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We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

Muratus del Mur
Message added by Muratus del Mur

This article is a long read, but with a reason. If i would have to summarize what it is, i would say its a form of invitation, a chance for the most incredible role possible in MD, but also a gate that filters those that resonate with it from those that don't. The length of your read will be proportional with the size of your story in this place ;)

Give it a try at least

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And here is the document i put together with all i could come up about the A25 Tools , please don;t bother to read it if you didn't read all of the above and feel you have a place in all this.


Sorry for the mess, and language mistakes, that is the best i could do on my own.

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37 minutes ago, Ungod said:

I still wonder whatever happened to the chained quests project we started some time ago :)

one step at a time, yush

The chained quests where also about this, the a25 tools, but the difference was that i was still the one that still had to do everything...so again..like so many times, i was unable to deal with it (bad organizing, lack of focus, dead girlfriend, etc)...

And then i realized it.. I was working on these features not for me..but for that what was once called RPC...and the only way for this to work is if there are capable people to put these tools at work...not myself.


Because of what i learned from the chained quests, i am doing now this..first documentation..later on apprentice for someone using the tools already..and finally teams of people where just one has a25, but all people are needed in the team. 

This scenario is already happening with Azul and people working with him..with nearly ZERO intervention or support from myself

I dont like to repeat myself but i need to..i am building the tools , just the tools, not what you do with the tools. Same way md teaches you based on what you teach it..its not meant like a book that you get info from and return nothing back.


So the chained quests i failed, and regardless that i have strong excuses why...doesn't matter...but i learned something out of that..and this parh leads to the same purpose



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20 minutes ago, Muratus del Mur said:

So the chained quests i failed, and regardless that i have strong excuses why...doesn't matter...but i learned something out of that..and this parh leads to the same purpose

Ah, ok, i tjought it could be brought back with these tools.

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Its very hard to start..and having a guide is impossible..and me talking to everyone is also unrealistic.

Thats why i think that if you work together on organizing the docs, you get to do the first step(s) and at the same time you get to see how well you understand them, anf do team work hopefully. It is fairly possible that you will not understand the syntax but you will still be able to plan amazing things with e...in such a case, teams are essential. 

'Coders' will need no coding skills at all , but they need to have a logical mind so they understand how to set things corectly.

'Artits' will provide artwork and most probably they will be freelancers for other ppl in md.

'Questmakers" will provide ideas and plans of quests and events

Other main roles are up to you ofc!


Think of this, ..it is normal to make a team with an artist to make drawings for you. ..but it is the same to have the coder as "freelancer" in your team to implement a quest idea..or the questmaker to put your implementing abilities to good use. Each one is important.

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Read it yesterday, just needed a moment to reply. Linny is slow. :blush:

I like it a lot that the door is officially open to more people now and how much hope it brings for everybody. It'll be hard getting used to the apparent boundaries of what can be done by players not being so tight anymore. It also poses a challenge - breaking my own habit of writing down and setting ideas aside or just telling them to the nearest person at that moment so I wouldn't think about those ideas anymore just because at that moment they don't seem doable. Still, it's a great relief that there'll be somewhere to point passionate people at. There are many I wish were still around for this, but people right now are eager for action too. It's also good to know Azull and Sushi found their place. Way to go, you two! :) 

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For all of you, state your intention and willingness to participate in the organizing, exemple creation and later on counceling regarding a25 tools.

From those of you that offer, i will select those that i consider capable (lots of subjectiveness here, i know) and grant them access to the rest of the docs.

From there on, when we have the docs organized, we test them. These are the steps to get to play with the tools.


So let me know who is interested.

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I have experience with A25 (second Labyrinth), even though that was years ago. Would love to get involved again.

The stuff I am more interested is expanding the MD realm itself rather than modifying existing scenes.

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