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For the next 7 days every player that thinks he deserves an usable item, a certain spell (doesn't matter if the spell/item functionality exists or not) tag or name change, can request it. We want PERSONAL requests so wanting an item "to help the community" will not be accepted. This is your chance to be selfish. You will also need to provide a good reason for it in order to make the community vote for you - please post on this topic your wishes. Once the time is up, please vote which items/spells should be made. We are looking for a "grading" vote meaning all the requests should be graded (from 1 to n where n is the number of requests and 1 is the highest mark). The first 3 requests with the lowest score (remember that 1 is the highest grade) win and shall be granted. However, we still hold the veto right as certain things cannot be done due to technical restrictions (broken features like mp7), rules (name change that has no base) or simply interference with the currently existing plans. You have 7 days for voting as well.

At the end of the 2 weeks please close the thread and we will make a list with the ranking of the wishes.

Thank you,


[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I request for an item, "Staff of Restoration", which will restore all resources in the current scene I am on when used. This should have a cooldown of 1 day.[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I intend to "cure" depletion using this item.[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I also request another item, "The ShadowBlade", a sword which teleports the target to the Trial of Agony and movelocks him/her there for 30 mins when used (like Lock in chaos). This should have a cooldown of 30 days.[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I will use this as a weapon to prevent depletion, and for RP-purposes. I already use this sword in role-playing, but so far it's only "imaginary"...[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]It may seem weird, and it certainly is saying this, that I've always wanted to be the "Restorer". The whole Death thing was stupid, I know. But this what I've always wanted to be, whereas Death was only for a few days. So please do help, dear Community, to get these items for me. If you all feel I do not deserve these items yet and if I do not get this wish granted, I will struggle and work hard on this role to get them, even if it takes a looong time.[/color][/font]

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I wish for the tag "protector of loreroot"
with the ability to curse or weaken or harm people for a very long time who harm the forest
and spells and abilities to heal, and restore the land and people.
and tools to harvest all resources of loreroot and the ability to change the weather.
ability to change the viscosity in loreroot to high amounts, or to temperarly close the gates of loreroot,
and to walk freely in all scenes of loreroot.
this will help me in my role to become loreroots protector/gaurdian and tie me more closely to the land I chosen to guard and protect.

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  • Root Admin

a spell that gives me complete dominion over MagicDuel

Edit: In case you didnt notice, this was humour at the expense of some people who have asked for the sun and moon. Dont put it into the vote lol.

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Considering the AP requirements for the east i wish for a spell to teleport people to (and from) the hall before the Sunny Bedroom also the spell should reclaim TSB keys if the person tp'd holds them or just add one key with the ability to recall others.

Or if to make thing more fun make the key holder receive stat damage from me (whether i win or lose :))

Sometimes it's just so much work do get them back.

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[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1357897517' post='130208']
It's that or the Council picks, and there are still complaints about the last time they picked, are there not?

I don't think this matter is convenient for a mass voting, if the Council can't produce a decision that they will be fully comfortable with, some other solution should have been pursued rather than this.
But alright, since we're at it...

Remember the thing that makes all people present in the scene emote dancing?
Well I would like a similar spell, with a difference that it would make people shout one of the sentences:
"Down with the Bunny Empire!"
"[color=#0000ff]*throws his glass of booze on the ground*[/color] Cursed be bunnies!"
"I haaaate 'em!"
"Bring it down!!!"

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1357898823' post='130213']
Remember the thing that makes all people present in the scene emote dancing?
Well I would like a similar spell, with a difference that it would make people shout one of the sentences:
"Down with the Bunny Empire!"
"[color=#0000ff]*throws his glass of booze on the ground*[/color] Cursed be bunnies!"
"I haaaate 'em!"
"Bring it down!!!"

Ahah, that's really nice one, Rhaegar :))

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I agree with Rhaegar, the procedure is rather inconvenient specially for me, because my reputation has been horrifically stained to the lowest level, but it would be great if we just shut up and do what the council says, they are the one who gave us this opportunity and it gave us a chance to wish / request that we want, we should be grateful they came up with this.

As for me I have multiple requests/wishes. I will be most selfish about them as I really want to acquire these to be able to play my role well:

1. I wish for my item's name "[color=#b22222]Heart in a Jar[/color]" to be replaced with "[color=#b22222]Heart of Lazarus[/color]," its functionality will be to resurrect the deceased, as this will be the[color=#b22222] [u]most essential[/u] [/color]piece to my character's story and roleplay.

2. I wish for a killing item call it "[color=#808080]Black Liquid[/color]." It is a very poisonous substance that comes out of Lazarus' body with a very foul and unbearable smell. I don't know how to say this without spoiling my plot, but let's just say I need this for the latter time.

