An enchanted small humanoid figure with eyes that stare right into your soul. No matter how you look at it, it always stars right at you.



Something colorful:


Black ribbon - Wearing it shows affiliation to Necrovion.


White ribbon - Wearing it shows affiliation to Marind Bell.


Green ribbon - Wearing it shows affiliation to Loreroot.


Purple ribbon - Wearing it shows affiliation to Golemus Golemicarum.




good ones, the one i marked blue i am not sure where or if to use them they are too nice for my current plans with this list

Edited by Muratus del Mur
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Name: Asthir

ID: 249730



If at first you don't succeed, try again :P

Empty Nut - Sounds hollow... the core has been removed, but there are no holes in the shell.
Broken Button - Seems like it belonged to a nice shirt, now it's missing its center.
Black Bead - Fascinating... feels like looking into the Universe...
Blade of Grass - It's uncharacteristically thick for a strand of grass.
Folded Paper - Someone glued it together. There seems to be writing on the inside, but it overlaps.
Miniature Pinata - The tail, front left leg and half of its head are missing. Judging by its weight, there's something inside.

Broken Rubber Band - The two ends which were once together seem melted.

Marind's Tea Cup - The face of a little girl is imprinted at the bottom of this cup, and the upper part of its handle is no more.

Braille Figurine - This little statue is covered in tiny bumps and holes.

Metal Jar - The cap is completely fixed into place... someone went through a lot of trouble to close this jar.

Y-shaped Twig - Were it not so fragile, it would have made a nice slingshot.

Dry Prune - Very heavy... and the wrinkles make up an interesting pattern.

Rather Large Wooden Coin - One side has a strangely mutated face on it. The other side reveals a Tic-Ta-Toe table.

Minced Tree Bark - This bark has been turned into powder. For some reason, it smells like fish.

Bundle of Red Hair - Where in the name of Mur did this come from?

Worn Cloth - The holes in it seem to make up a pattern of some sort.

Bottomless Can - If someone wouldn't have cut out the bottom, this might have been useful.

Blurry Shard of Glass - The edges have been smoothed out. Interesting to look through, though.

Rotten Pickle - The smell is so bad that it scares even flies away.

Half a Die - It's been cut diagonally. One of the intact sides show 2 dots, the other 4 dots. One incomplete sides shows a halved dot, and the other 2 complete ones along with 2 halved dots. The cut area reveals that this used to be a loaded die.

Rusty Locket - The images inside are almost completely worn out. It looks quite ancient.

Fake White Beard - Someone probably made some kids happy with this, at some point. There are cookie crumbs entangled within.

Fixed Swing - It's been welded backward at a 60 degrees angle position. No fun!

Phosphorescent Egg - Odd coloring. Perhaps this egg isn't related to Easter.

Oddly Shaped Mug - Whoever began making this didn't get a chance to finish it. The clay on the inside hasn't been cleared out.

Bubbly Amber - I wonder what the air was like millions of years ago...

Solid Rain Drop - This whole thing reeks of magic...

Incandescent Flower - If you hold it long enough, it glows faintly.

Broken Knator Tooth - The once pointy head is now cracked, revealing a blackened interior.

Coal in Amber - A fossilized fossil? How intriguing... like a million years withing another million years.

Bell Key - A most peculiar shape for a key.

Spoiled Square Root of Pie - Once a full, round and tasty pie. Now a spoiled, square shaped center of one.

Fish Head - Half opened mouth, three translucent eyes... creepy!

Handful of Dirt - A few worms are sticking out of it.

Broken Hinge - It's split in two and the pin is missing.

Crying Doll - Where are all the tears coming from? Why won't it stop?! (can leave salty traces on other items in inventory - not exactly useful, but I find it to be a nice effect)

Mirror Frame Drawing - Whoever drew this has excellent drawing skills. The details on the frame are out of this world!

Toothless Fork - Aside from the fact that the teeth have been cut off, it seemed to have had 9 of them...



Unspoken "No mirror rule" - was this implemented after the artwork was done? I ask because some scenes have them.


