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Expedition through the East

Ackshan Bemunah

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Alright, so I made the mistake of beginning to arrange an expedition through the east, and not thinking about the extent of the barriers to such an expedition. Most notes are not meant for this medium.

We met at the Tribunal Gates, east of Wind's Game and the Plains of Deceit, at 22:00. You can get there by heading right at the gates of Marind's Bell.

It will be a long, long tour, but:

(1) You will have company.

(2) The presence of said company will expedite the tour, if things organize correctly and deliberately.

(3) Those who come, move together.

Any who wish to come, please come! The more the merrier. Any who wish to contribute, please say so! And better yet, come along.

This may take a while. A path will be cleared, though, so if you can come late, do so. I'll be updating this post with the path we've taken and any other details that seem important.

All pickle, tea, and kake donations for trailblazing purposes are welcome.

Again, Tribunal Gates, 22:00. Preliminary work to clear the path to the gates is under way.

List of participants:
Samon (Citizen of Lands of the East)
Plix Plox
Eara Mereia
Master of Mar
Dante Lionheart
Possibly Eon, hard to know, Eon being so quiet.
DarknessRevealed i.e. Lib

Rester locations:
Ascent -- Master of Mar, Eara Mereia

August 20
22:19:00: Team departs from the gates, arriving at the Plains of Liberty. Eon seems to be hovering, carrying 134 tea. We do not buy any tea.

22:30: Proceeded to the foundations.

23:14: Proceeded to the ascent.

23:51: Stepped in to the ascent stairs...
Chewett is attacked by Eon.
Samon is attacked by Eon.
Eon sightings conclude.

00:38:Party proceeds to the statue hall steps.

00:56: Eon sends us all back to the gazebo. Not 100% sure why.

01:04: Notes to self.

10:00: Friend sends emotional PM about how Eon and dst are ruining the community.

a. Next expedition will not be forum publicized.
b. List of participants will not be publicized.
c. I am not going to become an mp5 any time soon.
d. Time will be specifically tailored to avoiding eon:
e. Learn to make tea.
f. Find pickles.
g. Find cake.
h. Find time when most LoE citizens are online.
i. Super special evil secret additional thing, not actually at all related to this in motivation or effect.

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this wasn't exactly Eon's doing...
anyone who'se getting close to item dispatch locations are sent back to GoE when they're going to be sent back (reset) so no one will get an unfair advantage.
That's all there is to it.


f. Find Fyrd. He's usually at Windy's pub. On his Q page (or on the signpost outside Windy's) you'll find his quests & riddles. You get rewarded with pickle points, which can be traded for pickles or other rewards.

EDIT 2 : neg rep? seriously? I just told you WHY you were telported out.

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as far as Pickles go, being that im the Pickle Apprentice, i can try to get us as many pickles as Fyrdly possible for the next journey, assuming im alive, just make sure to send me a PM.

and, seeing as im a member of the Lands of the East, i think my 91 loyalty would help, assuming i took the first step each time >.> (unless someone participating has higher LotE Loyalty than me?...)

either way. if im alive, my services are yours to enjoy. send me a pm with your thoughts and whatnot Ack.

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Okay, I'm heading East, pickles in hand. Hope to find you along the way, and perhaps get you all to help with the Lost Path Adventure - much is buried in the Far East.

Idling at statue hall door. Having a nice conversation with Eon. His/her dice say "8"

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[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1345652580' post='120747']
can pls everybody stop with this troll posts "if i was alive", and not just here, but throughout whole forum, ty

Pretty sure Fang was being sincere, and I have no reason not to trust Seig. And of course there's no rush, and you'll both be revived eventually. :cool:

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  • 3 months later...

Giving random people citizenship (usually meant to be a long term commitment) to lower viscosity (a short term solution)? Please no. I would suggest gathering a group of high AP fighters and a group of non-fighters, pairing them off or grouping them together somehow, then having the non-fighters put up defense rits with a decent amount of VE so the fighters get more AP and can take a step, then the non-fighters follow. Having some Tribunal citizens go through first would make it even easier. A large amount of tea to distribute wouldn't hurt, either.

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In my opinion, Tribunal is not even meant to be explored at such a young age. Wait for 150 AD just like I did, and you'll have no problem exploring all alone :)

I understand your eagerness of course, but honestly for me there were so many more things in MD to learn that Tribunal had to wait a little. But when I did go, I never had any AP problems at all...

EDIT : I have 100% AD so I get 1 AP every 2 days. You or others may not, depending on your AD %. So you may need to wait more than 150 AD.

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Pretty sure AP is a direct function of active days (i.e. you get an additional AP at specific amounts of active days.) That's in MDWiki, I think.

Tribunal is an interesting land, not to mention Fyrd's puzzles there are...more than a little fantastic.

The art is nothing to trifle with.

Citizenship by name seems like a long term thing. I'll agree that it's something more than just practical, and that randomly giving out citizenship isn't the solution here. And your ideas seem good, but see log of first attempt.

The biggest problem with an anti-viscosity "mass-attack" was getting enough people with enough time. But five or six people from the East to simply reduce viscosity on a stretch every hour (two hours?) in the days preceding a tour would be enough.

Movement isn't very difficult, it's just a matter of logging on and moving as far as you can, and moving along the same stretch.

Winter holidays are coming up, so nowabouts would be a good time.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1355032704' post='127877']
Pretty sure AP is a direct function of active days (i.e. you get an additional AP at specific amounts of active days.) That's in MDWiki, I think.

Its 2AD -> 1AP up to a point then it becomes exponential and little additional AP is gained.

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Land Loyalty is no good reason to get citizenship, lowering viscosity even less so. If you want to organize another journey through the east, however, I would be more than willing to help out by lowering visc and perhaps providing tea to keep us warm through the cold winter days out in the east.

p.s. Also regarding AP: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10234-active-days-to-actionpoints-bonus-values/

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