[s]3. I wish for a reviving spell called "Kiss of Resurrection" to resurrect the deceased. My character's essence is resurrection, so it would be sensible for Lazarus to have this spell.[/s]

4. I wish for my own flag, just like Shadowseeker's, and it will be called "[color=#a52a2a]The Infernal Order[/color]," I will choose and hand out the invites to those characters who deserves them, ofcourse I have to see whether they have the qualities I am looking for or not.

[s]5. I wish for my own place within the realm, I will provide the artworks if needed.[/s]

6. The sixth and final one: the return of my Bull creature that I've received from Christmas 2009 -or- the Necrovion creature on Zleiphneir's Bestiary page (the one he won from Kafuuka's quest about torturing devices). My reason is I want to collect all Necrovion creatures and it is ofcourse a part of my character's loyalty to Necrovion.

I do realize that these are ridiculously insane, but these kinds of chances only goes once in our MD lifetime, so there they are. Also, it will strictly be for my character's story and roleplay, nothing else.

EDIT: Forget the 5th one, that was too much.
EDIT 2: Merged the 3rd with the Heart's functionality. Also, changed names.

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I would like the ability to give a spell page, Group Scattering sounds nice, considering some things that I've done in the recent past, or not so recent depending on your perspective.

As for a reason, I would like something interesting to sponsor quests with, whether as a TK or not, and I think it's about time spell docs came back. Of course, valuation is something I would need to keep in mind, because nobody can get the same page twice (or maybe they can, but it'd be useless anyways, I don't know the mechanics behind it), so I would have to limit how often I'd give it out. Anyways, that's my stuff.

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I thought of a few requests. From the most outrageous request first...(Don't hate me for being outlandish! :)))

1. A spell to grant one the ability to teleport to any normally accessible place (e.g. [i]NOT [/i]places that are require keys/special access etc.)
2. An independent bucket/herb collector/saw etc.
3. (This is a bit like dragonrider's request) A spell to render half of the person's creatures' tokens ineffective for a limited period of time
4. A spell to make everybody in the scene drunk

[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1357900732' post='130217']
I would like the ability to give a spell page

PS. Pipstickz's idea should be implemented! :)

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[color=#ff8c00]I would like and i wish [b]Silvan Watch Spell[/b] or [b]Silvan Spell[/b] ( If you deplete the resources you can't harvest in 5 days and if you collect and harvest bellow the amount of resources you can't harvest in 3 days and the cool effects is to lock move 5 minutes in every scene after depleting and harvesting bellow the amount)[/color]

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Since everyone's being so selfish, i will also post my wants here :D

1. Me too wants the Bull creature (Land guardian) and the knight riding a horse

2. an item named "Eleixer of Life" = will revive a dead person

3. an item named "Eleixer of Death" = will kill a person

4. an item named "Oven" = will allow me to make bread every 10 minutes, bread will be meant for healing or losing vital energy.1% base on the "MAXIMUM VE (DENOMINATOR)" of the maker=me (if i have 100/100 ve, and i'll make a bread, i will have 99/100 ve if i will use the oven,then the bread will heal the consumer. Just wanted to point out that it will not decrease the maker's ve permanently) if bread won't be consumed within 3 days, instead of healing, it will take away the ve from the consumer of the bread.

Reasons: reviving,
The Coolest creatures i'd ever seen.
If ever i'll get killed, i can revive myself or if want to revive someone else i can revive them.
I somehow want to have a power that can kill a person.
I want to be a baker "roleplay"

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I would like the primary tag of Scholar of History

In addition, I'd like access to level three clues.

Finally, a book with the title of "Ancient Tome". [s]Enchantment concept removed..[/s]

Edit: I'm a little unsure of why my request is too far fetched... >>

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I wish for a spell to bring back the night and let the Moon rise. It doesn't have to be a spell. It can be an item that "summons" the lady moon (like a moon shard so it can be passed to someone else) and thus brings night into the realm for a period of time.

I am a priesstess of the moon and a child of the eclipse and in that capability I pray that the Lady moon will hear me and come back and show her face in this realm. This ability would allow me to actually summon the lady moon in my rituals.

The effect of what night in this realm will have on the populace I leave to the council. It can simply be a cosmetic effect, or it can have large balance effects. Perhaps what is light is now dark (the principle effects swap). Perhaps certain herbs will only grow at night. Perhaps certain animals will only be seen (or recruited) in the forest at night. Lots can be done once night is brought back into this realm. This can be the beginning to something great.