Mur: mostly great, can't use them all sadly

The no mirror rule was there forever *hint hint*

Edited by Myth
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(edit: adding player ID as requested) 62639


Uh, if only this was not requested during an exam period and in rush... :P


Old Pergament - Abandoned "Military ways and beliefs" papers of an unknown magic duelist, too damaged and therefore uncomprehensible.
Peculiar Ash Fractions - Remnants of dstized magic duelists.
Glass fragments - Fragments of used up local voayeur's spy glass.
Dusty Savelite cult icon - Old artefact from the past, depicting Savelfuser in one of his benevolent moments, probably thrown away during their prosecution.
Wooden bowl - Lorerootian craft of simple design, used to feed young pet knators. Lots of teeth carvings remained as a testament of their ferocity.
Mechanical sphere puzzle - Thrown away by a Golemus youngling, this sphere's quality of design is pure art, however the puzzle can frustrate an uneasy mind.
Vial of tranquiling water - Extract from Marind's Roundabout fountain, told to calm even the most unsettled mind.
Vial of arousing liquid - Extract from the fountain of dark vibrations.
Angien feather relic - Some ignorant souls would say this is an angien feather, plucked while their holder was asleep, but this beautiful item is man-made.
Vial of heretic blood - Collected by admirers of the rage and thurst for revenge of heretic archers, to use in their dark rituals.
mostly unusable due to too high value. some are ok
Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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ID: 241314


Small rock - Just a random pebble on the ground

Tomato -  A big red tomato great for all the possible things one can come up with!

Burned book -  Remains of a book, with most of the pages burned out.

Knator meat -  Fresh knator meat. Delicious!

Small pouch -  Great for holding a few small items to carry around.



all are ok

Edited by DARK DEMON
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Player name: Rikstar
ID: 132384
Traveler - 4
Traveler's seed: Dark brown seed that has long sprouted roots. It gives a warm feeling if it is eaten. It's therefore used by travelers to keep themselves warm.
Acorn cap: An acorn cap is used to communicate over long distances due to it's whistle behavior when blowing in it. A combination of different rhythms and frequencies makes words and sentences.
A piece of bark: This piece of bark has a cross cut in it with a tiny mark on the back. The mark represents some forgotten knowledge which was used by ancient travelers.
Distilled beer: A small glass jar with distilled beer in it. It has a cloth at the top of the jar, which is made secure with a small rope wrapped around it.
Farmer - 3
Wooden bird house: Place it in the forest and the birds will come quickly to go inside. It has a round cup in which food and water can be put.
Grain grinder: This is one of the two components to grind grain for flour. It's made out of stone and really smooth because it has been used a lot.
Rose thorn: A rose thorn that came from the deep woods within Loreroot. It is said that when you cut yourself daily with these thorns that you can become closer with nature.
Explorer - 4
Brass key chain: The holder of the keys that was the connection between secrets and the public eye. This connection has been vanished and no keys have remained.
Shattered monocle: Once used for the rich and now it holds a few shattered pieces of glass. Though the small images on the metal look beautifully crafted.
Pocket hourglass: A wooden hourglass decorated with golden leaves that fits in your pocket. It is so finally crafted that it takes exactly one quarter of a day to fill the other side of the hourglass.
Pearl bracelet: Make sure to touch all the pearls when you wake up, because old stories say that is acts as a luck token. It came from the ruins in the East, but it is taken care of and feels perfectly smooth.
Soil researcher - 2
Metal rod: It has a sharp tip at the bottom and it was used to research how much the soil resists a force.
Nickel tray: This was used to determine if the clay is good enough to build with. First some clay was put in and then hole was punctured, it was then dropped to the ground and the hole collapsed and based on some experiments you could determine if it was good enough.
Surgeon - 2
Small handsaw: This was used in the early days, when more truths were discovered about the bodies of many. Bodies were operated alive and dead. Though it can't be used anymore all the sharp edges have been rounded off.
Thin needle: A needle so thin that you almost don't feel it puncture your skin. Along with a thin rope it was used to sew skin together.
Painter - 3
Blue ink: This color was the base of the skies, rivers and shadows in lots of paintings. It comes in a small decorated jar engraved with small symbols.
Painter's brush: Wood from Loreroot and the hair of a knator made this brush. This brush was used to paint thick lines, because the hairs of a knator are very big.
Cloth covered in paint: An old disgusting piece of cloth that was used to take off any unneeded paint from a paint brush.
Grave digger - 2
Decorated skull: A skull engraved with curly- flowery lines and it has colorful gems all over it. There is also a ring on the side, which can be used to hang it on a hook.
Black ring: A black metal ring with a red gem put on it that represents cyclicity. It dies with it's owner and Lives again when it meets a new one.
Slave - 2
Leather collar: A symbol that shows someone is owned by an other. It has a small metal plate attached to it, but the name that is written on it is unreadable.
Potato sack: A piece of clothing that has been worn by the lowest of all, the ones who had no rights. It smells really awful and it almost falls apart.
A more job oriented list of items.
good items, i had to remove some, will explain later why
Edited by rikstar
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Name: *Sasha Lilias*

