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The "Lost Island" possible names.


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The Barren Islet
The Barren Cay
The Shellfish Archipelago
Aramor Refuge
The Rippling Island
The Whispering Chain
The Storming Refuge
The Troubled Islands
The Misty Atoll
The Outcast Island
The Bottomless Isle
The Bottomless Archipelago
The Infinite Enclave
The Surging Archipelago
The Gold Isle
The Infernal Refuge
The Ethereal Skerry
The Cunning Isles
The Ever Reaching Island
The Neglected Isle

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Fenth's Coast Isle

Horned Lair 

Sleeping Drachorn

Harmony Rock

Firey Coast

Lightening Isle

Thunder roll

Twisting Tide

Melding Stone

Screaming Shores

Herding Stones

Pet Rock Island

Essence Pool Island

Tiny Men Retreat

(I have not seen the pic, these are just off the top of my mind)

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(The) Lost Island

(The) Fossil Island

(The) Prehistoric Island

(The) Royal Island

(The) Mythology Island

(The) Extinction Island

(The) Shell Island

(The) Evolutionary island

(The) Ammonite Island or (The) Nautilus Island (Nautiloidea Island)  Ammonite.jpg because the mountain looks like this fossil

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  • Root Admin

impressive number of entries :) I saw one of the names i thought about initially looong ago, that one will get a 'mention' (Jubaris) ...but so far nobody got the name i will use. I saw however some very interesting names...i will actually consider them.

Now its time for a hint. Since this is a _facebook_ challenge, i will post it there.


Challenge will end when entries cool down or, of course, when someone finds the name or provides one that is clearly better than the one i currently have.


good luck

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There is one sort of interesting thing I found, which probably has nothing to do with this but I'll share anyway.

That 'mirror' reference on FB instantly made me invert Golemus Golemicarum to Sumelog Muracimelog. Then I sat on google translate for a bit and here's what I found (random languages):

'su' means 'his'
'melog' means 'below'
'muraci' means 'appeal'

Well clearly this island never really appealed to Mur or anyone else (except Rophs I guess) all these years...

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