I leave you with a poem I wrote to my lady Moon during one of my prayers:

Moon of silver, moon that shines,
Whom the weak you doest enshrine,
Moon that sees our thoughts inside,
Goddess of the rising tide,
Thee, my goddess I profess,
As my hands raise in distress.
Bring the night back, let it glean,
Bathe these lands in silver sheen,
Let the shadows fall once more,
In these lands like once before.

Hear this priestess, hear her pray,
Crackles in her voice betray,
Yearning for the goddess reign,
Day the sun will start to wane.
See the longing in her heart,
For the comfort you impart,
Turn your eyes to servants plight,
Wrap this land in black and white.

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I find myself in this unusual situation: so far I collected more than 450 bones, but still no skulls at all (ok, few jawbones but no craniums).
I doubt I can resist any longer the call I hear from inside the Crypt.. :D
Hence I would ask either one of the following:

- A Skull shovel, able to collect skull resource (obvious description: "this tool can be used to collect skulls or dig for them underground").
- Bone shovels to be modified in order for them to collect skulls too.

The reason is common sense. If one is able to collect bones, he/she should be able to collect skulls as well.
Both bones and skulls provide important informations regarding the corpse's death and I think this could be used to discover more regarding Berserkers and all those beings that ended in the cemetery.


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There are only two things I want that come to mind.

No man's land citizenship.

An item with 1 use that can give No man's land citizenship.

As for the reasons. NML is the only land I think I would fit in and I would love to be
an actual citizen.The item would be to provide another person a chance for NML

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I want my staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around all MD land (with his previous action points or with lower or with no requeriment of AP, I won't decide about this) the spell could be permanently or temporary, up for the council.

Could the ghost/dead player be called zombie, when with this spell? Or maybe, Sephy zombie?

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Well, Council did ask for "[b][color=#daa520]This is your chance to be selfish[/color][/b]." and not to ask for "community" stuff, and you never know until you try....

I wish for two things:
1) A Fancy Hat - similar to the one in my pictures and profile. When used, I can listen to it like a seashell and hear Acoustic Remains of the scene. Regular cooldown and recharge as per normal "Spells" can apply.

2) A mirrored Mirror Ritual spell. (8 casts of course, to Stone it for cash!) Instead of making the opponent copy my ritual, it copies my target's defense when attacking. Likewise, an incoming attack copies the defense, instead of the attack. :P

....and... :ph34r:
3) A new wishpoint, so I can code my own Moebius Scroll to play with ad infinitum. :P

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Alright since the CMs wants to be selfish, which i hate to be and so for the first time in my entire life i will frozen my heart and burn my soul to be selfish out here

So first name change : Lord Tipu
Next my spell : Unleash Fugitives - Release or unban Jail members whose Jail time has been completed.
My item : Prison Key - yeah as the name suggest access to the Jail In and out.

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I would like my items to be given abilities.

Ancient Key - Key to open the Gates of Mur.

Sand Castle - Produces Sand if used with water resource as the description suggests

Broken Heart Figurine - Makes the target cry :D

Craftsman's Loom - Produces clothing items

Craftsman's Loom (I have two of them) - produces cloth as a resource

Crystal Santa - produces snowflakes at the scene I am currently in

Cursed Diadem - Reduces all my VE to 0 to cast a spell that reduces a target's VP to 0

Cursed Gauntlet - Reduces all my VP to 0 to cast a spell that reduces a target's VE to 0

Elemental Amulet - Creates Essence of Elements... A new resource.

Fishing Net - Catches fish at water scenes! Can be eatable. Effect up to council

Flamberge - Flamberge is a sword with a flameedge. I'd like it to cast Fireball on one person

Ghoul Mask - Cast true invisibility (as a ghoul can do) for a short period of time.

Guardian's Ring - Give the target immense briskness stat points for a short period of time. ( I no longer have any creatures due to giving them up when I left TK so I need a way to produce heat)

Rogue Cloak - Id like this modified so I can mimic someone for 20m, as it should work, not turn into Seigheart. -_-

Shield of the Guardian - Give the target immense defense stat points for a short period of time

Six Triangular Stones - Dice basically, but with six 3 sided dice. :)

I would like my Tag changed to "Master of Fear" in regards to starting the Day of Fear with the description:

The Master of Fear challenges all minds to face their fears, if they fail, he steals their soul!

If someone fails my challenge, I would like to cast the same spell as Mammon's Book. If they succeed, they get shiney new medal for completing the Day of Fear. :) If they loose, they get a Badge of Shame (a bad medal) and get Mammons book cast on them.

With that, I would also like to have the ability to create scary items (like my cursed gear, snakes, and etc)

I would also like my Veteran Medal made into Gold.

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