ID: 148016

Some ideas I've had:


 Knator's claw 

 -Looks like one of those creatures broke a nail. Oh dear.


Flower petals

- A little pouch filled with pretty little petals.


Walking stick

- A nicely carved walking stick but a little too short for you to use...


Reed hat

- Woven from reeds it makes a nice little hat to wear, even if it does look a little silly...


Pouch of charms

- A silk bag containing hand carved charms made from bone.


Sun lotion

- A lotion created using grasan fat. Said to ward off sunburn...and most living things as well.


Silver faucet

- A tap. Probably broken off by a careless adventurer...


Fishing gnome

- A sweet little garden gnome with rosy cheeks and a little fishing rod.


Singing gnome

- A diva garden gnome in the making! Sports a fancy hairdo and a shiny microphone.


Sleeping gnome

- A tired little garden gnome. Look like gardening wore him out!


Plain gnome

- A simple garden gnome. As boring as the owner.


 Dismembered gnome

-A garden gnome for the slightly more twisted. Comes with limbs pre-separated for easy placement.


Murf gnome

- A blue garden gnome with white pants and hat. Completely original in design...


Book of pressed butterflies.

- Someone took flower pressing to the next level...Lots of pretty colours though.


Wooden stool

-A wooden stool. You can sit on it, stand on it, hit people with it...the possibilities are endless!


Children's detective set

- Whoever said you're too old to play dress-up was wrong! Everything you need to be the next Sherlock Holmes!


Pinhole camera

- A Golemus inventor claims that this device can capture images of people. How fascinating!


Perfume bottle

- A nice perfume bottle made from glass. Now all you need is something to put in it!


Golden locket

- A beautifully crafted locket in which there is space to hold a picture of your loved one(s).


Fluffy scarf

- Made from 0% cotton and 100% plant fibre, this scarf is as fluffy as wire wool! (Caution: May cause irritation.)


Taser schematics 1

- Blueprints "borrowed" from the Golemus lab. Doesn't seem to show all the steps.


Taser schematics 2

- Blueprints "borrowed" from the Golemus lab. Doesn't seem to show all the steps.


Taser schematics 3

- Blueprints "borrowed" from the Golemus lab. Doesn't seem to show all the steps.


Taser schematics 4

- Blueprints "borrowed" from the Golemus lab. Doesn't seem to show all the steps.


Taser schematics 5

- Blueprints "borrowed" from the Golemus lab. Doesn't seem to show all the steps.


Candy sculpture

- A little Christmas sculpture made from candy! Rather sticky to touch...


Fat sculpture

- A sculpture made from grasan fat. Seems to have melted slightly and is now deformed...


Stone sculpture

- A little desk sized sculpture made from chiselled stone. Could be used as a paper weight.


Glass sculpture

- Glass expertly crafted into an abstract shape. What could you possibly do with it?


Chess set

-  A nice little chess set. Annoyingly it seems to be missing two pieces... 




some are ok, i had to remove some not because they are not good but because they will be unusable in the form i will need them

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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