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Ever wanted somebody murdered? Haven't we all. Therefore, if anyone wants to see someone zeroed out, just contact the leader of the Caretakers with a suitable offer, I am sure you will be able to work something out.

There is only one condition for any murder through this item: You cannot ask for a member of the Caretakers alliance to be killed. Membership has to have some perks, right?

Now, if you have landed here because you have won a "free" use of this wonderful tool... there are a few other restrictions.

  • PM the holder of The Spade who you would like to see murdered.
  • If the item is not on cooldown, you will be asked to publically post the targets name in this thread. Once you do so, you cannot change your mind. If the item is on cooldown, the very next use will be yours, and you will be told when the cooldown ends. Do not post here until told to do so.
  • Only the named winner of the quests in the post below can order a murder - it must come from their in-game or forum account.
  • If it is impossible or impractical to use the item on your chosen target, your use will either be refunded, or perhaps another target considered.

And voila! Enjoy seeing your target get murdered in a flash of red text.

Any future leader of the Caretakers, and the holder of The Spade, are expected to honour free uses granted, as per these rules. They have no expiry, but equally no transferability.

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Well, the leader will be the one doing the murdering, I leave to wiser minds the topic of wider culpability! Considering MD seems to run mostly on Common Law it is an interesting question. Hopefully, we have a test case soon.

Certainly, I personally won't look to blame whoever requested the murder, unless it is MaGo.

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